Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

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  1. Miss said

    Why haven’t you put Joshua Szostak on your website….same story as Kyle and Justin. Check it out. Joshua is from Albany NY and just went missing several days ago after leaving a bar.

  2. Just an FYI, to email me, please click on “Click here to email KindraLore.” “Leave a Reply” will do just that. It will leave a reply like a comment just as I have done now.


  3. stacy said

    whoever is the author of this site needs to delete ALL of mark taylors entries. he has been banned from any contact with the kyle fleischmann and jsutin gaines groups. every time someone clicks on his links he is paid through website click pay sites, and although he likes to claim that money is/was being sent to these families to assist them in their search, the fact of the matter and just one reason why he was banned is because neither of these families have seen one cent of the supposed fund raising efforts of mark taylor. you’d be doing the public a great service to delete his entries.

  4. I deleted the entries. Thanks for the heads up Stacy.


  5. Mcculloh said

    Hi Kindra. Wow, is all I can say. I live in Atlanta, and have been following Justin Grimes case. We just had another serial killer caught here, the sicko Hilton, or whatever, and he was traveling between GA, FL, NC. This got me thinking about Justin. So I then found the site about Kyle, and hairs on my neck stood up.

    I searched online and then found two other very similar cases up in Halifax,Virginia.

    Same freakin thing. Two males went missing within 24 hours, on May 13, 2001. There names are Darryl Ferneybough & Brian George. Check it out. These two guys were probably gay, from what I read they were both last seen leaving gay bars at closing time. Both had credit cards that were never used. Just up and vanished. Puff.

    I was in the Army stationed in Lawton OK, from 1996-1999. There were three or four young gay men that were killed and found right near the post along I-40. One was actually found on Ft. Sill. I remember all that because my unit was training in the field when one guy was found. I remember talking to the OBI agent and the CID agent from post and they said they were pretty sure it was a serial killer, who most like was a salesman or a trucker who was using the highways to move from state to state.

    I think all the missing men were found dumped on or near the highway, not sure if they ever caught that person in Oklahoma/Texas. But that was 10+ years ago. This guy could easily still be moving around the East Coast. Plus they are all spread out all over the place and unless your looking for that type of thing, it could easily go undetected.

    I think they are the same. The bar in GA, Wild Bills, is a suburban, urban-cowboy type bar. They feature the new-pop country singers. This bar also has a “fight night” kind of like the UFC style fighting, except its like regional fighting or something. All the barstaff wears cowgirl type cloths. The patrons are mostly buff, sterioded up, fake blondes, fake tan, types. But definitely a middle age to younger crowd and country.

    The bar Buckhead Saloon up in NC were Kyle went missing is very similar to Wild Bills. But from the pictures on the website, it looks smaller. It still has the urban cowboy feel. Young, single, out of college professionals.

    Thats about it from me. Its late here in Ga, I gotta go to bed. I’m hooked now.

    Oh yea, some guy left a message on the Buckhead Saloon website that caught my eye. (Might as well look for the obivious!) He is a “Mobile DJ”? I read his profile and he said he spent the last 4 years in Southern Oregon, Northern Cali, and New Jersey, and now he lives in North Carolina. That’s a pretty broad area to cover don’t ya think? How and why do you go from freakin Northern Cali to Jersey to Carolina. Kinda werid I thought. I have his name, don’t want to post his name here.

    Good site!

  6. Tania said

    Along with the Mike Barbiere, Kyle Fleischmann, Justin Gaines cases, the Albany case, and the one in Vermont, I found a link for old cases that are all similar as well.
    VERY VERY strange.

  7. Hi Tania. I too have visited that site in my research on Brian Shaffer. Chilling isn’t it? By all means I am not saying ALL these cases are connected, but it’s beginning to look like more than coincidence to me for some of them. The biggest thing in my opinion, is besides all the Midwest cases, a lot of these are spread apart. If there is a serial killer in our midst, he is a traveler.

  8. trsierra said

    Thank you for posting information about Nick Garza, my nephew.

    Due to the fact that there are so few clues and no leads- there has been a great deal of speculation.
    The one thing that I would like to tell you is that Nick Garza was not leaving a party or a bar.
    The chief of police was reckless in using such language when he first spoke to the press.

    Nick received a text from a friend in a nearby dorm, he and another boy immediately left over to meet them.
    They met four students in that dorm room, there was no alcohol and Nick stayed for 15 minutes.
    That is not a party.

    He had no intention of being out long– as he nipped out without his only winter coat.

    I thank you again for doing everything you can to get Nick’s disappearance in the public eye.

    My kindest regards,
    T. Sierra

  9. T. Sierra:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I do hope your nephew is found soon. I cannot imagine how hard it is not knowing where he is.

    I need to go back and look at what I wrote, but I believe I said Nick left a “social gathering” as I saw some reports stating a party and then others a social gathering. I did state that he had no alcohol and left within 30 minutes.

    I have read that Texas EquuSearch is or has came out at some point this week. Has that happened yet? Is there any new information or clues as to where Nick is?

    Again, I am sending good vibes and keeping your family in my prayers.


  10. trsierra said


    Thank you again, especially for your effort at stating the accurate facts about this case.

    EquuSearch is indeed coming to Vermont, their arrival has been hampered by the weather.

    We would also like to say that we are posting a $20,000 reward for information leading to Nick’s whereabouts,
    and we have been kindly assisted by the donation of $5000 by the Carol Sund/Carrington Foundation.

    Thank you again,

    T. Sierra

  11. MARIE said

    My brother has been missing since Feb 5, 2008. Please review the website I gave you and let me know if you could post this story on your website. My family is desperatley trying to find answers and if we can get the story as far as possible the harder it will be for people to forget him. Please respond ASAP.

    Thank you,

  12. MARIE said

    The website is


  13. Marie:

    I’m not sure you meant to leave a comment here or email me instead. However, I will be happy to do a story on your brother. Please click the link above that says “click email Kindra Lore” if you would like to fill me in on any details you would like me to know.


    PS – I am praying for the safe return of your brother.

  14. Kim said

    Hi Kindra,

    Sad news, a body has been found and it’s believed to be that of Joshua Szostak. I know you have him linked to this site but I didn’t see where I could comment. This is somewhat breaking news.


  15. Kay said

    Thought about you today as year two passes for Colton Clark. No new news here but I hope and pray everyday that justice is served. I think Becky and Rex knows their time is coming to an end soon.

  16. Beth Wodarski said

    I am writing here because for some reason I am unable to email you on this site. I don’t know if you will re-call me but you helped when my daughter Megan was missing in November-December 2007. I was in a carryout this evening and noticed a flyer (homemade) like mine was hanging in the same spot and was drawn to it. A 13 year old girl is missing with a 16 year old boy. I called this girls mother and spoke to her for an hour, memories of what I went through came back as she spoke to me and cried. If there is anything you could do to help her find her daughter, I would appreciate it. Please let me know of a way I could get the info. to you. Wendy (mom) did get things going with Missing and Exploited Children today. Thank you and God Bless,

  17. I enjoyed your writing style and I’ve added you to my Reader. Keep these posts coming.

  18. Julie said

    Hello. I love your site. I check in all the time, because like yourself I am fascinated by missing persons cases and wish there was something I could do to help.
    The reason I’m writing today is because you haven’t updated your site in quite some time. I was wondering if you are going to be active with it again? I’d definitely be disappointed if you were done for good.

  19. Julie:

    First of all thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, you are right. I have neglected the site for the past few months for sure. I have had some personal issues go on in my life that had distracted me but I will get back into the grove soon. I am definately not done for good.

    Thanks Again!


  20. SUSAN MARIANO said



  21. cheryl b said

    amazing amount of info and dedication

  22. Anonymous said

    Have you had any updates on the Daniel Oneal Case?

  23. John said


    Wondering if you have heard of this case in Savannah GA? Bryce Tarter is another caucasion 19yr old missing male college student that went missing 31 January 2010 5am after a night of partying and drinking. He last left Atlantic Armstrong University heading home to his autn and Uncles in Guyton GA and no one has seen Bryce or his truck since. There has been no cell phone use and no bank card use. Bryce’s family is very close and it is unusual for him not to contact anyone. There have been multiple searches with, dogs, horses, ATVs, law enforcement with side scan sonar and on foot. Today 20 February there was another search and nothing found. Can you help get the word out and look into this case? I found this site on the web and reading all of these stories and how very similar they are makes the hair on your neck stand up.
    White males
    Drinking involved
    Excessive alcohol levels even though none appeared to be abusers
    All approximately the same size and build
    Excellent students and good family lives
    Party or at a bar
    After midnight
    Seemed to just vanish without a trace

    Thank you

  24. KindraLore said


    I have heard about Bryce and have been watching his case closely. I agree that their are a lot of eerie similarities with the cases.


  25. Daniel Oneal said

    Hello Kindra ,Hope you are doing well .Just wanted you to know no hard feelings . You did what you thought was right ,but so much you did not know . Colton is happy as ever and doing well . I would love to have a real conversation with you sometime though
    Sincerely Daniel

  26. I accept, I have not been on this webpage for a long time, however, it was another delight to see such an good factors and neglect it. Appreciate for assisting making people more aware of important issues.

  27. A Good Neighbor said

    (Daniel Oneal, you are a pathetic attention whore.)

    KindraLore, Just wanted to let you know the website is defunct and in fact, the domain name is ‘available’. I realize it was just a vehicle to shill for sympathy and donations, but it is still so disheartening to see. Do you know who (outside of the immediate household) is said to have last seen Colton, and when?

    • KindraLore said

      To my knowledge it was a month before they reported him missing. A neighbor saw him at one point and someone at a local store did as well. Were you a neighbor of theirs? Did you know Colton?

      I may be interested on that domain for someone else that is close to him/this case so thank you for that info.

  28. Towerrat said

    I hope they find Colton. Someone please update me. Thanks!

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