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Joran van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe charged with Manslaughter

Posted by KindraLore on November 22, 2007


Updated 12/7/07 7:15PM

In a move that most predicted, an Aruban judge on Friday ordered the release of a third suspect, Joran van der Sloot.

From a CNN article:

“He writes that recent investigation has not resulted in more direct evidence than before that Natalee Holloway has died as a result of a violent crime against her or that the suspect has been involved in such a crime,” it said.


Updated 12/4/07 10:42

Sorry I have not updated anything on this blog. I have had a lot going on.

The Kalpoe brothers have been released as predicted by many. Meanwhile, Holloway’s parents met with Mos for about an hour Saturday, and with interrogators for three hours. Neither spoke to reporters afterward. Joran Van Der Sloot is still being held. He is scheduled to go before a judge on Friday in which Prosecutors are going to ask to hold him for another 60 days.

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Update 11/26/07 7:30PM

Attorneys for Joran Van Der Sloot told reporters today that prosecutors were just rehashing old evidence and they predicted all 3 suspects would be released soon.

Attorneys Ronald Wix and David Kock told reporters that prosecutors gave them an 11 1/2-page summary of the evidence, and said it mostly contained segments of interrogations that had not been transcribed previously and recordings of conversations from cell phones and discussions inside the home of their client, Satish Kalpoe.

In the meantime, a judge ruled that there was enough evidence to hold Van Der Sloot another eight days. Another such ruling had previously taken place to allow the Kalpoe brothers to be held for another eight days as well.

The Public Prosecutor’s office released a statement after the ruling saying the judge’s decision backed its position that “sufficient new evidence has been put forward.”

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Update 11/24/07 8:17PM

Joran Van Der Sloot is now back in Arbua after being flown in from the Netherlands yesterday. He is expected to be before a judge in closed hearings on Monday. They want to hold him at least eight more days, as well as the Kalpoe brothers.

Aruba’s chief prosecutor now states that there is enough evidence to prove that Natalee Holloway is dead.

“There is no doubt in my mind that she’s dead…I think I have enough evidence to prove the girl is not alive anymore, even without a body,” said prosecutor Hans Mos. “You don’t need a body under our law to prove someone is dead. And any date that passes now is just more evidence that she is not alive anymore.”

Dutch investigators taking a fresh look at the case found some new evidence that led to the re-arrests.

The investigators used advanced techniques to re-examine existing information, including cell phone records and text messages exchanged the night Holloway disappeared. Reports state they found some discrepancies.

After the re-arrests, Holloway’s father, Dave, committed to launching a new search for his daughter’s body in the waters off Aruba, using divers and sonar equipment to map the ocean floor beyond the depths previously searched.

The three boys maintain their innocence and some state this may be a last ditch effort for the Aruban government to close the case before the statue of limitations runs out.


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Joran van der Sloot was arrested in Holland and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe were arrested in Aruba. They were charged with manslaughter and causing an accident that resulted in death in the case of missing Natalee Holloway, according to a statement from the Aruban prosecutor’s office. The public prosecutor’s office claims to have new incriminating evidence.

Holloway, then 18, disappeared on a trip to the island with fellow graduates of Mountain Brook High School on May 30, 2005. She was last seen leaving a bar with the three men, who say they’re innocent.

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Update: 11/23/07

I would like to ad so there is no confusion that under Dutch law, a person may be named a suspect and arrested in order to be brought in for questioning. In other words, it could very well be that these three will be released again just as before. Thank you Byran for making sure I am completely clear, however as of now, yes they have been charged with manslaughter.


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