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Have You Seen Megan Wodarski?

Posted by KindraLore on November 24, 2007

 12/17/07 4:14PM

Beth Wodarski, Megan’s mother just left a comment saying that Megan is home! I am so happy for both her and Megan. I hope whatever issues Megan had or has that led her to leave will be resolved. The worry and suffering and sleepless nights that Beth has gone through should not ever be repeated. Congrats Beth and Megan!


Update 12/13/07 7:23PM

According to Megan’s Aunt that posted here, Megan may be in the company of 17 year old Cameron Quisenberry who is also missing and considered an Endangered Runaway. Here is a picture of Cameron:

Cameron Quisenberry - Missing

Here is the link to his information:

Missing – Cameron L. Quisenberry
Click here if you cannot view the previous pdf version


Update 12/13/07 11:15Am

As a poster by the name of Brian commented here, Megan’s myspace has once again changed the caption to say, “Ok mom I will be home for Christmas”. As you notice on the right, it says, “ok mom I will be home for Christmas Iloveyou Cameron”. I assume all of that was written on her heading but it would only show so much of it. So is Cameron the one writing it? Is Megan saying she loves Cameron? Why would Megan do this at all? If she is truely ok, this seems a weird way to communicate with her family.

Megan Wodarski Myspace 12/12

Megan Wodarski Myspace 2________________________________________________________________

Update 12/8/07 7:39PM

Well the only updates I am getting seem to be from Megan’s myspace account and the fact that someone that left a comment on this blog stating that Megan was ok and was staying with a boy named Cameron. Today on Megan’s myspace it seems her mom left her another “comment” on her heading:

Megan Wodarski Myspace

If anyone can shed some light on this case, let me know. Megan, if you are reading this, please at least call your mom. I cannot imagine the worry she is going through.


Update 12/4/07 2:30PM

I checked in on Megan’s myspace profile and I’m not sure what to make of this:

Megan Wodarski Myspace

The profile states someone was logged in Saturday (which I have already deduced that Megan’s mom had access previously as she left her a message on the profile heading (see original blog).

Now the heading states:
“MOM im okay cam didnt hurt me i will cum home soon”

If this is true and Megan is safe, why wouldn’t she just pick up the phone and call her mom? Why would she leave a message in the heading of her myspace account?


Megan Wodarski

Update 12/4/07 10:33AM

I have not found any new articles on this missing girl. However, she is listed now on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website found here, so I am assuming she is still missing.


15 year old Megan Wodarski of Toledo, Ohio rode the school bus last Friday, November 16th and has not been seen since. According to her mother she never showed up for classes. Its been over a week and now her family are worried for her safety.

“I honestly think something is wrong with her because she would not, not call me. I don’t understand that,” says Megan’s mother, Beth Wodarski.

On Megan’s myspace it states: megan call me & let me know u r ok. I love u! MOM!

On the tagline it says: “never give up on me cause i’ll never give up on you. your everything i need just look at what we’ve already been through.””

Megan Wodarski was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt hoodie and khaki pants. If you’ve seen or heard from her, you’re urged to call police or her mother at 419-297-0115.

Click for News Article with Video


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