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Devlin Possibly Linked to Disappearance of Steven Kraft

Posted by KindraLore on April 22, 2007

As I blogged earlier, LE is focusing on other missing and murdered children as possibly connected to Michael Devlin. One of them is Steven Kraft.Possible link between missing boy and charged abductor


BENTON TOWNSHIP (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – There is new information in the six-year-old case of a missing West Michigan boy.

Steven Kraft was only 12 years old when he disappeared back in February, 2001.

He was last seen walking his dogs in his Benton Township neighborhood in Berrien County.

For days after Steven vanished volunteers and police searched for him, but to this day he’s never been found.

The FBI says it’s investigating to see if Michael Devlin, an accused kidnapper whose arrest captured national headlines earlier this year, could be connected to the case of the missing West Michigan boy.

In St. Louis the FBI announced the case of the missing West Michigan boy is among several the agency is focusing on as they learn more about the world of Michael Devlin.

Devlin was charged earlier this year with kidnapping multiple boys. Police captured Devlin with the boys in Missouri.

In the past, the FBI says Devlin traveled the road where I-94 meets 196 in Berrien County to get to his parents cottage in Pentwater in Oceana County.

This is very near where Kraft disappeared.

“They’ve done a travel time line of Devlin and they’ve put him in West Michigan,” said Special Agent Al DiBrito of the FBI.

For Kraft’s family the new lead offers new hope.

“I actually think it’s a good thing, it can’t hurt keeping his face in the media keeping his name in the news,” said Kraft’s sister, Jodi Bopp.

“We haven’t found anything saying he’s dead, we haven’t found any remains. On the other hand we haven’t found anything saying he’s alive, so you just got to keep the hope and wish for the best,” said Bopp.

“All we do is hope for the best and hope someday he’ll walk through the front door or police will find him and release him and he can come home,” said Kraft’s father Steven.

New tips in this case can be phoned into the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.
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New Charges of Attempted Murder for Michael Devlin

Posted by KindraLore on April 18, 2007

Update 4/18/07 8:18PM

The Devlin Task force is asking for the publics help. Please see this blog . (new photos of a very young looking Michael Devlin are posted there as well)

Also, of all the info I have seen about this case, Operation Cyber Tip is right on the money. They have came up with other possible victims way before the news got it, such as the latest one, Steven Kraft.

If you are looking for info on this case, go to their message boards. Lots of info there you may not have seen.


Original Blog

In a press conference today, Washington County prosecutor John Rupp stated new charges were filed Monday against Michael Devlin of attempted murder, armed criminal action, three counts of forcible sodomy and one count of attempted forcible sodomy.

A copy of the charges state that Michael Devlin committed the sex crimes against “SH” on Oct. 6, 2002, the day of the kidnapping, and in the days after the kidnapping. The charges also said Devlin tried to suffocate the victim.

He also stated that they are looking for anyone to come forward that may have loaned Devlin a vehicle.

“We know for a fact that he drove a lot of vehicles that were not his,” Nothum said.Nothum said the task force has eliminated Devlin as a suspect in two cases, but is now looking at a case out of Michigan.

Investigators no longer believe Devlin could have played a role in the abduction of Angie Housman in 1993 and the disappearance of Bianca Piper in 2006.

Housman was abducted from near her St. Louis County home; her body was found nine days later by hunters in St. Charles County.

Bianca was last seen walking near her home in the eastern Missouri town of Foley. Nothum said investigators do not believe Devlin preyed on girls.

Now, the task force is looking at the case of Steven Kraft, 12, who disappeared in 2001 near Pentwater, Mich. Nothum said Devlin often vacationed with his family in that area.

The task force is still looking at two other eastern Missouri cases. Charles “Arlin” Henderson, then 11, disappeared in 1991 while riding his bike on a rural road in Moscow Mills in Lincoln County, about an hour’s drive from St. Louis.

And Scott Allen Kleeschulte was 9 when he disappeared while riding his bike near his home in St. Charles, during a thunderstorm in June 1988.

Nothum said Devlin was known to travel widely in Lincoln and St. Charles counties.

In addition, the task force is looking at the case of Dalton Mesarchik, 7, who was kidnapped in March 2003 from his front lawn in Streator, Ill., and found dead the next day on the banks of the Vermilion River; and Jacob Wetterling, 11, who was abducted by an armed man in St. Joseph, Minn., in October 1989 while riding his bike with several friends.

I have blogged previously that I thought both Scott Kleeschulte, Arlin Henderson and Dalton Mesarchik may have been previous victims.

I had someone on a message board state that they did not think this because Devlin had kept Shawn and not killed him; therefore only making him a pedophile and not a killer. However, I think these new charges of attempted murder prove otherwise. The question begs though, why didn’t he? Obviously that’s a good thing, but what stopped him from completely smothering Shawn Hornbeck to his death? The other question remains; were there more?

Visit Article Sited

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Update on Arlin Henderson

Posted by KindraLore on March 23, 2007

In following the story of Michael Devlin and whether he had been involved in other disappearances in the area of other missing children, I mentioned in previous blogs the fact that I thought that he may have had something to do with the disappearance of Arlin Henderson. (see my previous blogs michael-j-devlin-could-there-be-more and photos-may-be-arlin-henderson and did-michael-devlin-join-search-for-Bianca-Piper )

I found some really strange things with this case. The first one is that “Arlin’s bike was found found three months later in October on Ethlin rd and we searched that area several times not to mention the helicopters that flew over that area for several days after he went missing. ” this quote was taken from the Court TV boards on Arlin’s thread by a poster named “tka05” but the basic information regarding his bike reappearing has also been published in many articles.

The second strange fact is that the person that started that thread went by the handle “invreporter1105” who also gained national exposure when he came out with pictures of Shawn Hornbeck that no one else had seen. (See article ). I am sure all remember that Shawn Hornbeck himself posted on his own site twice as Shawn Devlin. This poster was asked straight out of he was Arlin but has not responded to that question.

The third thing strange about this case, is that a site in which Shawn made while in captivity held a picture that I have seen over and over and thought at first glance was Shawn. However, as Irobert pointed out on the Court TV thread, it certainly bares a striking resemblance to Arlin’s aged progressed photo.

Here is Shawn’s site where the pic is

The Pic itself

The first picture comes from Shawn’s site, the second photo is an aged progression photo of Arlin.

If you right click on the photo from the link From the Pic Itself link (see above the photos for links), you will see that the photo is named me2.1 and it could very well be Shawn. (This site looks to be a picture hosting site and and I am not sure who owns it – the link was posted on the Court TV board)

I have seen pics of Shawn at certain ages during his captivity where he looked similar. I tried to find the photo I am referring to, but there is so much out there on the Internet I couldn’t find it. It is the photos of Shawn and his little buddy at the Apartment complex. The one that he spent Christmas’ with. If anyone can find those pics, let me know.

Anyway, it is all strange indeed. There was a partial print on Arlin’s bike that was recovered. I am sure if would have led to Devlin, LE would have said so by now.

One other interesting fact, the poster “tka05” that posted on the Court TV thread does seem to have some sort of personal ties to the case as he stated:

To answer some of the questions here, Arlin’s bike was found three months later in October on Ethlin rd and we searched that area several times not to mention the helicopters that flew over that area for several days after he went missing.

We believe he is alive and we do not understand why he will not come back now. Maybe he has changed and become someone else. We dont know. I wish he would come forward. He would not have to change his life, but we would just like to see him and know what happened.

You can find transcripts on the record with Greta on FOX. Debbie did a lot of interviews with Greta.

There was a partial print on the bike that has never been matched to anyone yet. The bike was pretty clean.

we are waiting for the police ti investigate Devlin further about Arlin. It takes time and they are being quiet about their investigation.

Arlin would be 27 today. You have to think. Shawn did not run. Shawn stayed because he was so scared, lived and grew up in such an unimaginable environment. What if he were never found? What if today Shawn was Arlin’s age? Would he come home? Would he stay in hiding?

What if Arlin were alive right now (it is a possibility) and he saw everything that Shawn has been through, with media and never having a normal life then, and now having a not normal (better but different life) now.

Would he want to come out of hiding? Maybe he feels guilty even though he shouldn’t. Maybe, like Shawn helped in abducting Ben, Arlin helped in abducting Shawn and he is now scared, thinking that there is no turning back.

Is Arlin Henderson living out there. Hidden in plain site – just like Shawn had for so many years?

Arlin, if you are out there, please come home!

Link to the Court TV Thread discussed in this blog

Other interesting links to this case:

Friends of Arlin Henderson
Article/Timeline on Arlin Henderson
The Charley Project – Arlin Henderson
Brian’s Prediction – Arlin Henderson

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Dalton Mesarchik Slaying Connected to Michael Devlin?

Posted by KindraLore on February 1, 2007

In researching new information in the Michael Devlin case in which he abducted Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownsby, I found that tonight they are investigating the link between the murder of 7 year old Dalton Mesarchik in 2003 and Devlin.

However, tonight I also saw some disturbing photos of Shawn (purportedly of Shawn) looking like a gangster and brandishing a gun with a bandanna around his face. When I saw these photos, I thought so many things. First thing that came to mind was that damn, the media will have a field day with this one. Shawn has been massacred in so many ways, by being abducted and stripped from all he knew, terrorized and brainwashed for years, and now this.

What makes a CHILD that has been abducted turn into whatever? There isnt much research because most of them don’t survive it. Therefore, I more sorry for Shawn and his family more than ever that this is just another devastating hit on Shawn. I debated back and forth on even blogging about it, but I thought that at least I can hopefully tune people into the fact that no matter what, Shawn was a victim. Period. Whatever happened and whatever he did after being abducted was this child’s way of dealing with it.

What about Michael Devlin? What about he MONSTER that did this to him? I bet his lawyers are having a field day with this entire media event, one after the other convicting the victim over and over. I so hope that Shawn doesn’t actually have to testify against Devlin. It will be brutal to say the least.

Authorities are now looking into a case from 2003 in which little 7 year old Dalton Mesarchik disappeared from his front yard in Streator, Illinois while waiting on a church bus that never came. He was found beaten to death with A three-pound Benchtop Pro hammer.

I am not sure whether or not Devlin had anything at all to do with little Devin’s murder but authorities have now searched his previous residence that he lived at around two years before he abducted Shawn, and they searched his current apartment again. Maybe they found something that we don’t know. I believe Devlin had his toes amputated at the time due to his diabetes, so was this murder possible or not?

One thing that I believe is that this man did do something to some child way before the age of 37 when he abducted Shawn. People like this build up to this sort of crime.

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What Makes a Boy a Monster?

Posted by KindraLore on January 29, 2007

(Pictured – Michael Devlin on the left, Kevin Underwood on the right)

Who IS Michael J. Devlin? The one who was adopted, along with his siblings when he was just a tot? He came from a normal, all American home. What turns a little boy into a serial kidnapper and pedophile? (I think with the evidence that he had kiddy porn on his computer and the fact that he took two young boys – THAT WE KNOW OF – that I am comfortable to say that YES, he was a pedophile).

They say he was a loner in school. Made fun of at times. We know when we look back to our own pasts how hard those years can be – how escalated every little detail in life seems. How hard it is when you don’t fit in. However, we did not become monsters. So what makes one?

When I see cases like this I am perplexed with this question. The first thing I assume is that this person was abused himself as a child. By all accounts, this wasn’t the case. Michael Devlin had the “perfect parents” and was too young when he was adopted to know if his own biological parents were abusive.

It reminds me of another case of 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin. Kevin Ray Underwood, 26 years old, lured little Jamie into his apartment, hit her over the head and killed her. He tried to cut her throat or saw her head off, sexually assaulted little Jamie’s corpse and put her into a Tupperware container and put her into his closet.

Kevin showed no outward signs of this unfolding to anyone. He had no criminal history, just as Michael Devlin had no criminal past as well. Kevin was a loner and so was Devlin. Somehow, neither could seem to fit themselves into the world that was theirs. Awkward in appearance, awkward in a public situation. Kevin Underwood had an online blog to which he frequently talked about his feelings and obsessions with certain girls and even cannibalism.

Although Michael and Kevin are different in many ways, they are so much alike. What makes little boys into Monsters?

They’ve had two weeks to reconsider every detail. They’ve scavenged their memories for any clue, any inkling that Michael J. Devlin was something other than the lonely guy who managed a pizza shop in Kirkwood.

Bad family? Far from it.

Odd behavior? Hardly.

Devlin smoked, but he didn’t drink. He loved video games, such as the fantasy role-player Final Fantasy XI, but that is not unusual for adults these days. He had a temper, but those who have seen it say it came off more cantankerous than malicious. There was no criminal record beyond traffic tickets.

A family ‘as good as gold’

Born in November 1965, Devlin was still an infant when he was adopted by James and Joyce Devlin. His adoptive father was an insurance executive. His mother was a former airline stewardess who eventually taught at the private College School in Webster Groves.

Michael Devlin’s father and mother still live in Webster Groves, a comfortable place just a few miles from where the two missing boys were found.

The parents have two biological daughters. They also adopted four boys.

Three of the four Devlin boys worked for Prosperi at Imo’s. He has known the family for almost three decades.

“That family was as good as gold,” Prosperi said.

The Devlin parents were feted on their 50th wedding anniversary in 2004 in a Valentine’s Day column in the Webster-Kirkwood Times. The article recounted how the couple grew up just outside Philadelphia but didn’t meet until both were in Boston, where they married, before moving to St. Louis for James Devlin’s job.

Joyce Devlin was a Girl Scout leader who was devoted to her children.

“She is a saint,” said Mildred Kent, who raised her four children in Webster Groves and gave piano lessons to some of the Devlin siblings, but not Michael.

For many years, the family attended Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Webster Groves. Brian Devlin, one of the couple’s children, recalls going for Sunday services.

“They put these little suits on us, and you can imagine what suits looked like for kids back in the ’70s — little checkered things and that,” he said.

Brian Devlin, who in a Post-Dispatch profile last week talked about the personal struggles that eventually estranged him from the family, said his parents were good to him and his siblings. He still has fond memories of Christmas celebrations and family vacations on Lake Michigan.

Joyce, he said, is “a really good lady.” James makes “a mean barbecue.” And growing up in Webster Groves, the Devlins did “everything that a normal family would do to keep you right,” Brian Devlin said.

Surviving high school

Michael Devlin was a friendly child who was picked on for being overweight, several former classmates and neighbors said.

“He was teased, and it made him a loner,” said Susan Dames of Ballwin, who grew up a few houses from the Devlin family on Oakwood Avenue.

But Michael Devlin found a place for himself at Imo’s, first in Webster Groves and then in Kirkwood. He began working there in high school.

He graduated from Webster Groves High in 1984. His picture is not featured in the senior yearbook. Some classmates could barely remember him. Others recall a nonthreatening teen who sat on the sidelines of life.

“The guy was just a nice guy, like a big teddy bear,” said Karen Waller, who graduated in the same class.

After high school, Devlin went to work full-time at Imo’s. It was there that he met a bunch of guys who would go on hunting and fishing trips. Prosperi sometimes joined them. They sometimes traveled to Two Branch Island, a remote site requiring a ferry ride to reach, in the Missouri River in St. Charles County.

Devlin also traveled to Woodland Lake Estates, a development tucked in a hilly, wooded area in northwestern Washington County. He and a friend owned a small, vacant parcel in the development.

Washington County Sheriff Kevin Schroeder has said the land served “as a connection” to Shawn’s abduction 25 miles away in Richwoods, perhaps by familiarizing Devlin with the area.

Devlin obtained deer-hunting permits for the firearms seasons in 1996 though 1998, and held annual fishing licenses in 1996, 1997 and 2002, according to the Missouri Conservation Department.

Gus Nanos worked with Devlin in the 1990s and remembers an outgoing man with a quick wit. “Devo” invited co-workers to play video games and poker. Nanos, in a recent Post-Dispatch interview, even recalled Devlin in those years as “nice and thoughtful.”

But Devlin’s limited social circle began to fall apart as he got into his early 30s. His friends had less time to hang out. They had wives and families. Some got new jobs. Devlin stayed with Imo’s, rising to be a manager but still earning less than $21,000 a year. He was always on time. He never asked for a raise.

Prosperi recalls asking Devlin why he didn’t move on.

“He’d say, ‘Mike, I’m a lazy guy.’ And that was it,” Prosperi said.

Diabetes and foot pain

If there is one curious incident in Michael Devlin’s past, it centers on his toes.

In December 2002, Prosperi recalls Devlin complaining at work about his foot. He was limping. He talked about the pain to everybody. At a Devlin family Christmas party, Devlin apparently showed his foot to a family member who was a doctor, and he urged Devlin to go to the hospital immediately, Prosperi said.

Two of Devlin’s toes were gangrenous and had to be amputated, according to Prosperi. He was diagnosed as a diabetic. And he struggled with his weight.

Devlin missed three months of work, from January to March 2003, Prosperi said, a recollection supported by his check of payroll records.

Prosperi said he was told that Devlin was recuperating at his parents’ house, not at the South Holmes Avenue apartment in Kirkwood where he lived since July 2001. He recalls calling Devlin several times to see when he would return, and several times he spoke with Devlin’s mother and Devlin himself.

“Looking back,” Prosperi said, “the question on everybody’s mind is, who was watching Shawn?”

Shawn Hornbeck disappeared on Oct. 6, 2002. He would’ve been kidnapped just a few months before Devlin apparently moved in with his parents for an extended period.

One of Devlin’s brothers, Patrick, told the Post-Dispatch two weeks ago that relatives saw Michael at family gatherings but never knew of Shawn.

In recent years, Nanos recalled, Devlin became a different person: “He went from being such a teaser to a much quieter person. I felt like he had been humbled by all of his health problems. … Years of downing Mountain Dew and smoking menthol cigarettes probably caught up with him.”

Quiet but with a temper

At the South Holmes Avenue apartment complex, neighbors knew Devlin as a man with a temper who kept to himself and who seemed to have a son. A boy who identified himself as Shawn Devlin was seen walking in and out of the one-bedroom apartment, or riding his bike in the neighborhood.

“Nothing about Devlin jumped out at you,” said Krista Jones, who has lived in the complex for six months. “We’d see him walking the courtyard with Shawn and just thought it was father and son.”

Residents recall an incident last year when Devlin got upset because someone was parked in his favored parking spot. Devlin even called the Kirkwood police to settle the argument.

Beyond that, the neighbors seemed to know little about Devlin. They were even less familiar with the boy living in the apartment, knowing him primarily for the loud music he played during the day.

Looking for answers

Prosperi, along with other co-workers of Devlin’s at the pizza shop, have reconsidered even the smallest incidents to see if there was something they missed — such as how Devlin reacted to the frequent after-school flood of students from nearby Nipher Middle.

The students were between the ages of 11 and 14. They tended to make a mess. The floor got dirty. Napkin dispensers were emptied. That made Devlin upset, Prosperi recalled.

“It’s not like he was looking forward to little kids coming in,” Prosperi said.

Brian Devlin, who has not spoken to his brother since they were teenagers, still struggles to reconcile the image of his brother with the one painted by the allegations.

He wants to believe his brother acted out of loneliness, not something more sinister.

“I’ve been putting my mind all different ways around this,” he said. “I just can’t judge him yet.”

News Article

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Photos may be Arlin Henderson?

Posted by KindraLore on January 25, 2007


If you see my previous blogs michael-j-devlin-could-there-be-more and did-michael-devlin-join-search-for-Bianca-Piper, I stated that I thought both Arlin Henderson as well as Scott Kleeschulte could have also been victims of Michael Devlin.

Since then, many media articles have came out to say that Devlin could have been connected to Arlin. They have said very little about Scott. They must know something we don’t about Scott because the location and MO look the same. However, today’s news about Arlin Henderson may shed more light on his whereabouts and whether Devlin was involved in his disappearance:

Detectives investigating accused kidnapper Michael Devlin have shown photographs of a teenage boy to the family of Charles “Arlin” Henderson, asking if the pictures resemble the then-11-year-old who disappeared in 1991, Arlin’s relatives said Wednesday.

Arlin’s mother, Debra Henderson, and his uncle, James McWilliams, were both shown the pictures this week by Lincoln County Sheriff’s detectives. McWilliams said detectives told him the pictures came from someone who claims to know Devlin and who said the teenage boy pictured was an acquaintance of Devlin’s from years ago.

Detectives were investigating whether the source did in fact know Devlin, McWilliams told The Associated Press.

Both relatives said the photos are roughly 10 years old and show a boy around 17 years of age. Arlin would have been 17 in 1997.

Debra Henderson said the teen was wearing a ball cap in one picture. He appeared to be standing with someone else, who was torn from the photo, she said.

He looked like he could be her son, Henderson said. “Yeah he really did,” she said. “But I am not getting my hopes up.”

McWilliams said there was a “strong, strong” resemblance to Arlin, but he couldn’t say for sure if it was him. “There are some characteristics there that are the same. We’re keeping an open mind,” McWilliams said.

Arlin disappeared while riding his bike on a rural road in Moscow Mills, about an hour’s drive north of St. Louis. Devlin, 41, is charged with kidnapping Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby in similarly remote areas. Shawn, now 15, and Ben, 13, were found Jan. 12 at Devlin’s suburban St. Louis apartment.

If the photos are indeed Arlin, the question begs, where is he now? Perhaps Devlin isn’t a killer after all. Maybe Arlin is still alive and living somewhere under another name. Perhaps not. It is hopeful information though, and hope is all his family has.

Source for Article

Update 1/24/07 11:16PM

(I started putting the updates on the ends of blogs instead of the beginning. It seemed to flow better. Sorry if you are looking at previous blogs and were confused)

I went on to the Court TV Board to see if there were any news or more info on this bit of information, and the posters were discussing that Arlin’s mother was on Greta Van Susteren discussing the pictures. A poster on the board posted the following:

The woman who supplied the photos was just interviewed on KSDK… Ms. McElroy… she says the boy in the photos was called “Chucky” and that “Devo” (Devlin) said he was the son of a friend… she hasn’t seen “Chucky” since about 1995.

If this is true, that is quite a coincidence that the boy’s name was “Chucky”. Arlin’s first name is Charles.

UPDATE 1/25/07 7:18AM

According to this mornings article, the photos and the source of the photos may not be credible. Sniped from the article:

Authorities believe that two photographs provided by a woman who knows accused kidnapper Michael Devlin are not a credible lead in the investigation of Arlin Henderson’s disappearance in 1991, sources familiar with the investigation said Wednesday.


Last week, the Kirkwood police said the woman who provided the photos had fabricated a claim that she had reported to police years ago that Shawn was living with Devlin.

Full Article Quoted

UPDATE 1/25/07 4:48PM

Regarding the previous update. I am still not sure about the photos, nor about the article above in the last update that states the photos are not a credible lead. I have read a lot of articles since then, and have not found another article stating that, but instead stating that Arlin’s mother thinks the photos look very much like him.

According to articles I have read, in one photo he has a ball cap on and in another photo he is photographed with someone, although that other person has been torn from the photo.

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Shawn Hornbeck’s Story

Posted by KindraLore on January 19, 2007

In my earlier post I reported that Shawn Hornbeck and his mother and step-father Craig and Pam Akers went on the Oprah Winfrey Show. At the time it was being reported that he didn’t speak but now reports are coming out that he did and this is some of what he had to say:

“Every day I prayed to God that one day I would be back with my family. Every night I crossed myself. We’re a very Christian family,” Shawn, 15, said in a pre-taped interview that Winfrey included in her one-hour show. “There was a time when I was thinking about giving up, then I just thought of what (my parents were) doing and searching for me, and then I know they (weren’t) giving up so I figured I shouldn’t.”I felt their hope and love.”

Winfrey’s show was a combination of pre-taped interviews with Shawn and his parents, and then a talk with the parents and an aunt before a studio audience. Winfrey said she asked Shawn off-camera why he didn’t try to escape, and, “He said to me he did not because he was terrified to do so.”

His parents, Craig and Pam Akers, told Winfrey they hadn’t asked Shawn whether he had been sexually abused during the more than four years he had been missing.

“When this stuff comes out, we need professionals there that know how to deal with the specific circumstance, whenever we find out what that circumstance is,” Craig Akers said. “The last thing we want to do is put him through any more mental anguish. “Certainly we want to know and the world wants to know, but that’s not the important thing. That’s insignificant. The important thing is that Shawn is back home.”

Missing since Oct. 6, 2002, Shawn was reunited with his family on Jan. 12 after police rescued him from a Kirkwood, Mo., apartment along with another missing boy: William “Ben” Ownby, 13, who had disappeared Jan. 8 after getting off a school bus near his home in Beaufort. Officers who went to the apartment seeking Ben were astonished to find Shawn there as well.

Michael J. Devlin, 41, a pizza-store employee, was arrested that day and is charged with kidnapping both boys. He pleaded not guilty Thursday in Franklin County in the case of Ben, and he awaits arraignment in Washington County on charges accusing him of Shawn’s abduction.

Winfrey’s broadcast was the first to include an interview with Shawn. The one-hour show also included interviews with Ben’s parents, William and Doris Ownby, and Kirkwood police officers Gary Wagster and Chris Nelson. The officers became suspicious of Devlin while talking to him about his white pickup truck parked outside his apartment on the night of Jan. 11. Such a truck was seen near where Ben disappeared.

Ethan Corlija, a lawyer for Devlin, had no comment on the statements on Winfrey’s show.

The Akerses said they thought their son didn’t escape because he felt threatened.

“I honestly and truly in my heart feel that in some way or another, he had to have felt either he was going to be threatened or his sisters or myself or his dad,” said
Pam Akers. “I honestly believed if the alleged person would have said, `You can
leave at any time’ everything would be fine, and Shawn would have come home in a

Shawn said he spent his days sleeping, watching television, playing video games and playing with friends, and he said he had told people a story about his life that his kidnapper had concocted. He said he was the “Shawn Devlin” who posted a question on his parents’ website asking how long they planned to search for their son.

“I was hoping to give some kind of hint,” Shawn said.

Craig Akers said he remembered the posting, but he didn’t take special notice of it “because you get so many weird messages.”

Shawn said he was grateful to Ben Ownby.

“(I feel) thankful that he held in there for those couple of days, and I’m sorry for what he went through, because I told myself a long time ago I never want any other kid to go through what I went through,” Shawn said. “But I am thankful for him holding in there, and I’m happy that he’s back with his family.”

The Akers said they never gave up hope.

“We’ve always believed that there was absolutely hope that he was out there and that we would find him,” Craig Akers said.

Shawn said he wanted to return to his old life: “Go back to school, spend time with each other, work on stuff, fix cars – (Dad’s) transmission needs it. It’s very comforting knowing that I’m back with my family, but then I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff.”

Said Pam Akers, “It’s definitely not the little boy that I had at 11. There’s going to be a lot of adjustments. . . . We just won’t let him out of our sight, and he’s just not
understanding that yet. I can tell that there is a lot on his mind. I can tell that I think he will eventually talk to us, that he wants to, but there’s still some distance between us.”

Kim Evans, family spokeswoman and office manager for the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation, said neither the Akers family nor the foundation received money for appearing on Oprah.

She said other media outlets offered to pay for the first interview, but the family chose to go on Oprah because they hoped to reach a larger audience.

“We wanted to get the message of hope out to as many people as we could that there is hope for their sons and daughters,” Evans said. “They took Oprah for that reason, because she has the largest audience. To my knowledge, there was no money involved.”

From early morning to late night Thursday, the family gave interviews with local, national and international news organizations. The family required each to sign a contract promising not to publish or broadcast any report on the interview until 6 a.m. Friday. One provision of the two-page contract required news organizations that violated the embargo to pay $100,000 to the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation.

Hornbeck tells of life in captivity

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Brian’s Predictions – A Hoax or for Real?

Posted by KindraLore on January 19, 2007

If you see my site’s name, you will notice that it is dedicated to Colton Levi Clark. According to his adoptive parents, Becky and Rex Clark, Colton went missing on April 20, 2006 around 1:30PM, right before an appointment with a psychiatrist and then later that day a social worker.

I won’t rehash the case here in this post. If you are interested in Colton’s case, which I hope you are, please look in my archives. Lots of information there.

In my search for Colton I stumbled across a site called Brian’s Predictions. I’m not sure how the whole thing works, but supposedly Brian goes into some sort of meditation and comes up with these drawings that are equal to what psychics call premonitions.

He did one for Colton and it in no way went along with what I believe happened to Colton and what the evidence showed. Therefore I put very little credence in his claims.

Last night someone that was reading my archives for Colton posted a tip on the blog Timeline Into the Disappearance of Colton Clark about the Brian Prediction for Colton. It made me remember Shawn’s so I went to look.

Here are his predictions for Shawn Hornbeck:

I believe that Shawn is alive and safe, and I do not think he has been psychically harmed. The boy was taken by a 37 year old man and brought to his apartment in St. Louis.

This is the man that took Shawn, he’s a short white man, approximately 5 foot five inches, wears very round glasses. The man has worked at a McDonalds in the area…and for some reason this is very important to the case.

This is the outside of the apartment where Shawn was taken and has been there ever since. Also says “he still likes to read”

Now he obviously got Devlin’s description way off. Devlin is 6 ft. He described the man as short, around 5 ft. Also, he said Devlin would be working at McDonald’s but instead was working at a Pizza place instead.

Check out the apartment sketch too though:

Brian’s Predictions – Shawn Hornbeck

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If it wasn’t for Ben, I might not be here right now

Posted by KindraLore on January 19, 2007

Shawn Hornbeck and his parents, Craig and Pam Akers appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday. (see previous post for picture)Craig and Pam Akers said that although Shawn has not discussed many details regarding his time in captivity with Michael Devlin, they believed their son was sexually abused.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey on a show that aired Thursday, Shawn’s parents said they have not asked their son what happened on the advice of child advocacy experts.

“OK, I’m going to go there and ask you, what do you think happened? Do you think he was sexually abused?” Winfrey asked Shawn’s parents, Craig and Pam Akers.

Both nodded and said, “Yes.”

The parents of a kidnapped Missouri boy said Thursday they believe their son was molested during the four years he was missing, and his grandmother claimed his captor had awakened the boy every 45 minutes, apparently as a way to control him.

Shawn’s grandmother, Anna Quinn of St. Louis, told the AP Thursday that the boy has not spoken Devlin’s name, and that he has said little to relatives about what he went through. But Shawn did tell his family that at times during his captivity, he would be awakened every 45 minutes by his captor.

“Think to yourself when you don’t get enough sleep,” Quinn said. “He had to do something to get his cooperation.”

“If it wasn’t for Ben, I might not be here right now,” Shawn said. “I’m thankful that he held in there for those few days. I told myself a long time ago I never wanted any kid to go through what I went through.”

On another note, Devlin appeared via a closed-circuit video link during Devlin’s arraignment, Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007 in Union, Mo. Devlin pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping Ben Ownby, 13. Reason noted for the video appearance was for security reasons.

According to reports Devlin will have a hard time with his case since he had previously confessed. His lawyers are already vying for a change of venue, stating that because of all the publicity, Michael Devlin will not be able to get a fair trial. (umm maybe they should conduct the trial on the space station because I believe everyone has heard of this case unless you are living under a rock)

Link to Story

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O’Reilly Eating His Words – Prosecutor Says Shawn was abducted against his will. Period. End of story

Posted by KindraLore on January 18, 2007

(Shawn pictured in the middle sporting a new hairdo on the taping of the Oprah Winfrey show, along with his parents, Craig and Pam Akers)

Today’s latest story sheds more light on the Shawn Hornbeck case. Ironically, according to a Fox News Station in St. Louis, MO, Shawn was abducted at gun point and held against his will:

And while some may wonder why Shawn didn’t escape over the years, experts say no one should rush to judgment about a boy stolen from his loved ones at age 11.

“Most 11-year-olds taken from their support systems are in a state of shock,” said Dr. Sharon Cooper, a pediatrician on the faculty of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine. “Their worry is who is going to provide their basic needs.”

Shawn, she said, was “was totally displaced from his family and home. This offender had established a new life for that child and he accommodated that.” The boy, she added, grew to accept Kirkwood as “his community.”

Cooper, a consultant for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, also said it’s much easier to dupe a younger kid than a teen.

“When you take a pretty young child away from the city they live in, after a while the child becomes compliant and complacent in the environment they’re in,” she said.

At a news conference Wednesday, authorities charged Devlin with Shawn’s kidnapping and said the 41-year-old pizza parlor worker had used a gun to threaten the boy when he was abducted in 2002.

John Rupp, prosecutor in Washington County, dismissed any suggestion that Shawn had run away. “Shawn was abducted against his will,” he said. “Period. End of story.”

On the other Hand, News Hounds is reporting today that Bill O’Reilly came out to say “”Now last night, I said 15-year-old Shawn Hornbeck might have accepted his kidnapping by that creep Michael Devlin rather than trying to escape. I also said I don’t believe much in the “Stockholm Syndrome — that is the captive becoming attached to the kidnapper. — It happens, but it’s rare.”

Looks like Bill will slowly be eating his words, and in the meantime losing viewers by the droves.

In the meantime Shawn accompanied his parents to Chicago for the Wednesday taping of an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. He sat in the front row, gripping his sisters’ hands, but he didn’t answer questions.

In an interview recorded earlier, Shawn said he was frightened during those four years and prayed his family would find him.

Shawn made his first public appearance last Saturday at a news conference in his hometown of Richwoods, a rural community about 60 miles from St. Louis. Teachers, friends and well-wishers crowded into his old school — a sign outside read: “Thank God! Welcome Home Shawn” — and applauded him as he entered the gymnasium.

Shawn flashed a shy smile, whispered in his mother’s ear, laughed softly and clutched her hand under the table. When his tearful stepfather, Craig Akers, reported that Shawn and one of his sisters had spent much time the previous night reminiscing about their childhood, Shawn confided to his mother: “We remember everything.”

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