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Failing Chandler Grafner

Posted by KindraLore on October 1, 2008

Chandler Grafner

Chandler Grafner

One redundant fact of the short life of little Chandler Grafner is that almost everyone around him failed him.

Chandler Ashton Grafner was born on April 12, 2000 in Denver, Colorado; weighing only a little over three pounds. According to his Grandmother and Christina Grafner’s mother Sandra Younger, he was born prematurely due to the fact that Christina Grafner had a clotting disorder.

Chandler’s name on his birth certificate shows as Chandler Ashton McLain-Norris. His biological mother was Christina Grafner and according to the birth certificate, his biological father was Josh Norris. In news articles it states Josh was unaware that he even had a son until Chandler’s death.

In October 2004 the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services received a referral call regarding Chandler and his younger half brother, Dominic. According to the report, Chandler was four years of age and still not potty trained. He was still drinking from a bottle and had expressed fear of his “Dad” (referring to Jon Phillips who was living with Christina at the time and the father of his half brother Dominic.) Those allegations were considered unfounded and the case was closed in January 2005 with a risk level of medium.

In September 2005, Chandler who was then age five and a neighbor child, aged three were found walking in a busy intersection around 9:30AM in the morning. The children had been missing for almost an hour. Christina Grafner was charged with Child Abuse and pleaded guilty to this charge on November 2, 2005. She was placed on one-year probation and the case was closed a year later. The children were still residing with her.

For the remainder 2005, several referrals were made to DHS regarding the two boys and some of those calls were from Christina’s mother Sandra Younger. In December of 2005 Sandra Younger reported to DHS that Christina and the boys were no longer residing with her and had moved to Jefferson County. Because Jefferson County could not find a valid address for Christina and the boys, the assessment was closed.

In March of 2006, a Wheat Ridge police officer responded to a call of a vehicle blocking traffic. It was found that Christina Grafner appeared to be under the influence of cocaine or meth and found a crack pipe in her vehicle. Her two boys, Chandler and Dominic were in the vehicle with her at the time. They were not in car seats and were not wearing shoes and according to the officer looked neglected. He noted that Chandler looked extremely thin and it was found that the boys had not eaten in at least a day (some reports state three days). The officer also noted that Chandler’s teeth were decayed. (This was probably Bottle Rot since he was drinking a bottle at least until the age of four years old).

Christina Grafner

Christina Grafner

Christina was arrested and DHS signed temporary custody to the Grandmother, Sandra Younger. The placement with Ms. Younger did not last long however because when an assessment of the home uncovered that Sandra Younger allowed unsupervised visits with Christina, which violated the court order. It also found that Sandra Younger was transporting the children without a legal driver’s license and insurance and did not provide car seats for the children. In addition, Ms. Younger was found to be living with someone with a criminal history.

The Jefferson County DHS was granted temporary custody of both Chandler and Dominic. A treatment plan was devised for both Christina Grafner and Jon Phillips. In the meantime DHS placed the boys with Phillips, with the approval of Sandra Younger.

Sandra withdrew her support however when Jon Phillips no longer allowed visitation between her and the boys which was part of the agreement written out by DHS.

Sandra Younger

Sandra Younger

Christina Grafner did not abide by any of the plan DHS laid out and according to an investigative assessment into DHS and the role they played in Chandler’s death, critical mistakes were made in placing the children with Phillips as well.

Red flags flew when he was hard to get in touch with, never responded to numerous calls or were not present for home visits. Neither he nor his common law wife Sarah Berry ever signed the Treatment Plan devised by DHS.

Still, the adoption proceeded and in January of 2007 it was finalized. Christina Grafner was not present during any court proceedings regarding custody nor was the biological father Josh Norris notified. In that same month DHS was notified by the Denver Public School system of possible abuse of Chandler. A bruise on his neck and a black ear was noticed and when asked he stated his father Jon Phillips smacked him while he was in the shower.

In later testimony Dominic would describe the showers. He described how Phillips and Berry gave the boys baths when they were good and what he called “mean showers” when they were bad.  And he said “There were other days, when Chandler would be bad, he was in the closet.’  How often was he in the closet, the detective asked?  “A lot of times,” the little boy replied.

DHS did follow up on the report and came to the school the following day. However Jon Phillips held Chandler out of school that day. Initial attempts to contact him failed and when DHS was finally able to meet up with Chandler and his family it was a full five days later after the initial incident.

At that time the caseworker described the child’s injuries as less than severe than the school system reported (of course it was, it had time to heal) and Chandler then told the case worker that he had slipped and fell in the shower.

Jon Phillips

Jon Phillips

Jon Phillips and Sarah Berry stated that they believed the report to be a retaliatory one since they had conflicts with the school. Chandler was quickly taken out from public school and once again DHS received another referral from the school stating that Chandler had not been to school in a month.

Since they found no abuse or neglect in the allegations, DHS did not follow up with the family to see why Chandler no longer attended school.

On Sunday, May 6, 2007 the Denver Police Department responded to a 911 call at the Phillips Berry residence. Prosecutors would later determine that both Berry and Phillips waited hours before calling 911 in order to dispose of evidence of their abuse of the child.

According to the evidence in testimony as well as the words of Chandler’s little brother Dominic, seven-year-old Chandler was held imprisoned in a closet where he was made to urinate, defecate, live and sleep there. When authorities found him, he weighed only 34 lbs. He was seven.

According to reports he begged Dominic for food but Dominic was afraid he too would be in trouble and could not get him anything. Among the damning evidence presented during the trial was a cell-phone call in which Berry asked Phillips what to do after Chandler became so desperate for water that he threatened to escape from the closet, get a knife and kill them both if they didn’t give him a drink. That call was made nine days before Chandler died.

Chandler was described as looking like a concentration-camp prisoner and was covered with 20 to 25 bruises and abrasions.

The closet was described a space no larger than an oven. Hours after Chandler had died but before 911 was called Phillips and Berry ripped up and disposed of the feces-encrusted carpet and other evidence from the linen closet in the dumpster that police later discovered.

During the trial of Sarah Berry, Dr. Nancy Krebs, director of nutrition at Children’s Hospital, testified that the severity of Chandler’s dehydration would have taken one to two weeks without drinking any or very little fluids.

Krebs said Chandler showed all the classic signs of dehydration and starvation, including a severe deficiency of vitamin C, or scurvy, which caused his fingernail beds to bleed before he died. Chandler also suffered from a severe deficiency of niacin, or vitamin B3, which caused his skin to flake off or develop lesions.

“It is quite apparent that he was quite ill,” she said. “I can’t say if he was able to walk or not, but if he could, it wouldn’t be very fast or very far because of the loss of muscle in his legs. “His hands and feet would have been cold because his body was trying to conserve energy. He would have had very little desire to move around.”

Chandler died of a cardiac arrest.

Today in a plea agreement, 23-year-old Sarah Berry was sentenced to 48 years behind bars. The agreement was so that little Dominic would not have to testify at the trial.

Sarah Berry Sentencing

Sarah Berry Sentencing

Jon Phillips was convicted August 12, 2008 of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole.

Since the death of Chandler Grafner, Colorado Department of Human Services has investigated this case and what went wrong and have made provisions so that hopefully will prevent a rerun of this happening to another child.

According to news reports Sandra Younger is petitioning the courts for custody of Dominic who currently remains in DHS custody. Biological mother, Christina Grafner is pregnant once again and due in October. She is also trying to gain visitation rights to Dominic.

Also according to a news article, Christina Grafner and Josh Norris plan to seek $150,000 each — the maximum penalty allowed under state law, according to the letter sent Oct. 29, 2007 by Denver law firm Bachus & Schanker. The letter also names the boy’s younger half-brother, Dominic, as a claimant. I could not find any other information regarding this claim.

And lastly, a year after Chandler Grafner’s death, his grave still had no headstone. Rocky Mountain News readers had agreed to pay for the headstone but the family could not agree on whether to allow donors to buy one, nor have they themselves.

It seems they are still failing Chandler Grafner.

News Articles and Sources:

48 years for child’s starvation!
Starving boy ‘forgotten in death’
Starved Denver boy’s parents plan to sue agencies


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When Home Schooling Becomes Abuse

Posted by KindraLore on May 5, 2007

I have seen too many cases in which children turn up dead or severely abused (Rescued before they turn up dead) in which these abusers use Home Schooling as a tool for their abuse.

I have been involved in many discussions on this case and it does get heated, because those that are legitimately home schooling their children take offense to it. This has nothing to do with them.

What it has to do with is a parent or guardian that is abusing their child so severely that they need to be undetected. That these people cannot send their children to school without being found out. Unexplained bruises and burns. Food deprivation. Humiliation.

They cannot do these acts with a child in the public eye. Not without notice. So they pull these poor children out of the only outside hope they have of being able to escape.

Have you ever met an abuser? I mean a real one. I have. Part of their plan is isolation of the victim. They cannot allow their victim to be influenced by outside forces. Its all about control and when the victim is totally isolated, they are completely and unconditionally under the control of their abuser. There is no one there to save them. Most home school households are virtually unregulated and almost never inspected.

When Ricky Holland died, there was not one piece of homework, drawing or otherwise to prove that this child was ever home schooled. In fact, he was in school for a time. But when reports of Ricky being harnessed with a leash on the bus and in school when the adoptive mother took him there, food deprived, made to wear diapers to school; were revealed, Lisa Holland withdrew Ricky from the only normalcy he knew. Once that happened, abuse was more severe and common and ended in his death.

In this day and time I believe its imperative to keep an eye on all children. If they are not in the school system then there should be another way of tracking and moderating these children. I also believe that if you have ever had DHS or Children’s Services called out, you should not be able to home school or there should at least be intense monitoring of that child or children.

In a segment CBS did called “The Dark Side To Homeschooling”, it revealed a case of a 14 year old that killed his sister and brother, and then himself.

Sniped from the article:

It turned out the Warrens had home schooled before, in Arizona, where they were convicted of child abuse. An investigator there wrote: “The children are tortured physically and emotionally.” That’s information North Carolina school officials are not required to collect.

The article went on to say:

Since it became legal in North Carolina in 1985, the number of home school students has jumped from just a few hundred to more than 50,000. But there’s been no change in the number of state employees overseeing the program – just three for the entire state.

If you Google anything having to do with home schooling and abuse, its supporters are vigil and sometimes extreme. Why the defensiveness? If you are not abusing your child and you are truly home schooling them, then you have nothing to worry about.

In today’s society, we cannot take the word of a parent just because they are a parent -that these children’s needs are being met. We as a society have a duty to protect children and to make sure that if your child is not in the school system, they are still being schooled.

Face it people; Abusers use Home Schooling as a tool for abuse. It’s time to change that and make sure we as a society do the best possible to make sure we protect all of our children. It does take a village.

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Rest in Peace Little Man

Posted by KindraLore on May 5, 2007

Marcus Fiesel was finally laid to rest today in a casket no larger than a toy box. I guess Donna Trevino finally decided to bury him after all the bad press she got.

(Pictured – Donna Trevino – Marcus’ Bio mom)

Rest in peace little man. May the angels love you and kiss you and hug you as much as you want and need.

Finally, Marcus rests in peace

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Update on the Marcus Fiesel Case

Posted by KindraLore on April 28, 2007

As I blogged earlier, Amy Baker is now being charged with felony evidence tampering for her accused role in disposing of the body of foster child, Marcus Fiesel, last summer.The Prosecutor in this case (Joe Deters) has done a tremedous job in bringing justice for this little boy. Not only did he put away the Carrolls, but waited until it was over to bring charges against Amy Baker, who obviously thought she was in the clear.

Seems Amy is now fighting extradition to Kentucky. Why do people do this? It only prolongs the inevitable.

Amy Baker Will Fight Extradition To Kentucky

Update at 4:16 pm

Monday from 9News reporter Shannon Kettler:
The hearing for Amy Baker ended around 4:00 p.m.

Baker’s defense attorney said they will fight her extradition to Kentucky.

The judge denied Baker’s request for a lower bond.

Her next court appearance will be May 17 at 3:00 p.m.


Update at 12:17 pm Monday:

Amy Baker may not get her extradition hearing in Clermont County until very late Monday afternoon.

The Mason County, Kentucky Commonwealth Attorney is charging Baker with felony evidence tampering for her accused role in disposing of the body of foster child, Marcus Fiesel, last summer.

Baker is due to be moved from the Clermont County Jail for an extradition hearing at 3:00 pm.

But court bailiffs said the judge handling the Baker case has a full docket for Monday afternoon, with as many as 30 cases on it.

If, as expected, Municipal Court Judge James Shriver calls up the Baker case last on his docket, it could be well after 4:00 pm before Baker even gets into the courtroom.

This extradition request from Kentucky could end up becoming very complicated and take months to finally be resolved.

Amy Baker is planning on fighting the request from Mason County.

Baker was previously granted immunity in both Clermont and Hamilton counties, in exchange for testifying against Marcus Fiesel’s foster parents, David and Liz Carroll.

During the Liz Carroll trial, Baker testified that she helped David Carroll throw the dead 3-year old’s remains off the William Harsha Bridge in Maysville, Kentucky last summer.

Some Clermont County residents said it’s about time Amy Baker faced charges herself.

Tiffany Crowley said, “It’s justice served. She had as much a part of it as they did. She was there. I hope she gets what’s coming to her.”

Brandy Murrell said she has no second thoughts, “She’s just as guilty as they are. That’s my opinion.”

“I think she should have gone to the police. I don’t think she should have covered anything up.” Dwayne Grandis adds, “I just think she should have been charged. There’s much more to this story than what has been told. I think it’s due time,” said Rob Parlier.

We’ll also be watching to see if the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office also objects to the extradition, since they’ve already said they believe it violates their immunity agreement with Baker and may violate her constitutional rights.

It could be up to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to make a final decision.

[Source and Complete Story of the Marcus Fiesel Case]

In another turn, looks like Donna Trevino (biological mother of Marcus) has still not picked up the remains of Marcus to give this child a proper burial. This lady did not do right by him in life, and is too lazy now to bury this little boy.

Funeral home says Trevino wants to bury Marcus

CINCINNATI — Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters is urging the mother of 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel to claim what’s left of her murdered and partially incinerated son.
Deters indicated Thursday that Donna Trevino, of Middletown, had refused that offer, but the local funeral home that has been working with Marcus’ mother since August said that’s not the case.

“She has always been under the impression that they would not release him until the appeal process is over, not just the trial,” said Lori Hicks, of Baker-Stevens Funeral Home in Middletown.

Hicks said Trevino is interested in receiving the remains of her second-born son and giving him an appropriate burial. Hicks said she has been in contact with authorities from the Hamilton County Corner’s office for the past week.

Hicks said the remains could be released as early as next week.

In his letter to Trevino, Deters said the Middletown woman refused the offer for Hamilton County to take care of funeral services for Marcus.

I certainly understand your decision to not accept our offer to provide the remains of Marcus Fiesel a proper burial,” Deters wrote to Trevino. “What I cannot understand is your failure to claim Marcus’ remains and put him to rest.”

Kentucky prosecutors are pursuing charges against Baker for her role in the disposal of Marcus’ remains. She is being housed in the Clermont County Jail pending extradition to the Blue Grass State.

Investigators found pieces of Marcus’ remains at the chimney site in Brown County Aug. 28 after Baker — the prosecution’s key witness against the Carrolls — told them where to look.

What was recovered were orbital bones and pieces of the boy’s skull — 18 pieces so small they could fit into the palm of a hand — as well as buttons and snaps from the clothing he was wearing at the time of his death.The evidence was shown to jurors during the Liz Carroll trial in February.

“What is left of Marcus is sitting in the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office,” Deters wrote to Trevino. “There is no legal impediment to you in claiming his remains.

“Please have the decency to make arrangements to have him put to rest. He deserves no less.”

The Hamilton County Corner’s Office is expected to release the remains sometime next week after the Brown County coroner signs the appropriate paperwork, Hicks said.Hicks said Trevino, at first, wished the make the funeral services public to allow for “some closure for the community.”

With the latest news, though, Hicks said Trevino may have changed her mind.

[Source and Complete Article]

Previous blogs on this case


Additional News Article

Special prosecutor appointed to case against Amy Baker

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After Two Long Years, Ricky Holland Will Finally Be Laid to Rest

Posted by KindraLore on April 17, 2007

I have followed this story from the beginning and blogged about it here, and it’s a gut wrenching tale of abuse, torture and neglect of this child . This little angel will remain forever in my heart. I am so glad that finally, not only has justice been served for Little Ricky Holland, but after two long years, he will finally be laid to rest.

Ricky Holland Finally Being Laid to Rest

Nearly two years after Ricky Holland’s death, the 7-year-old Williamston boy will finally be laid to rest. An Ingham County judge ordered quick action, giving the state 45 days to bury Ricky Holland.

It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but after a number of court delays, the state reached a compromise with the Holland families. There will be two separate memorials, one for Tim Holland’s family, one for Lisa Holland’s family. Both will be private, both will have fewer than 50 people and both must happen within 45 days.

While the families hold services, the court ordered that the state will keep control of Ricky’s remains just in case there are any legal appeals. It’s taken 560 days to get to this point, but a clear plan is taking shape.

Dr. Dean Sienko, Ingham County Medical Examiner: “I’m going to start working on this. I’m not going to say that it will be done in a week, but I’m not going to delay on it, and we will meet the conditions of this court.”

Annette Skinner, guardian for the Holland children: “There’s going to be a private memorial service. The age of the kids, the things they’ve been through, it’s important that we keep it small and try to control the environment at this point.”

So at this point, just two private memorials planned, but attorneys did leave open the possibility of a public service too. The judge signed off on a compromise, a deal that protects the state’s interests and the needs of the Holland family.

The Holland family attorney says they wanted to keep things private for Ricky’s siblings. The 7 year old will likely be buried above ground, just in case his remains are needed again.

Dr. Dean Sienko: “We will store them appropriately, so that in the event that the court would want the remains to further investigate, we’ll be able to do that.”

Both sides admit details of the court order still need to be worked out, but 560 days since Ricky’s murder, they call it a big step toward closure in the case. This was, of course, such a public case in the last two years, and while no public service is planned at this point, attorneys for the family still say a public memorial is still very possible.

Article Sited

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Convicted Pedophile Wayne Chapman Seeking Freedom

Posted by KindraLore on March 25, 2007

Update 4/18/07 11:11AM

Convicted Child Rapist held in a treatment facility indefinitely

A Lawrence Superior Court judge ruled today that Wayne Chapman was still sexually dangerous despite serving a 30-year prison term and ordered that the convicted child rapist remain in state custody indefinitely at a sexual abuse treatment facility.

Judge Howard Whitehead followed a provision in state law that allows people still deemed sexually dangerous to be civilly committed at a treatment facility for the rest of their lives. The ruling can be appealed annually.

Click for Complete Story


Update: 4/3/07 10:47AM

A small update on this story:

The decision on whether Chapman will be set free is now up to Superior Court Judge Howard Whitehead, who yesterday heard testimony and closing arguments in a dangerousness hearing for Chapman.

Whitehead said he will give his decision on April 17, at 2:45 p.m. at Salem Superior Court, where he will be presiding.

Complete Article Found Here


Original Blog

Convicted pedophile Chapman seeks freedom; Father of missing Lawrence boy objects to releaseBy Jim Patten , Staff Writer

LAWRENCE – Wayne Chapman was wheeled into a courtroom yesterday looking the furthest thing from being dangerous.Clad in a gray sweater, blue jeans and sneakers, he was pushed in a wheelchair by a burly court officer. His hands shook as he was brought to the defense table.

Chapman, 59, is a convicted pedophile, who, according to testimony, has admitted to sexually assaulting 50 to 100 boys, and even fantasized about killing and cannibalizing a child.

He completed a 30-year sentence in 2004 for raping two Lawrence boys, but has remained in state custody because officials believe, if released, he is likely to reoffend.

But Chapman is now seeking his freedom. He’s pleading his case to a Lawrence Superior Court judge who will determine if he is safe or a “sexually dangerous person” who cannot be released.

Yesterday was the first day of testimony in the case. In the courtroom sat Angelo Puglisi Sr. He is the father of Angelo “Andy” Puglisi, who disappeared from the state swimming pool in South Lawrence 30 years ago at the age of 10.

Police have long suspected Chapman was involved in the boy’s disappearance, but he has never been charged. Angelo Puglisi said yesterday the system will have failed him if Chapman is freed.

“If they let this guy out, the people who made the decision are just as guilty as he is. And they can all rot in hell,” he said.

Testimony heard in the jury-waived trial yesterday was graphic. Dr. Christine Schnier-Pierce, a forensic clinical psychologist, told the court she had interviewed Chapman in 2005, after reviewing all of the records available in the cases he has been involved in.

Schnier-Pierce recited Chapman’s history of pedophilia that he told her began at an early age.

“He said his offending began at an early age, as early as age 7, when he offended with a 5-year-old boy,” Pierce said.

In 1967, he was charged with offenses against a 12-year-old boy in Pennsylvania, while he was living in New York. In that case he walked the boy into the woods. The boy escaped and called police and Chapman was convicted of assault and battery in that case, Pierce said.

His next offense was against a 10-year-old boy, also in Pennsylvania, in 1971, in which he took the boy into the woods, abused him and took nude photos of him. He was convicted in that case, Pierce said.

While living in Rhode Island from July 1974 to June 1975, he was convicted of assault and battery and unnatural acts with a child under 16 from Fall River. He told his 9-year-old victim he was looking for a dog and lured him into a wooded area where the attack took place, Pierce said.

And in August 1975 in Lawrence, Chapman drove off an exit ramp of Interstate 495 and encountered two young boys whom he told he was looking for a dog. He molested both of them in a wooded area and was ultimately convicted of sodomy, open and gross lewdness, indecent assault and battery on a child and assault with intent to rape a child, Pierce said.

It was that offense that landed him the 30-year jail term that he completed in 2004.

Dr. Robin Quinones, a clinical psychologist, also interviewed Chapman. She testified about a 1987 fantasy Chapman admitted to in which he fondled and killed a child and then cannibalized him so no one would know.

The second revelation was a 31/2-hour audiotape Chapman made as a young man in which he talks about watching young boys get off a school bus and his resulting fantasies.

The tape, with sexually graphic language, was found in 1976 in an apartment rented by Chapman, and Pierce said Chapman admitted masturbating to it.

Prosecutor A.J. Camelio played a portion of the tape in court.

Pierce said Chapman was married in his early 20s to a 19-year-old woman but the relationship lasted only six months.

Chapman only married in an attempt to blunt his sexual desire for young boys, Pierce said.

“My opinion is that Mr. Chapman meets the criteria for a sexually dangerous person,” Pierce said.

She said during their interview he admitted to sexually assaulting 50 to 100 boys.

Quinones told the court that Chapman told her during their interview that he had sexual fantasies about young boys as recently as two years ago.

She told the court that in spite of the treatment Chapman had received over the years, it is her opinion that Chapman “is likely to re-offend if he is released.”

“My conclusion is that he is a sexually dangerous person,” Quinones said.

On cross-examination, John Day, lawyer for Chapman, elicited the admission from Pierce that she had not treated a pedophile since her internship and that during her interview with him, Chapman had refused to disclose some aspects of his activities on the advice of counsel.

Under questioning by Day, Pierce agreed there had been no evidence of sexual abuse since September 1976 when Chapman was 28 years old and that most recently, Chapman had backed away from his earlier claim of abusing 50 to 100 boys.

Day also noted that in 1991, a Superior Court judge in Lawrence had ruled Chapman was no longer sexually dangerous.

The trial, which recessed until Monday, is expected to last about three days.

“Under questioning by Day, Pierce agreed there had been no evidence of sexual abuse since September 1976 when Chapman was 28 years old and that most recently, Chapman had backed away from his earlier claim of abusing 50 to 100 boys.”

I would have to say that the reason he has not abused anyone else is because he has been in prison for those 30 years, where he should remain. Let’s hope this sick man stays behind bars and away from children.

Link To Story Sited

An interesting link to read that tells the complete story of Wayne Chapman as well as the disappearance of little Andy Puglisi can be found here.

Andy Puglisi of Lawrence, Mass., missing since 1976.

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Missouri Dad Flees with Kids to Possibly Sell them to Child Porn Ring

Posted by KindraLore on March 3, 2007

Update 4/14/07 11:37AM

Joel Hundley was extradited from Honduras and appeared for an initial hearing in Miami on Monday, Herndon said.He was expected in Kansas City by midweek to face federal charges, including international parental kidnapping. The offense occurs whenever one custodial parent takes a child or children to another country without the consent of the other custodial parent, Herndon said.

The Complete Article Can Be Found Here


Update 4/6/07 5:35PM

Thanks to Gretchen for alerting me to the WONDERFUL news. The children have been found!

3 Missouri Kids Allegedly Snatched by Dad Are Found in Honduras; U.S. Seeking Extradition

The three children allegedly abducted by their father and taken out of the country were found this week in Honduras and are now back in the United States, family members told on Friday.

U.S. officials are working on extraditing the father quickly — before he’s released by Honduran authorities — so he can be brought back to the U.S. to face federal kidnapping charges.

Joel Hundley of Kansas City, Mo., took his children — Alexandria, 1, Elijah, 2, and Julianna, 4 — from the family’s house in Kansas City, Mo., on Feb. 19, and flew with them to El Salvador, FBI officials said. He then took them to Honduras, where he was found Tuesday in a mountainous region of the country a few hours away from Tegucigalpa, the country’s capital, Hundley’s sister Shelley told

“When we got the kids, they were dirty, just dirt on their faces, their hair … I saw them and the oldest …she almost looked like a homeless kid, just filthy and dirty,” Shelley Hundley said. “But she just went right to me and hugged me … it was just a happy, partial reunification there but what they wanted was Mommy.”

The FBI led the hunt for the 34-year-old man — described by family members as “delusional” — who methodically planned and carried out a scheme to snatch his three young kids and smuggle them out of the country. Family members believe Hundley has been engaged in questionable sexual activities, and that they feared the children would become victims of a human trafficking or child prostitution ring.

Jeff Lanza, a spokesman for the FBI in Kansas City, confirmed to that the children were back in the United States and were safe.

When the Hundley family got word that Joel was spotted in Honduras with the children, Shelley Hundley, along with Heather Hundley — Joel’s wife — and another sister decided she would fly down while the American Embassy, Interpol and Honduras nailed down her brother’s exact location.

“I just decided to go down and just be there,” Shelley said. “I didn’t really do much, I just headed down there and waited for the authorities to let me know what was going on.”

She got the call around 1 a.m. Tuesday, saying that her brother and the children had been found in a car and were being held at a small police outpost. She said the children were malnourished, dehydrated, and the oldest, Julianna, who has a kidney malformation and urinary-tract problems, was in a lot of pain.

“I walked right up to him, I just could not say a word to him and he did not say a word to me. It was actually weird in that sense that they both were totally silent,” Shelley Hundley said, describing the encounter with a brother she had feared would involve her nieces and nephews in deviant sexual activity and child prostitution.

While she would not elaborate on what was done to the children physically, Shelley said the children were receiving proper medical care back in the United States. Shelley, her sister and Heather are taking care of them.

“We’ll just be helping out as a team,” she said.

But the Hundley family’s ordeal is far from over.

Shelley said a Honduran judge has said he will release Joel from prison there on Saturday if the U.S. cannot finish the extradition process by then. Joel is only being held by Honduran authorities on an immigration charge, Shelley said. She and her family are worried that Joel will do more damage to himself — and maybe to others — if he’s not brought back to the U.S. to get help.

“Obviously we’re really worried because it’s a quick time frame for us to really get this all together and obviously a lot of it is political,” Shelley said. “If he walks, he wouldn’t be able to come back to the U.S. but he would be a danger, wherever he is.”

Lanza of the FBI could not confirm the timetable set by the Honduran judge for Joel Hundley’s release, but said the State Department is taking the lead in working on terms of his extradition and hopes to be able to pick him up “as soon as possible.”

“Our goal is to get him picked up by the FBI to bring him back to this country to face federal charges in Missouri,” Lanza said, adding that Hundley faces charges of international parental kidnapping once he’s back in the United States.

“We’re working to make it happen as soon as possible,” he said.

Joel Hundley’s scheme to abduct his own children culminated Feb. 19 when he told his wife, Heather, to go out and enjoy a day with friends or at a local spa. When she returned home later that day, she found the kids and Joel had vanished.

Shelley had said Joel has a history of reading sexually explicit material and participating in sexual chatrooms on the Internet. He also engaged in what she called “group sexual activity slime,” even taking at least one child to a group activity on an occasion. He also had a history of violence toward his wife.

Click Here For Article

Update 4/5/07 10:03 PM

There are really no new updates on this case. I have scoured the internet. At one point I did find Joel’s myspace account but it had no friends (minus Tom and his sister Shelley) and nothing extraordinary to see.

I did find the video of Heather and Shelley on Greta Van Susteren and I wanted to post it. I think if you SEE these two ladies and the worry within them, it will strike a cord of the desperation that they are facing. We must find these children. If you know anything, please contact the FBI.

Click here to see Video

Original Blog

For some reason there is not much media coverage on this story. It’s being tagged as a parental abduction case, but it’s much, much more.

On February 19th, Joel Hundley told his wife to go and have a day to herself at the spa. The baby was fussy and Joel actually suggested taking little 10 month old Alexandria with her, but in a decision that proved to be critical, Heather Hundley left her three children with their father and went to enjoy her day.

When she returned home later that day, Joel had left a note stating Juliana (who has a severe kidney problem)was vomiting blood and a neighbor took them to the emergency room. After checking all the local hospitals and finding no trace of her family she returned home. It was then that she discovered all her children’s toys and clothing gone. It was then she knew something was terribly wrong.

Joel and Heather apparently had a tumultuous relationship, with accusations of abuse and a phone call to 911 made in September. When the police arrived, Heather reported that Joel had used “physical force” on her. He had already fled the scene though and as in many abuse cases, Heather did not press charges.

The most disturbing facts seem to come from Joel’s very own sister, Shelley Hundley. Shelley stated, “Joel had been sexually abused as a child and lives a sexually driven lifestyle that includes using Internet sex chat rooms and attending group-sex activities. She also alleges that Joel Hundley pre-meditated the kidnapping and that he told friends previously of his intention to do so. “

She also contends that Joel took at least one of the children to what was described as an orgy. “I know of one instance at least there was some really disturbing sexual things going on … I don’t know what happened to the child, I don’t have any proof the child was participating, but he [Joel] definitely doesn’t have a boundary line,” Shelley said.

Joel has sent at least one e-mail to the Hundley family since his departure, in which he mentioned that he took the kids to get away from the “violence” at home, Shelley said. But the children were in no danger at home, she insisted.

In that e-mail, Joel said he was sorry he had to take them, but didn’t give any real motivation for why he did it, she said. Shelley said Joel had told friends about his plan to take the children.

“The children are not being abused by their mother, there’s not any kind of reason … he has very delusional issues,” Shelley said.

The local police traced Joel and the children through an airline ticket from Kansas City to Houston and then to El Salvador. The LSPD then turned the case over to the FBI. Joel Hundley speaks fluent Spanish, as he grew up in Columbia and also lived in Honduras before moving to Lee’s Summit Missouri a year ago.

Law Enforcement as well as Hundley’s sister and wife believe that he was going to sell these children into prostitution. Joel Hundley has been charged in Missouri with parental kidnapping, which is defined as removing, taking detaining or concealing a child within or outside the state with the intent to deprive the custody rights of another person. The charge is a class D-Felony, which could carry with it a one-year sentence in the Jackson County Jail, up to a four-year prison sentence in the Missouri Department of Corrections and a fine up to $5,000, Childs said.

What federal charges Joel Hundley might face upon being captured have not been determined as of Wednesday, said Jeff Lanza, spokesperson for the FBI. Lanza said finding and extraditing someone from El Salvador could be difficult because of the limitations the South American country has on its extradition laws.

However, Lanza said the United States would attempt to obtain a criminal arrest warrant for Joel Hundley and work diplomatically with El Salvador officials to locate and question him.

But more importantly, the goal is to bring the children home, Lanza said. Let’s hope they bring these children home soon.

Please pray for Alexandria Hundley-Mondello, 10 months, Elijah Hundley-Mondello, 2, Julianna Hundley-Mondello, 4.

Media articles on this case:

LS man suspected of parental kidnapping
FBI Leads Search for Missouri Dad Who Took 3 Kids to El Salvador

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Throw Away Society

Posted by KindraLore on September 30, 2006

(this blog has been reposted after I deleted it. I saved everything and have decided to repost it all. Unfortunately none of the dates were saved as to when it was posted)Comments made to original post are reposted too, minus dates.

What is up with society today that we can discard our children? That we can beat them, hold them in the basement, starve them, bind them with tape, abduct them, abuse them?What is wrong that wasn’t wrong 20 years ago when I was growing up? I played from dusk until dawn. My mother saw me when it was time to get something to eat or drink and that was about it. She didn’t even question where I was and didn’t even know where I was most of the time.

I’m not saying that abductions and abuse of children didn’t happen back then, but it was certainly few and far between or at least reported that way.

I will tell you what happened.

1) – the Internet. The Internet is great for most of us and I have had great success researching things I would have never known before. But now, sick pedophiles can trade graphic images and videos of child porn.

Not only can they do this, but they can do this with seclusion, if you are computer savvy, and no one can ever trace where these videos came from.

I have read articles in which LE (Law Enforcement) cannot keep up with it. Number one they have issues with other countries and number two, there are just two few qualified LE that can crack this kind of thing.

Not too long ago, a father in Alpharetta, Georgia was arrested for having sex with his two daughters and broadcasting it over the Internet. The people tuned in could give him instructions on what to do with the girl next.

He didn’t get caught because he was on the Internet doing this LIVE, he got caught because his oldest daughter (12 I believe) saw her sister coming out of his room with her pants down (she was 7) and she told!

They also have their own support groups now. They can go in and talk to each other and feed off each other’s sick perversions, fantasies and even realities. They use to be alone, in a world that shunned them, now in their peer groups, they can be the kings.

2) – We are self absorbed. As a society today, we are self absorbed. We are working, (most of the time both parents) trying to keep up with the Jones, or perhaps just trying to make a better life. However, because of this, our children are suffering. They are being allowed to roam the neighborhood at 6 years old or taking care of themselves.

We are not giving them our knowledge. We are too tired, too busy, and they are raising themselves. I am not saying two parents cannot work in a household. Believe me, we are one of those households. But you have to let them shine, give them time. Show them that you care. Be involved with their lives.

As far as the Foster System; It is in desperate need of revamping. We need National Legislation and tax dollars. There needs to be extensive background checks, training, tests, and more tests. After all, the children that are going into this system are already “damaged”. They need someone that will care for them, nurture them and look after their best interest.

If NEITHER parent is employed, then that is a huge NO. That means that they want the subsidies provided for these children and that is it. If they have a criminal background or are taking any sort of mental health medications – again – A BIG RED FLAG.

These children are dependent on US! ON YOU AND ME!

It’s time to stop making this Nation a Nation of throwaway society. These children need us.

Tonight is in memory of Marcus Fiesel

May you be loved and hugged and kissed as much as any child could want in heaven. I am sorry we failed you.

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    You’ve Got Bones in Your Closet

    Posted by KindraLore on September 30, 2006

    (this blog has been reposted after I deleted it. I saved everything and have decided to repost it all. Unfortunately none of the dates were saved as to when it was posted)Comments made to original post are reposted too, minus dates.


    Little Big Town

    What goes around comes around

    Feel it breathin’ down heavy on you

    You made that bed you’re layin’ on

    Deeds that you have done

    Now you can’t undo

    You’ve got bones in your closet

    You’ve got ghosts in your town

    Ain’t no doubt, dear,They’re gonna come out

    They’re waiting for the sun to go down

    You can’t hide from your demons

    Feel them all lurking around

    You’re runnin’ scared cause

    You know they’re out there

    They’re waiting for the sun to go down

    It’s a long and hard row to hoe

    When seeds that you sow

    Grow by the wicked moon

    Be sure your sins will find you out

    The past will hunt you down

    And return to tell on you,

    it stands to reason

    Every dog will have his day

    Your day is leaving

    Better hold on tight

    Here comes the night

    To me that song is about doing something so bad, so horrendous that it will follow you. It will haunt you daily. In your dreams and in your every waking moment. And, eventually it will all come out. The bones will fall out of the closet and be exposed for everyone to see.

    There is a new missing boy in the news and his case reminds me a lot of Colton Clark. Yes, they were much different in age, Marcus Fiesel only 3, and Colton 9 when he disappeared. Yet there are a lot of similarities as well.

    Colton and Marcus both came from a jaded past, with less than award winning parents. They both went into the foster system, along with their siblings. Colton was placed with family however.

    On the day both of these boys disappeared, both were scheduled to have visits with a Children Services worker. Both disappeared shortly before. In both cases, no one outside the foster family could say when they last saw either of these boys. Both stories are unbelievable.

    Both boys had dogs searching the last known area of their disappearances. In both cases, the dogs picked up no scent at all. There are huge holes and doubts as to the stories that both of these sets of Foster Parents told and both sets also presented themselves as something that, later on turned out to be not as innocent and pure.

    From Domestic Violence to being fired from jobs, both sets had these same bones in their closets. Both sets of parents were not gainfully employed outside the home and living off of either foster/adoption subsidies, VA, and social security.

    Both sets had red flags long before these children were placed in their care.

    In Marcus’ case, all other foster children were pulled from the home after his disappearance. However, Austin still remains with the Clarks. Thankfully, Marcus is receiving nationwide coverage, but in stark contrast, everyone has all but forgotten about Colton.

    Where are these little boys lost? Will they be brought home, or at least, given justice?

    I remember Becky commenting on this blog that Austin and Colton chanted, “we want justice!” regarding the supposed sexual abuse they had incurred at the hands of the bio parents. Quite an odd statement for a then 8 and 10 year old. Now however, I find it very fitting.

    Our national foster system needs some huge revamping and some check and balance systems. These are precious children. They are not expendable.


    (Obviously some of these deaths were not met with foul intensions. However, the numbers that are, are staggering! The ones with foul play cause are highlighted in red. I did not highlight any drownings, because it may have been accidental, although it’s unlikely all of them were.)

    Source for this list

    This page is in memory of children who died after social service agencies removed them from the care of their parents, placing them with fosters, adopters, group homes, or psychiatric facilities. List grows by at least two names each week!

    Marcus Fiesel, Cincinnati, OH, three years old, restraint, bound and left in the closet for 2 days. Body burned

    Genesis Acosta-Garcia, Las Vegas Nevada, three months old, November 19, 2005, septic shock

    Travis C Adams, Salem Oregon, August 8 2000, December 16 2002, wandered into creek

    Kayla Y Allen, Richlands North Carolina, November 10 1995 – August 24 2003, poison

    Martin Lee Anderson, Panama City Florida, fourteen years old, January 6 2006, beating/suffocation

    Richard L (Ricky) Aragon, Albuquerque New Mexico, January 24 1991 – April 12 1993, battered

    Shirley Arciszewski, Charlotte North Carolina, April 19 1992 – September 11 2004, restraint

    Miguel Humberto Arias-Baca, Westminster Colorado, two years old, February 2 1999, battered

    Angellika Arndt, Minneapolis Minnesota, seven years old, May 26 2006, restraint

    Ian August, Sevier Desert Utah, June 21 1988 – July 13, 2002, exhaustion

    Denzel Bailey, Los Angeles California, eleven months old, April 2001, malnutrition

    Jeffrey Baldwin, Toronto Ontario, December 20 1996 – November 30 2002, malnutrition/pneumonia

    Casey Paul Barrow, West Valley Utah, eighteen months old, October 22 2003, battered

    Anthony Bars, Indiana, four years old, January 20 2004, starvation, battered

    Shelly Bash, Midland Michigan, eight years old, March 2005, transplant rejection

    Nadine Catherine Beaulieu, Dauphin Manitoba, twenty three months old, February 1996, battered

    Teddy Bellingham, Smiths Falls Ontario, sixteen years old, August 1992, beaten

    Jerome Bennett, Oshawa Ontario, fifteen years old, February 3 2006, homicide

    Maria Bennett, Lancaster Ohio, two years old, October 23, 2002, battered

    Modesto Blanco, Lubbock Texas, twenty two months old, March 2 2002, battered

    Christian Blewitt né Osik, Halesowen England, three years old, December 2002, poison/battered

    Deondre Bondieumaitre, Florida, sixteen months old, April 16 2003, battered

    Timothy Boss, Remsen Iowa, ten years old, February 23 2000, battered

    Alex Boucher, New Port Richey Florida, January 25 1997 – September 25 2000, asphyxiation

    Ashley Boyd, LaFayette Georgia, twelve years old, December 13 2005, hit by car / suicide

    Kerry Brooks, Los Angeles California, nine years old, February 10 2001, suicide

    Talitha Brooks, Colorado, one year old, July 1998, heatstroke

    Amira Brown, Reading Pennsylvania, twelve years old, September 4 2005, battered / restraint

    Diminiqua Bryant, Dothan Alabama, two years old, May 1999, battered

    Scott Buckle, Swansea Wales, twelve years old, February 6 2005, hanging

    Latasha Bush, Manvel Texas, January 2 1987 – February 28 2002, restraint

    Michael Buxton, Miami Oklahoma, five years old, July 5 1998, battered

    Eduardo Calzada, Bakersfield California, three months old, March 2004, battered

    Chris Campbell, Toledo Iowa, thirteen years old, November 2, 1997, restraint

    Gladys Campbell, Philadelphia/New Jersey, two years old, ca 1988

    Edith Campos, Tucson Arizona, fifteen years old, February 4 1998, restraint

    Brianna Canales, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, four years old, April 24 2006, dozen Zoloft pills

    Latasha Cannon, Boston Massachusetts, seventeen years old, April 2001, slashed throat

    Mario Cano, Chula Vista California, sixteen years old, April 27 1984, untreated blood clot

    Joshua K Causey, Detroit Michigan, March 21 1998 – March 18 2003, battered

    Jaime Ceballos, Salinas California, two years old, November 27 2005, infection and bleeding

    baby boy Charles, Las Vegas Nevada, seven months old, August 4 2006, head injury

    Sherry Charlie, British Columbia, nineteen months old, September 4 2002, battered

    Sarah Angelina Chavez, Alhambra California, two years old, October 11 2005, battered

    Felix Chen, Bloomington Indiana, August 27 1997 – April 1 2004, treatment withheld

    Sky Colon Cherevez, Paterson New Jersey, three months old, August 6 1998, battered

    Tiffany H Clair, Fort Worth Texas, September 6 1985 – May 4 2001, heroin

    Brian Clark, New Jersey, three years old, January 2002, untreated pneumonia

    Angelic Clary, Bakersfield California, three months old, September 14 2003

    Roshelle Clayborn, San Antonio Texas, sixteen years old, August 18 1997, restraint

    Casey Collier, Westminster Colorado, seventeen years old, December 21 1993, restraint

    Desiree Collins, Los Angeles California, fourteen years old, February 10 2002, gunshot

    Nicholas Contreras, Queen Creek Arizona, January 15 1982 – March 2 1998, untreated infection

    Adrianna Cram, Veracruz Mexico (US supervision), August 25 2000 – June 13 2005

    Christopher Henry Cryderman, Springfield Missouri, July 27 2004 – November 22 2004, untreated infection

    Dirk D Dalton, Clarkston Washington, June 7 1989 – May 1 1994, battered

    Arieale Daniels, Naples Florida, fifteen years old, 1999, car crash

    Tajuana Davidson, Phoenix Arizona, three years old, November 3 1993, battered

    China Marie Davis, Phoenix Arizona, March 23 1991 – October 31 1993, battered

    Sabrina Elizabeth Day, Charlotte North Carolina, July 4 1984 – February 10 2000, restraint

    Tyler Joseph DeLeon, Stevens County Washington, January 13 1998 – January 13 2005, dehydration

    Kameron Justin Demery, Long Beach California, two years old, October 14 1996, battered

    Connre Dixon, Ridgefield Township Onio eleven years old, October 18 2004, stabbing

    Mark Draheim, Orefield Pennsylvania, October 10 1984 – December 11 1998, restraint

    Charmaria Drake, Cleveland Ohio, twenty months old, March 13 2003, battered

    Stephanie Duffield, Manvel Texas, July 14 1984 – February 11 2001, restraint

    Willie Lawrence Durden III, Citrus County Florida, seventeen years old, October 2005, unknown/died in cell

    Brian Edgar, Overland Park Kansas, nine years old, December 30 2002, asphyxiation

    William Edgar, Peterborough Ontario, thirteen years old, March 1999, restraint

    Tiffany Eilders, Rancho Cucamonga California, fourteen weeks old, December 7 2005, battered

    Kayla Erlandson, King County Washington, two years old, April 1991, battered

    Luke Evans, Lowell Indiana, sixteen months old, November 30 2001, malnutrition/battered

    Roberta (Berta) Evers, Bayfield Colorado, six years old, June 13 1998, restraint

    Sara Eyerman, California, twenty months old, ca 1986, untreated pneumonia

    Sean Isaac Faith, Eagle Idaho, three years old, May 13 2006, drowning

    Miranda Finn, Lake Butler Florida, nine years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

    Laura Fleming, Palmdale California, October 11 2004 – November 21 2004, cause unknown

    Sarah Jane Forrester, Woodlawn Maryland, October 30 1985 – found May 13 1999, battered and stabbed

    Rita Foster, Pasadena California, four years old, June 29 2006, run over by bus

    Kameryn Fountain, Bibb County Georgia, two months old, November 20 2005, unknown cause

    Henry Gallop, Boston Massachusetts, two years old, 1987, poison

    Alexander Ganadonegro, Albuquerque New Mexico, March 10 1998 – February 4 1999, battered

    Christening (Mikie) Garcia, Ingram Texas, twelve years old, December 4 2005, restraint

    Camron P Gardner, Waupun Wisconsin, three years old, May 5 2006, battered

    Dylan James George, Fremont California, April 16 2002 – October 4 2004, battered

    Corese Goldman, Chicago Illinois, two years old, 1995, drowning

    Mollie Gonzales, Jefferson County Colorado, ten years old, November 18 2002, drug overdose

    Julio Gonzalez, Glendale California, May 10 1995 – December 29 1996, battered

    Elizabeth (Lizzy) Goodwin, Coeur d’Alene Idaho, March 22 1996 – October 22 2002, drowning

    Anthony Green, Brownwood Texas, fifteen years old, May 12 1991, restraint

    Sabrina Green, New York City, nine years old, November 8 1997, burned and battered

    Lamar D Greene, Jacksonville Florida, sixteen years old, 2001, car crash

    Corey Greer, Treasure Island Florida, four months old, ca 1985, dehydration

    Gage Guillen, Boston Massachusetts, three years old, 1995, strangulation

    Darvell Gulley, Lincoln Nebraska, thirteen years old, April 27 2002, restraint

    Savannah Brianna Marie Hall, Prince George British Columbia, September 9 1997 – January 21 2001, malnutrition/restraint

    Latiana Hamilton, Jacksonville Florida, seventeen months old, July 18 2001, drowning

    Mykeeda Hampton, District of Columbia, two years old, August 1997, battered

    Kelly M Hancock, Malden Massachusetts, November 6 1985 – July 18 2000, stabbed

    Laura Hanson, West Palm Beach Florida, May 17 1981 – November 19 1998, restraint

    Jerrell Hardiman, La Porte Indiana, four years old, October ca 1993, exposure

    Alex Harris, Minden Louisiana, twelve years old, September 2005, forced running

    Diane Harris, Seguin Texas, seventeen years old, April 11 1990, restraint

    Jessica Albina Hagmann, Prince William County Virginia, two years old, August 11 2003, smothered

    Letia Harrison, Akron Ohio, October 23 1999 – September 19 2002, baked in attic

    Jordan Heikamp, Toronto Ontario, May 19 1997 – June 23 1997, starvation

    Eric Hernandez, Cedar Hill Texas, January 6 1999 – March 7 1999, suffocation

    Zachary Higier, né Nikita Khoryakov Braintree Massachusetts, May 24 2000 – August 15 2002, battered

    Dwight Hill, Tucson Arizona, four months old, November 16 2005, battered

    Nina Victoria Hilt née Vika Bazhenova, Manassas Virginia, thirty three months old, July 2 2005, battered

    Steven A Hoffa, Des Moines Iowa, February 4 1993 – May18 1996, battered

    Richard (Ricky) Holland, Williamston Michigan, September 8 1997 – July 2005, battered

    Michael Anthony Hughes, Choctaw Oklahoma, March 21 1988 – September 12 1994, kidnap/missing

    Jarod (Jerry) Hulsey, Mesa Arizona, ten years old, April 3 2006, battered

    Joseph (Joey) Huot, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, two years old, January 27 1988, battered

    Dion Jack, Sproat Lake British Columbia, six years old, March 1 2006, untreated seizure

    Walter Jackson, Chicago Illinois, ten months old, August 9 2005, battered

    Dominic James, Springfield Missouri, June 4 2000 – August 21 2002, battered

    Billie-Jo Jenkins, Hastings East Sussex England, thirteen years old, February 1997, battered

    Demetrius Jeffries, Crockett Texas, seventeen years old, August 26 1997, strangulation

    Dontel Jeffers, Boston Massachusetts, four years old, March 6 2005, battered

    Ciara S Jobes, Baltimore Maryland, August 17 1987 – December 11 2002, starvation/beating

    Stephanie Jobin, Brampton Ontario, thirteen years old, June 21 1998, restraint

    Aaron Johnson, Boston Massachusetts, fifteen months old, 1987, poison

    Anthony Johnson, Marshall Texas, four years old, July 11 2005, drowning

    Elijah James Johnson, Los Angeles California, three years old, May 10 1999, scalded

    Lorenzo Johnson, Queen Creek Arizona, 17 years old – June 27, 1994, drowned during escape

    Quartrina K (Snappy) Johnson, Pikesville Maryland, December 25 1988 – July 20 2004, beaten and choked

    Xolani Nkosi Johnson, Capetown South Africa, twelve years old, June 2 2001, AIDS

    Christal Jones, New York City (Vermont ward), May 24 1984 – January 3 2001, suffocation

    David L Jones, Chicago Illinois, April 15 1992 – March 7 1998, battered

    Xavier Jones, East Orange New Jersey, twenty one months old, June 7 2006, methadone poisoning

    Dennis Jurgens né Jerry Sherwood, White Bear Lake Minnesota, three years old, April 11 1965, battered

    Marissa (Shorty) Karp, Pompano Beach Florida, December 6 1985 – August 19 2002, gunshot

    David Ryan Keeley, New Haven Connecticut, six years old, August 12 1998, battered

    Ashley Keen, Lake Butler Florida, thirteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

    Cassandra Killpack, Springville Utah, November 29 1997 – June 9 2002, water therapy

    Ahmad King né Rawls, Alma Georgia, three years old, January 24 2006, homicide

    Heather Michell Kish, Berlin Township Michigan, September 15 1987 -found October 6 2002, murdered

    Noah Knapp, Marysville Washington, six years old, May 30 2005, automobile collision

    Alissa Kneen, Newport Minnesota, five years old, September 7 2001, house fire

    Cordell Kneen, Newport Minnesota, twenty months old, September 7 2001, house fire

    Zaire Knott, Newark New Jersey, September 16 2005 – October 20 2005, cause unknown

    Anatoli Kolenda, Westfield Massachusetts, May 20 1991 – October 20 2002, stabbing

    Yana Kolenda, Westfield Massachusetts, December 31 1990 – October 20 2002, stabbing

    Anthony Lamb, Lake Butler Florida, twenty months old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

    Keisha Shardae Lane, Hagerstown Maryland, fifteen years old, August 17 2005, gunshot

    Shawn Lawrence né Andy Mohler, Shelton Washington, ten years old, October 9 1999, drowning

    Brittany Legler, Millcreek Pennsylvania, fifteen years old, May 9 2004, battered

    Trenton Jared Lewis, Canyon County Idaho, three years old, July 8 2006, drowning

    Jacob Lindorff, Franklin Township New Jersey, five years old, December 14 2001, battered

    Christian Liz, New York City, three weeks old, November 29 2004, suffocation

    James Lonnee, Guelph/Hamilton Ontario, sixteen years old, September 7 1996, beaten by cellmate

    Gregory Love, Florida, twenty three months old, April 2005, head injury

    Nikki Lutke, Cheyenne Wyoming, five years old, August 28 2003, drowning

    Zachary James Lyons, Winston-Salem North Carolina, January 24 1992 – October 8 1996, battered

    Shaquella Mance, Belton South Carolina, seven months old, March 27 2005, battered

    Elizabeth Mann, Lake Butler Florida, fifteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

    Heaven Mann, Lake Butler Florida, three years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

    Johnny Mann, Lake Butler Florida, thirteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

    Cynthia Nicole (Nicki) Mann, Lake Butler Florida, fifteen years old, January 25 2006, traffic accident

    Logan Marr, Chelsea Maine, October 14 1995 – January 31 2001, asphyxiation

    Fernando Ibarra Martinez, Bakersfield California, nine months old, March 26 2006, battered

    Stephanie Martinez, Pueblo Colorado, five years old, December 31 2001, untreated burns

    Tiffany Laverne Mason, Folsom California, June 11 1986 – August 9 2001, battered

    Viktor Alexander Matthey né V Sergeyevich Tulimov, Hunterdon County New Jersey, six years old, October 31 2000, hypothermia

    Dominic Matz, Osawatomie Kansas, July 6 2002 – February 15 2004, treatment withheld

    Jamie Mayne, Atascadero California, March 24 1995 – February 10 2000, battered

    Kristal Mayon-Ceniceros, Chula Vista California, sixteen years old, February 5 1999, restraint

    Emily Ann Mays, Tucson Arizona, sixteen months old, August 24 2005, battered

    Andrew McClain, Bridgeport Connecticut, December 6 1986 – March 22 1998, restraint

    Cory Bradley McLaughlin, North Carolina, four years old, July 4 1997, battered

    Jerry McLaurin, Brownwood Texas, fourteen years old, November 2 1999, restraint

    Maria Mendoza, Katy Texas, fourteen years old, October 12 2002, restraint

    Caleb Jerome Merchant, Edmonton Alberta, thirteen months old, November 26, 2005, battered

    Denis Merryman né Uritsky, Harford County Maryland, eight years old, January 2005, starvation

    Devin Miller, Spokane Washington, twenty months old, August 6 2006, battered

    Euryale Miller, Kansas City Missouri, one year old, April 1 2001, battered

    Jacob Miller, Georgia, twenty two months old, November 20 1997, battered

    Clayton Miracle, Georgia, three years old, August 11 1993, battered

    Hanna Denise Montessori, Santa Ana California, March 16 1988 – January 19 2004, homicide/head-injury

    Alfredo Montez, Auburndale Florida, two years old, July 1 2002, battered

    Zachary Moran, Charlotte North Carolina, fourteen months old, August 8 2003, battered

    Christina Morlan, Scott County Iowa, September 3 2003 – November 30 2003, unknown

    Carlyle Mullins, Nashville Tennessee, five years old, May 27 2005, battered

    Cedrick Napoleon, Killeen Texas, June 26 1987 – March 7 2002, restraint

    Candace Newmaker née C Tiara Elmore, Colorado, Movember 19 1989 – April 19 2000, re-birth asphyxiation

    Jonathan Nichol, Cook County Illinois, two years old, June 16 1995, drowning

    Trevor Nolan, Mono County California, five years old, April 12 1997, treatment withheld

    Sierra Odom, Arlington Texas, three years old, August 11 2005, battered

    Lenny Ortega, Ingram Texas, twelve years old, May 30 2006, drowning

    Keron Owens, Walterboro South Carolina, three years old, January 19 1992, battered

    Sean Paddock né Ford, Johnston County North Carolina, four years old, February 26 2006, battered

    Omar Paisley, Miami Florida, seventeen years old, June 2003, untreated appendicitis

    Terrell Parker, Buffalo New York, two years old, 2003, battered

    Travis Parker, Cleveland Georgia, thirteen years old, April 21 2005, restraint

    Melva Dee Parrott, Hersey Michigan, May 4 1998 – June 29 2000, bronchitis

    Alex Pavlis, né Geiko Schaumburg Illinois, six years old, December 19 2003, battered

    Dillon Peak, Saint Petersburg Florida, fourteen years old, June 17 2006, undiagnosed illness

    Dawn Renay Perry, Manvel Texas, sixteen years old, April 10 1993, restraint

    Angellica Pesante, Seneca County New York, four years old, April 18 1997, battered

    Terrell Peterson, Atlanta Georgia, five years old, January 16 1998, battered

    Cynteria Phillips, Miami Florida, December 10 1986 – August 14 2000, rape/murder

    Marguerite Pierre, West Orange New Jersey, five years old, December 2005, poison

    Emporia Pirtle, Indiana, six years old, November 11 1996, battered

    Jason Plischkowsky, Southampton England, May 25 1985 – December 19 1986, head injury

    Huntly Tamati Pokaia, New Zealand, three years old

    David Polreis, Greeley Colorado, two years old, February 6 1996, battered

    Maryah Ponce, Rialto California, December 5 1997 – June 29 2001, baked in car

    Constance S Porter, Kearney Missouri, July 20 1998 – February 12 2001, battered

    Dakota Denzel Prince-Smith, Lancaster California, five years old, July 8 2003, baked in car

    Nehamiah Nate Prince-Smith, Lancaster California, three years old, July 8 2003, baked in car

    Karen Quill, St Louis Saskatchewan, twenty months old, September 13 1997, internal injuries

    Rodrigo Armando Rameriez Jr, Victorville California, eighteen months old, July 6 2001, drowning

    Stephanie Ramos, New York City, eight years old, July 9 2005, dumped in garbage can

    Bobby Jo Randolph, Houston Texas, seventeen years old, September 26 1996, axphyxiation

    Jacquelyn Reah, Grand Rapids Michigan, ten years old, November 27 2004, runaway / hit by car

    Latayna Reese, Bradenton Florida, fifteen years old, April 1996

    Caprice Reid, New York City, four years old, June 1997, starved and battered

    Jonathan Reid, Gardena California, nine years old, June 9 1997, treatment withheld

    Matthew Reid, Welland Ontario, three years old, December 15 2005, suffocation

    Dustin Rhodes, Litchfield Park Arizona, nine years old, August 13 2003, battered

    Alana Rickard-Cowell, Honolulu Hawaii, two months old, April 23 2006, unknown (broken bones)

    Eric Roberts, Keene Texas, June 16 1979 – February 22 1996, restraint

    Ana Rogers, Sparks Nevada, four months old, July 2005, pre-existing injury

    Genevieve “Genny” Rojas, Chula Vista California, four years old, July 21 1995, starvation, scalded

    Guadalupe Rosales III, San Antonio Texas, April 2005 – June 13 2006, battered

    Paola Rosales, Milton Ontario, fourteen years old, July 3 2001, suicide

    Kyle Anthony Ross, Massachusetts, September 7 1995 – June 9 2001, rottweiler

    Marlon Santos, Worcester Massachusetts, five months old, November 5 1998, missing

    Andres E Saragos, Warm Springs Oregon, August 5 1995 – July 13 2000, baked in car

    Gina M Score, Plankinton South Dakota, May 7 1985 – July 21 1999, baked by boot camp

    Caprice Scott, Florida, infant, 1999, mother in foster care

    Ryan Scott, Sheffield Lake Ohio, two years old, March 27 1998, battered

    Krystal Scurry, Aiken County South Carolina, February 1989 – November 2 1991, rape/murder

    Andrew (Andy) Setzer, California, April 27 1995 – August 2 1999, battered

    Ariel Shaw, Bibb County Georgia, nineteen months old, January 26 2000, battered

    Vivan Uk Sheppard, Jacksonville Florida, eight months old, May 15 1999, suffocation

    Colby Shirley, Gallup New Mexico, eighteen months old, March 20 2006, battered

    Joseph H Shriver, Pennsylvania, March 2 1997 – October 5 1997, battered

    Quincey L Simmons, Omaha Nebraska, August 21 1997 – March 24 2001, battered

    Christopher Simpson, Howell Michigan, seven years old, November 14 1998, fire

    Jordan Simpson né Richard Morrison II, Howell Michigan, five years old, November 14 1998, fire

    Nicole Simpson née Desira Morrison, Howell Michigan, seven years old, November 14 1998, fire

    Devin A Slade, Milwaukee Wisconsin, October 23 2000 – June 19 2001, asphyxiation

    John Smith, Fishersgate England, four years old, December 24 1999, battered and bitten

    Mikinah Smith, Cincinnati Ohio, one year old, March 18 2003, battered

    Tristan Sovern, Greensboro North Carolina, sixteen years old, March 4 1998, restraint

    Jushai Spurgeon, North Las Vegas Nevada, fourteen months old, April 3 2005, scalding

    LeRon St John, Detroit Michigan, fifteen years old, March 1 2003, untreated tuberculosis

    Lloyd Stamp, Edmonton Alberta, seventeen years old, September 29, 2005, suicide

    Tommy Stacey, Carmichael California, three months old, January 3 2005, SIDS

    Elizabeth (Lisa) Steinberg née Launders, New York City, May 14 1981 – November 4 1987, battered

    Chris Surbey, Winnipeg Manitoba, October 13 1987 – June 6 2005, stabbing

    Yasmin Taylor, Paterson New Jersey, seven months old, May 8 1994, virus

    Lakeysha Tharp, Irmo South Carolina, six months old, April 7 2004, asphyxiation

    Adam Michael Thimyan, Riverview Florida, October 2 1986 – April 3 2004, gunshot

    Timithy Thomas, Banner Elk North Carolina, nine years old, March 11 1999, restraint

    Liam Thompson né Dmitry S Ishlankulov, Columbus Ohio, October 3 1999 – October 3 2002, scalding

    Michael Tinning, Schenectady New York, two years old, March 2 1981, asphyxiation

    Kelly Ann Tozer, Egg Harbor City New Jersey, eighteen months old, July 30 2005, drowning

    Patrick Trauffler, Phoenix Arizona, six weeks old, February 18 2003, battered

    Heaven Traverse, Winnipeg Manitoba, two years old, January 14 2005, battered

    Demetrius Tyler, Johnson City Tennessee, six months old, November 10 2004, drowning

    Tyler Vanpopering, Southgate Michigan, September 23 2003 – April 14 2004, battered

    Jacqueline Venay, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, six years old, September 21 1998, battered

    Reena Virk, Saanich British Columbia, fourteen years old, November 14 1997, teen swarming

    George Walker III, DeKalb County Georgia, ten months old, November 7 2002, choking

    Michelle Walton, Boston Massachusetts, October 6 1994, asphyxiation

    Erickyzha Warner, Utica New York, July 19 2002 – May 31, 2004, untreated burns

    Shane Devell Washington, Fresno California, fifteen months old, circa 1996, drowning

    Evan Watkins, Las Vegas Nevada, twenty one months old, July 11 1996, battered

    Omar Wellington, Toronto Ontario, seventeen years old, July 15 2006, stabbing

    Devin Wilder, Cleveland Ohio, July 29 1998 – April 21 2001, battered

    Dominic J Williams, Saint Louis Missouri, June 8 1987 – June 3 2004, strangulation

    Andrew Wilson, Owensboro Kentucky, three years old, August 7 2005, drowning

    Lorenzo J Wilson, Seattle Washington, January 29 2004 – October 22 2004, battered

    Rilya Wilson, Florida, born September 29 1996, disappeared 2001

    Michael Spencer Wiltsie, Silver Springs Florida, September 18 1987 – February 5, 2000, restraint

    Jimmy Allan Wood, Adams County Colorado, fourteen years old, November 13 2002, drug overdose

    Jonnie Wood, Springdale Arkansas, eight years old, August 13 2005, drowning

    Braxton D Wooden, Missouri, May 15 1997 – June 2 2005, gunshot

    Donte L Woods, West Palm Beach Florida, February 25 1986 – May 27 2002, gunshot

    Thomas (T J) Wright, Providence Rhode Island, three years old, October 31 2004, battered

    Willie Wright, San Antonio Texas, fourteen years old, March 4 2000, restraint

    Rufus Manzie Young Jr, Michigan, four years old, April 6 2003, battered

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