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Fugitive Rapist Kidnapped Baby – Help find Deanna Alderete

Posted by KindraLore on December 14, 2007

Raul Alderete

Raul Carillo Alderete

Update 12/17/07 4:10PM

To correct my previous update, the source I got the information from stating Alderete had been captured is questionable, and AMW has not updated his profile to state he has been captured, nor have I found any other media source to verify this.

Therefore I am pretty certain Alderete is still a fugitive and has little Deanna.


Update 12/15/07 11:07AM

Police have arrested Raul Carillo Alderete and little Deanna is safe and well back in the custody of her mother. Unfortunately, no kidnap charges could be filed against Alderete because there was no full or official custody agreement between Raul Alderete and his distant wife. It is also unknown if the couple is currently seeking a legal divorce or not or if the wife has a restraining order against her estranged husband.

However, Alderete may still have to serve time behind bars. The Ponoma, California Police Department currently has a $4 million warrant against Alderete for unmentioned charges. He is expected to have a court date for these charges as well.

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Original Blog

On November 22nd, America’s Most Wanted featured a story on Raul Carillo Alderete. 28 year old Alderete reportedly held his girlfriend captive. She made her escape through a second story window and broke her leg from trying to get away. Police say Alderete found her at a nearby hospital and made her leave.

Once gone, Alderete took his victim to an abandoned apartment where according to Law Enforcement, he proceeded to punch, kick and rape her for a week, stabbing her at least thirty times and raping her sometimes with a flashlight and beer bottle.

Deanna Alderete

Deanna Alderete

Police say that around 9:00PM last night, Alderete took his daughter Deanna Alderete from the home of his estranged wife. According to reports, when the family saw Alderete in front of the home, frightened they ran into a back house leaving the baby in the house. He then broke into the home and took 11 month old Deanna Alderete.

He may be heading to Mexico. They have not issued an Amber Alert due to the fact that the authorities are unsure what type of vehicle Alderete is driving.

Alderete is Hispanic, 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. He has a scar on his left eyebrow, a short dark goatee, and tattoos of “Desiree” and “Hecho en Pomona” — meaning “Made in Pomona” — on the back of his neck, and three dots next to his right eye.

Alderete was wearing a white T-shirt, a checkered flannel jacket with red lines on it, dark blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Deanna is Hispanic with light skin and brown eyes, about 2 feet tall and weighs about 28 pounds. She has some of her teeth growing in, with a gap in front; a strawberry-colored birthmark on her right hand; and a mole on her right cheek. She was wearing yellow pajamas and pink stud earrings.

If you know the whereabouts of Raul Carillo Alderete, please call AMW at 1-800-CRIME-TV or email us your tip from this website. You can remain anonymous!

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