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Jaliek Rainwalker – State Police to Subpoena T.V. Interviews of Jaliek’s Parents

Posted by KindraLore on November 19, 2007

Jaliek Rainwalker

State police have said that they are going to subpoena all taped interviews with Jaliek Rainwalker’s parents according to reports coming out today. I know many want to believe in these parents, as do I, but common sense tells us that a little boy does not completely disappear off the face of this earth. Someone would have seen little Jaliek walking down the road. In two weeks since he has been missing there have been no sightings people.

Yet Friday in a candlelight vigil, Stephen Kerr, Jaliek’s adoptive father says he still believes Jaliek’s alive. You can see his plea here .

Now that we know Jaliek’s adoptive parents were about to return him to the state, the question lies: did Jaliek run away or did something more sinister happen.

Today Jaliek’s foster parents (who have cared for Jaliek off and on since he was seven when his adoptive parents needed a break) say they want answers. The Persons of Altamont told NEWS10 “I think they thought they could fix this child and there are some things that you can’t fix”. They said that Stephen Kerr told them that a threat made to another child was the last straw.

“In my discussions with Stephen, he said that they were going to disrupt the placement. But he gave me no indication that Jaliek knew that and I don’t think Jaliek knew.

Elaine Person stated that Jaliek was happy when she dropped him off with his father.

According to this article Jaliek threatened the family and once threatened to rape a 4-year old child at the small homeschool he attended. Some family members say Rainwalker was no longer welcome at the school after that last threat and that may have prompted him to run away. Rainwalker’s 14-year-old brother told CBS 6 Jaliek had threatened his family and began to throw tantrums about three months after he was adopted three years ago.


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Jaliek Rainwalker – A Little Boy Vanished

Posted by KindraLore on November 13, 2007

Update 12/28/07 12:24PM

It’s been awhile since I have updated the blog entry on Jaliek. “Light the night with Jaliek” went off without a hitch, despite the fact that Stephen Kerr was seen around town taking down posters for the event. What a strange duck he is. If he is not guilty of anything, he certainly knows the steps to making himself look so.

Meanwhile, Elaine Person announced that she will be taking a leave of absence from her job as executive director for a small non-profit agency to create and head a task force for Jaliek. Some of the task forces main directives include fundraisers, a toll-free hotline and a web site that will be at the url location (currently not up and running). Jaliek’s grandmother, also Jocelyn McDonald’s mother will also take part in the taskforce.

Elaine Person is also questioning why Kerr and McDonald are still receiving the $1,500 monthly payment from Albany County for Jaliek’s care, even though the boy has disappeared.

According to the latest article, the couple’s other children are no longer in the care of Kerr and McDonald, in part because the East Greenwich home that had no running water and limited electricity did not have a certificate of occupancy. The couple have instead been staying at the Hill Street home in Greewich, owned by Kerr’s father, in which Jaliek disappeared from.

Complete Source Article


Update 12/17/07 7:57PM

As Barbara Reeley, Jaliek’s paternal grandmother stated here on the comment section, “Light the night for Jaliek” will be held this Sunday, December 23rd at the VFW post on Abeel Evenue in Greenwich, beginning at 6:30PM.

Supporters and loved ones will sign a Christmas card for Jaliek and Christmas ornaments with pictures of Jaliek will also be given to those that attend.

“We just want to keep him alive in everybody’s memory so this doesn’t fade into a cold case,” Elaine Person said.

Click Here to Complete Read Article


Update 12/14/07 10:22AM

A fellow blogger directed me to a blog this morning in which radio personality Scott Allen Miller talks about the Jaliek Rainwalker case. Scotto as he’s called had Elaine and Tom Person on his morning show on December 11th.

He states that the Persons said that Stephen Kerr made Jaliek write letters to all of those he had previously “harmed” and they believe one of these letters is the letter that Kerr gave to the police, maintaining that it was a runaway letter.


Update 12/13/07 10:41PM

Thanks to Brian for giving me the heads up on this. Barbara Reeley, Jaliek Rainwalker’s grandmother and Jocelyn McDonald’s mother sat down with Channel 9 for an interview.

“I feel like in the future I can mend relationships with my daughter and my grandchildren but I could not live with myself if I did not try and find out the truth about where Jaliek has disappeared to,” said Jaliek Rainwalker’s maternal grandmother Barbara Reeley.

Reeley said, “I believe that Stephen is the only one who knows what happened to Jaliek on November 1st and I do believe he harmed him.”

Barbara goes on to say that Stephen Kerr has anger issues and has even taken anger management classes. She describes one incident in which Stephen became angry with Jaliek and grabbed him by the neck and dragged him out the door and dunked Jaliek in the creek.

She also recalls that Jocelyn McDonald made Stephen leave in May because of Kerr’s anger towards the kids.

I think its safe to say we are getting a much bigger and complete picture of Stephen Kerr now.

Read Complete Article and Watch Video Here


Update 12/10/07 9:35PM

Elaine Person and Tom Person, Jaliek’s respite family speak out

“I believe that Stephen knows where Jaliek is. I believe he harmed Jaliek. I don’t think he meant to. I don’t think he planned to. I think he got very angry,” said Elaine Person.

Jaliek had been staying with the Persons for about a week before Stephen Kerr picked him up on November 1st, the night Jaliek went missing.

Elaine also stated that Jaliek told her that when Stephen got mad, he didn’t know what he was doing.

You can view the complete article here, as well as the video.


Update 12/9/07 9:00PM

I dont have much time right now to comment much on the latest, but here is an interview with Jodi and Larry Schoen, Jaliek’s former foster parents.

NEWS10 EXCLUSIVE: Jaliek’s Fmr. Foster Parents Speak

Note: This article was taken off the News 10 site for some reason. Below is the article as it was:

“On Wednesday, NEWS10 sat down with missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker’s adoptive parents and received their account of what happened the night the boy disappeared. Three days later, The News Statopm heard from former foster parents of Jaliek, who say that first interview has led them to believe the boy was met with foul play.

“He was as bright as could be. As soon as he could read, he read a book a day. I mean, he was amazing,” says Jodi Schoen, Jaliek’s former foster parent.

However, they say this amazing boy had a dark side.

Jodi and Larry Schoen were the foster parents of Jaliek from the time he was three until he was seven. The pictures they still treasure show a happy boy, but one thing they do not reveal, how the child – born addicted to crack and who lived in five homes before theirs – would fly into violent, hour-long rages.

“He said I hate you,” Jodi Schoen said of the rages, “And the look and the feel was if he was older he could have killed me,”

It was after they say Jaliek attacked their youngest daughter that the Schoens, who had promised to adopt him, decided he had to leave.

Jodi Schoen said, “This man sitting next to me (Larry Schoen) would never hurt a fly and he knew that when Jaliek was seven he knew he had to go or he could end up in jail,”

That is when Jaliek was sent to live with Stephen Kerr and his wife Jocelyn McDonald, and their four other children in Greenwich. Almost immediately though, the Schoens say they felt it may have been a bad placement.

Seeing NEWS10’s exclusive interview with Kerr and McDonald has made them very upset, especially because a few outbursts Kerr had made during it. They also say they have found inconsistencies with what they saw on an early visit to their home – they say Jaliek was locked in his room; Jocelyn McDonald said Social Services investigated the claims and found no locks on their bedroom doors.

In all, the Schoens say they do not regret sending Jaliek back to the state, but feel he did not run away as Kerr and McDonald believe.

“In your heart and your gut, what do you think has happened?” Jodi Schoen asks, “I don’t believe that he is on this earth anymore and I pray that we can find his body; because he came in this world in such a terrible way, and he went out in a terrible way.”

Update 12/9/07 4:50PM

Transcript of the interview with Jocelyn McDonald and Stephen Kerr:

One-on-One with Jaliek Rainwalker’s Adoptive Parents Transcript

As a side note regarding the transcripts – The actual url to this was linked to a thread on the Court TV boards and I believe WordPress must have a limit on bandwidth because I am finding that sometimes the link will not work.

If you cannot view the transcript by clicking the link, you can click here and view it. Unfortunately, it will make you download it to your computer first (you must click save and remember where you saved it) as the site only supports downloads and not hosted viewing.


Update 12/7/07 6:44PM

Here is the latest video news report. You will need Windows Media to view it. Stephen Kerr was once again interviewed and seems to be making himself much more accessible to the media than previously. He does once again talk about Jaliek being a throw away child that the State of New York did not want, and instead he and his wife took on the responsibility for. He maintains that Jaliek ran away with a street gang. I personally feel that if this were the case a) he would have been spotted by someone and b) with a reward of $25,000, one of those “gang members” would be singing like a bird.

In the previous update I provided a link with a quite long and strange interview with Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald. In that interview both seemed to down play the rumors of the un adoption of Jaliek, stating that they were looking into many other options such as boarding schools and staying with other family members for extended periods of time. However, in this latest article, it states that McDonald’s mother, Barbara Reeley has said the couple were trying to undo Rainwalker’s adoption.

In addition, Elaine Person, Rainwalker’s respite care provider in Altamont, questions some of the statements McDonald and Kerr have made to the media. McDonald said she had dinner with Rainwalker on Oct. 27 but Person said that is not the case.

“He was with (my husband and me) Oct. 27. She wasn’t speaking to him. She wouldn’t let him in her house,” Person said.

Person said Rainwalker was happy and well-behaved at her house days before he disappeared.

Meanwhile, police continue to search a dam on the Battenkill River and state search dogs are still showing an interest in an area near the dam.

Click this link if the link for the video does not work and then click on watch video.


Update 12/07/07 12:46Am

For anyone following this case, a bizarre must see interview with Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald.

Go here and its titled “Exclusive: One-on-One with Jaliek Rainwalker’s Adoptive Parents.”


Update 12/4/07 10:53

I apologize that I have not updated the blog in awhile. I have had so much going on.

In the latest news about the disappearance of Jaleik Rainwalker, Stephen Kerr, Jaliek’s adoptive father and the last one to see Jaliek alive, handed out flyers, as well as spoke to the media this past weekend.

“My son ran away and we’re offering a 25,000 dollar reward for anything you see about him,” Kerr said to citizens as he handed out the flyers.

“I’m pretty certain he’s around here. He was hanging out with four teens – excuse me – three teens from the Albany area prior to running away,” Kerr claims, “He was hanging out with them for four or five days and then he ran away,”

Kerr does not think that is just a coincidence. However, some people who NEWS10’s Tracy Egan encountered expressed doubt that a 12-year-old would’ve been taken in by a gang in Albany.

“It’s highly unlikely and I believe he should go ahead and cooperate with the authorities,” one individual on the street said.

While he has been pushed to take a polygraph examination, Kerr told Tracy Egan that he does not trust lie-detector tests, but does not blame police for being suspicious.

“That’s their job,” he says, “Their job is to leave no stone unturned,”

Kerr said if anyone does find Jaliek, they should know he is a mentally-ill child that can sometimes behave “like a four-year-old”, and other times show the maturity of a “40 year old”.

Despite that, he says the child is loved.

Click here for News Article


Update 11/26/07 7:00PM

The search for Jaliek Rainwalker now enters its forth week. According to reports, for the first time since November 1st Jaliek’s parents Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald met with forest rangers to discuss places that Jaliek might go.

Authorities are considering bringing in a Nationally renowned search dog to aid in the search.

Meantime, State forest rangers used an air boat to search the Hudson River today. Rangers also searched new areas around McDougall Lake and Carter Pond in Greenwich, areas frequented by Jaliek and his family but found no sign of the missing boy.

Deer hunting brought in a tip of remains in the woods of Easton but were later confirmed to be the remains of a deer.


Update 11/20/07 8:54PM

Police today stated they are expanding the search for Jaliek Rainwalker to an area in Vermont where the family frequented for camping excursions. They maintain that this latest search effort is not based on any tips other than the fact the family frequented the area.

Click for Article

You can also see my blog Jaliek Rainwalker – State Police to Subpoena T.V. Interviews of Jaliek’s Parents.


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