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Once Again, Another College Student Missing – Where is William Jacobson?

Posted by KindraLore on April 30, 2008

William Jacobson Missing

Update 4/30/08 8:06PM

Update from a poster. See post #10. It states:

Friends of Willie Says:
April 30, 2008 at 10:07 pm e

The Ithaca Police and New York State Police have determined that there was no foul play involved. Meaning that there is no connection to the alleged “Smiley Face Murders”. Please see this post in our blog.

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Update 4/30/08 12:24PM

The body of missing college student William Jacobson in a small pond on campus. Complete article here.

My thoughts and prayers are with William’s family and friends.


Orginal Blog

If any of you have followed my blogs, you know that I have continuously pointed out what a strange “coincidence” it is that so many of our young college aged men have turned up missing. Most of the time they have came from a bar or party, sometime after midnight and somehow end up alone.

On April 27th, 19-year-old William “Willie” Jacobson disappeared from Ithaca, NY after previously attending a party. According to reports, William was last seen walking away from the party around 4:00AM and was believed that he was returning to his dorm room on campus.

According to William’s friend CJ Knowles who was one of the last people to see him before he disappeared, “We have kind of a student effort going on right now. We’ve spent all of last night searching through the woods probably about 40 of us organized last night,” Knowles said.

Jacobson’s friends describe him as a “serial text messager.” When nobody received a message in a few days, they knew they had a problem.

His friends took matters into their own hands after filing a police report, setting up a Facebook alert, and posting fliers. Firefighters, police and volunteers trek through the woods looking for 19-year old Ithaca College freshmen William Jacobson.

Nearly one hundred people are involved in the search.

“Predominately the areas surrounding Ithaca college that a pedestrian could reach on foot. There’s a lot of wooded area in this immediate area. And a lot of hiking trails in the area” says Ithaca Police Chief Ed Vallely.

Police say Jacobsen has been known hike, especially in the South Hill area.

Jacobson was dressed like William Shakespeare as the party was a costume party. The picture shown was taken that night and he was dressed with black slacks, a white button down shirt, dark blue vest and dress shoes.

If you know or see anything you contact police at 607-272-3245, or public safety at 607-274-3333.

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*As a sidenote, I have received numerous emails in the past few days regarding the “Smiley Face Gang” and the fact that we may be on to something with these disappearances and drownings being connected. I am NOT saying this disappearance is, but I wanted to address it to let you all know that yes, I am aware of the articles. The latest one can be found here.


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