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Missing Arkansas Business Man John Glasgow is a Mystery

Posted by KindraLore on February 24, 2008

John Glasgow

 Update 2/29/08 11:30AM

According to the latest article in Arkansas Business, the relationship between CDI and half-owner Dillard’s Inc was under tremendous stress in the days right before John Glasgow, CDI’s chief financial officer disappeared.

On Friday January 18th, just ten days before John disappeared, Melinda Glasgow said that she saw her husband in tears for only the 2nd time in 16 years after a difficult meeting with Dillard’s executives; the first was when his mother died. According to his wife he said it had been the worst day of his life.

A week later on January 25th and three days before his disappearance, John Glasgow completed a draft of a letter to Dillard’s CEO William Dillard II.

In a joint response Thursday to questions submitted by Arkansas Business and the first response since Glasgow’s disappearance, Dillard’s and CDI said: “Neither Dillard’s nor CDI believe any money was misappropriated by John Glasgow or any other member of CDI’s management.”

The case of the missing business man has continued to baffle everyone. With more than 700 missing people in Arkansas, Glasgow was probably the only one that acquired a $300,000 bonus just days before disappearing.

His older brother and Little Rock lawyer Roger Glasgow agreed: “Every scenario you can imagine has a great big hole in it that you just can’t bridge. It seems he had every reason to stay and no reason to run away.”

Click here for the complete Arkansas Business Article on John Glasgow.


UPDATE 2/28/08 3:35PM

No new information on this case or where missign John Glasgow may be. Here is an interesting article though on missing adults and how its so important to have media.

Also, see video below of John Glasgow posted on youtube by This is for the purpose of seeing him and how he looks and speaks. Sometimes its much better than a photo.


Original Blog

On January 28th John Glasgow, the chief financial officer for CDI Contractors of Little Rock, was last seen leaving his home on South Lookout Street around 5:30AM that morning. Glasgow was reported missing when he failed to show for work.

The next day John’s Volvo SUV was found at Mather Lodge in Petit Jean State Park, unlocked with his laptop and cell phone still inside. According to authorities, the car was wiped clean of any finger prints and it is there belief that he may have never been at the lodge. They also stated that they believe John Glasgow may have been the victim of foul play and may have been abducted.

John Glasgow SUV

John Glasgow’s Volvo SUV

The company that John worked for is a multi-million-dollar company that is currently going through an ownership transition after the death of its founder. Glasgow had mentioned to family and friends of a recent strained business relationship with the CDI construction company’s equal partner, Dillard’s Department Stores.

According to reports, Dillard officials had questioned some of Glasgow’s accounting practices and Glasgow mentioned one particular call from a Dillard executive as “threatening” in terms of business consequences.

Whether or not those facts have anything to do with John Glasgow’s disappearance remains to be seen. Surveillance cameras of the parking lot of CDI have been reviewed and John is never seen making it to work. No money has been reported missing from the company and Glasgow’s credit cards and bank account have not been used since his disappearance.

A tourist from Tennessee provided law enforcement with two time stamped photos at the lodge in which it shows John’s SUV in the parking lot on the day that John disappeared, refuting earlier reports that the vehicle was not in the parking lot until the following day.

John Glasgow SUV
Glasgow’s SUV is the second from the left

The reward for information of John Glasgow has now jumped from $5,000 to $70,000.

See News Report Video Below:

Update: Family Needs Help Searching for Missing Man

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