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When Home Schooling Becomes Abuse

Posted by KindraLore on May 5, 2007

I have seen too many cases in which children turn up dead or severely abused (Rescued before they turn up dead) in which these abusers use Home Schooling as a tool for their abuse.

I have been involved in many discussions on this case and it does get heated, because those that are legitimately home schooling their children take offense to it. This has nothing to do with them.

What it has to do with is a parent or guardian that is abusing their child so severely that they need to be undetected. That these people cannot send their children to school without being found out. Unexplained bruises and burns. Food deprivation. Humiliation.

They cannot do these acts with a child in the public eye. Not without notice. So they pull these poor children out of the only outside hope they have of being able to escape.

Have you ever met an abuser? I mean a real one. I have. Part of their plan is isolation of the victim. They cannot allow their victim to be influenced by outside forces. Its all about control and when the victim is totally isolated, they are completely and unconditionally under the control of their abuser. There is no one there to save them. Most home school households are virtually unregulated and almost never inspected.

When Ricky Holland died, there was not one piece of homework, drawing or otherwise to prove that this child was ever home schooled. In fact, he was in school for a time. But when reports of Ricky being harnessed with a leash on the bus and in school when the adoptive mother took him there, food deprived, made to wear diapers to school; were revealed, Lisa Holland withdrew Ricky from the only normalcy he knew. Once that happened, abuse was more severe and common and ended in his death.

In this day and time I believe its imperative to keep an eye on all children. If they are not in the school system then there should be another way of tracking and moderating these children. I also believe that if you have ever had DHS or Children’s Services called out, you should not be able to home school or there should at least be intense monitoring of that child or children.

In a segment CBS did called “The Dark Side To Homeschooling”, it revealed a case of a 14 year old that killed his sister and brother, and then himself.

Sniped from the article:

It turned out the Warrens had home schooled before, in Arizona, where they were convicted of child abuse. An investigator there wrote: “The children are tortured physically and emotionally.” That’s information North Carolina school officials are not required to collect.

The article went on to say:

Since it became legal in North Carolina in 1985, the number of home school students has jumped from just a few hundred to more than 50,000. But there’s been no change in the number of state employees overseeing the program – just three for the entire state.

If you Google anything having to do with home schooling and abuse, its supporters are vigil and sometimes extreme. Why the defensiveness? If you are not abusing your child and you are truly home schooling them, then you have nothing to worry about.

In today’s society, we cannot take the word of a parent just because they are a parent -that these children’s needs are being met. We as a society have a duty to protect children and to make sure that if your child is not in the school system, they are still being schooled.

Face it people; Abusers use Home Schooling as a tool for abuse. It’s time to change that and make sure we as a society do the best possible to make sure we protect all of our children. It does take a village.


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After Two Long Years, Ricky Holland Will Finally Be Laid to Rest

Posted by KindraLore on April 17, 2007

I have followed this story from the beginning and blogged about it here, and it’s a gut wrenching tale of abuse, torture and neglect of this child . This little angel will remain forever in my heart. I am so glad that finally, not only has justice been served for Little Ricky Holland, but after two long years, he will finally be laid to rest.

Ricky Holland Finally Being Laid to Rest

Nearly two years after Ricky Holland’s death, the 7-year-old Williamston boy will finally be laid to rest. An Ingham County judge ordered quick action, giving the state 45 days to bury Ricky Holland.

It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but after a number of court delays, the state reached a compromise with the Holland families. There will be two separate memorials, one for Tim Holland’s family, one for Lisa Holland’s family. Both will be private, both will have fewer than 50 people and both must happen within 45 days.

While the families hold services, the court ordered that the state will keep control of Ricky’s remains just in case there are any legal appeals. It’s taken 560 days to get to this point, but a clear plan is taking shape.

Dr. Dean Sienko, Ingham County Medical Examiner: “I’m going to start working on this. I’m not going to say that it will be done in a week, but I’m not going to delay on it, and we will meet the conditions of this court.”

Annette Skinner, guardian for the Holland children: “There’s going to be a private memorial service. The age of the kids, the things they’ve been through, it’s important that we keep it small and try to control the environment at this point.”

So at this point, just two private memorials planned, but attorneys did leave open the possibility of a public service too. The judge signed off on a compromise, a deal that protects the state’s interests and the needs of the Holland family.

The Holland family attorney says they wanted to keep things private for Ricky’s siblings. The 7 year old will likely be buried above ground, just in case his remains are needed again.

Dr. Dean Sienko: “We will store them appropriately, so that in the event that the court would want the remains to further investigate, we’ll be able to do that.”

Both sides admit details of the court order still need to be worked out, but 560 days since Ricky’s murder, they call it a big step toward closure in the case. This was, of course, such a public case in the last two years, and while no public service is planned at this point, attorneys for the family still say a public memorial is still very possible.

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