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Update on Arlin Henderson

Posted by KindraLore on March 23, 2007

In following the story of Michael Devlin and whether he had been involved in other disappearances in the area of other missing children, I mentioned in previous blogs the fact that I thought that he may have had something to do with the disappearance of Arlin Henderson. (see my previous blogs michael-j-devlin-could-there-be-more and photos-may-be-arlin-henderson and did-michael-devlin-join-search-for-Bianca-Piper )

I found some really strange things with this case. The first one is that “Arlin’s bike was found found three months later in October on Ethlin rd and we searched that area several times not to mention the helicopters that flew over that area for several days after he went missing. ” this quote was taken from the Court TV boards on Arlin’s thread by a poster named “tka05” but the basic information regarding his bike reappearing has also been published in many articles.

The second strange fact is that the person that started that thread went by the handle “invreporter1105” who also gained national exposure when he came out with pictures of Shawn Hornbeck that no one else had seen. (See article ). I am sure all remember that Shawn Hornbeck himself posted on his own site twice as Shawn Devlin. This poster was asked straight out of he was Arlin but has not responded to that question.

The third thing strange about this case, is that a site in which Shawn made while in captivity held a picture that I have seen over and over and thought at first glance was Shawn. However, as Irobert pointed out on the Court TV thread, it certainly bares a striking resemblance to Arlin’s aged progressed photo.

Here is Shawn’s site where the pic is

The Pic itself

The first picture comes from Shawn’s site, the second photo is an aged progression photo of Arlin.

If you right click on the photo from the link From the Pic Itself link (see above the photos for links), you will see that the photo is named me2.1 and it could very well be Shawn. (This site looks to be a picture hosting site and and I am not sure who owns it – the link was posted on the Court TV board)

I have seen pics of Shawn at certain ages during his captivity where he looked similar. I tried to find the photo I am referring to, but there is so much out there on the Internet I couldn’t find it. It is the photos of Shawn and his little buddy at the Apartment complex. The one that he spent Christmas’ with. If anyone can find those pics, let me know.

Anyway, it is all strange indeed. There was a partial print on Arlin’s bike that was recovered. I am sure if would have led to Devlin, LE would have said so by now.

One other interesting fact, the poster “tka05” that posted on the Court TV thread does seem to have some sort of personal ties to the case as he stated:

To answer some of the questions here, Arlin’s bike was found three months later in October on Ethlin rd and we searched that area several times not to mention the helicopters that flew over that area for several days after he went missing.

We believe he is alive and we do not understand why he will not come back now. Maybe he has changed and become someone else. We dont know. I wish he would come forward. He would not have to change his life, but we would just like to see him and know what happened.

You can find transcripts on the record with Greta on FOX. Debbie did a lot of interviews with Greta.

There was a partial print on the bike that has never been matched to anyone yet. The bike was pretty clean.

we are waiting for the police ti investigate Devlin further about Arlin. It takes time and they are being quiet about their investigation.

Arlin would be 27 today. You have to think. Shawn did not run. Shawn stayed because he was so scared, lived and grew up in such an unimaginable environment. What if he were never found? What if today Shawn was Arlin’s age? Would he come home? Would he stay in hiding?

What if Arlin were alive right now (it is a possibility) and he saw everything that Shawn has been through, with media and never having a normal life then, and now having a not normal (better but different life) now.

Would he want to come out of hiding? Maybe he feels guilty even though he shouldn’t. Maybe, like Shawn helped in abducting Ben, Arlin helped in abducting Shawn and he is now scared, thinking that there is no turning back.

Is Arlin Henderson living out there. Hidden in plain site – just like Shawn had for so many years?

Arlin, if you are out there, please come home!

Link to the Court TV Thread discussed in this blog

Other interesting links to this case:

Friends of Arlin Henderson
Article/Timeline on Arlin Henderson
The Charley Project – Arlin Henderson
Brian’s Prediction – Arlin Henderson


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Photos may be Arlin Henderson?

Posted by KindraLore on January 25, 2007


If you see my previous blogs michael-j-devlin-could-there-be-more and did-michael-devlin-join-search-for-Bianca-Piper, I stated that I thought both Arlin Henderson as well as Scott Kleeschulte could have also been victims of Michael Devlin.

Since then, many media articles have came out to say that Devlin could have been connected to Arlin. They have said very little about Scott. They must know something we don’t about Scott because the location and MO look the same. However, today’s news about Arlin Henderson may shed more light on his whereabouts and whether Devlin was involved in his disappearance:

Detectives investigating accused kidnapper Michael Devlin have shown photographs of a teenage boy to the family of Charles “Arlin” Henderson, asking if the pictures resemble the then-11-year-old who disappeared in 1991, Arlin’s relatives said Wednesday.

Arlin’s mother, Debra Henderson, and his uncle, James McWilliams, were both shown the pictures this week by Lincoln County Sheriff’s detectives. McWilliams said detectives told him the pictures came from someone who claims to know Devlin and who said the teenage boy pictured was an acquaintance of Devlin’s from years ago.

Detectives were investigating whether the source did in fact know Devlin, McWilliams told The Associated Press.

Both relatives said the photos are roughly 10 years old and show a boy around 17 years of age. Arlin would have been 17 in 1997.

Debra Henderson said the teen was wearing a ball cap in one picture. He appeared to be standing with someone else, who was torn from the photo, she said.

He looked like he could be her son, Henderson said. “Yeah he really did,” she said. “But I am not getting my hopes up.”

McWilliams said there was a “strong, strong” resemblance to Arlin, but he couldn’t say for sure if it was him. “There are some characteristics there that are the same. We’re keeping an open mind,” McWilliams said.

Arlin disappeared while riding his bike on a rural road in Moscow Mills, about an hour’s drive north of St. Louis. Devlin, 41, is charged with kidnapping Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby in similarly remote areas. Shawn, now 15, and Ben, 13, were found Jan. 12 at Devlin’s suburban St. Louis apartment.

If the photos are indeed Arlin, the question begs, where is he now? Perhaps Devlin isn’t a killer after all. Maybe Arlin is still alive and living somewhere under another name. Perhaps not. It is hopeful information though, and hope is all his family has.

Source for Article

Update 1/24/07 11:16PM

(I started putting the updates on the ends of blogs instead of the beginning. It seemed to flow better. Sorry if you are looking at previous blogs and were confused)

I went on to the Court TV Board to see if there were any news or more info on this bit of information, and the posters were discussing that Arlin’s mother was on Greta Van Susteren discussing the pictures. A poster on the board posted the following:

The woman who supplied the photos was just interviewed on KSDK… Ms. McElroy… she says the boy in the photos was called “Chucky” and that “Devo” (Devlin) said he was the son of a friend… she hasn’t seen “Chucky” since about 1995.

If this is true, that is quite a coincidence that the boy’s name was “Chucky”. Arlin’s first name is Charles.

UPDATE 1/25/07 7:18AM

According to this mornings article, the photos and the source of the photos may not be credible. Sniped from the article:

Authorities believe that two photographs provided by a woman who knows accused kidnapper Michael Devlin are not a credible lead in the investigation of Arlin Henderson’s disappearance in 1991, sources familiar with the investigation said Wednesday.


Last week, the Kirkwood police said the woman who provided the photos had fabricated a claim that she had reported to police years ago that Shawn was living with Devlin.

Full Article Quoted

UPDATE 1/25/07 4:48PM

Regarding the previous update. I am still not sure about the photos, nor about the article above in the last update that states the photos are not a credible lead. I have read a lot of articles since then, and have not found another article stating that, but instead stating that Arlin’s mother thinks the photos look very much like him.

According to articles I have read, in one photo he has a ball cap on and in another photo he is photographed with someone, although that other person has been torn from the photo.

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Michael J. Devlin – Could there be more?

Posted by KindraLore on January 14, 2007

Updated 1/18/07 11:24PM
(see original blog post below updates)

I watched CNN today with Anderson Cooper and he had Arlin Henderson’s parents on there. Man, just pull out my heart now. I feel so bad for them. I noticed one detail that I had not found in my research on the internet regarding Arlin’s disapearance though and it was this:

His mother stated that Arlin’s bike was found 3 months later in a bean field. They didn’t elaborate on that but I would like to know WHERE it was found.

On another note, please see my comments on this post regarding Scott Kleeschulte’s cousin.

She states: “I am a cousin of Scott Kleeschulte, it makes me wonder if
Devlin could of taken him. It’s been a very long time since we heard anything. I wish we could find him, I know it would bring a lot of joy for his parent’s Peggy and Dick and brother’s and sister’s and the rest of the family! Sandy Pulley”.

I wonder why the press or LE has not questioned whether Scott’s case may be connected to Michael Devlin.

Updated 1/17/07 10:32PM
(see original blog post below updates)

Today Michael Devlin was charged with second degree kidnapping in the abduction to Shawn Hornbeck. He has already been charge in the abduction of Ben Ownby.

Earlier Wednesday, authorities in Lincoln County, northwest of St. Louis, said Devlin is now the “most viable lead” in the investigation into the 1991 disappearance of Charles Arlin Henderson, of Moscow Mills, who has never been found.

The boy’s disappearance was identical to Shawn’s in many respects. Both boys vanished at the age of 11 while riding their bikes on a rural road. Both boys were slight, weighing about 100 pounds, and had close-cropped hair.

“If you were to take a photo of Arlin Henderson and you place it next to Shawn’s picture, there is a striking resemblance,” Lincoln County Lt. Rick Harrell said.

Ben is 13, but also weighs around 100 pounds.

Lincoln County investigators began re-examining the Henderson case after Devlin’s arrest. Detective Chris Bartlett said a witness saw a man snapping photos of Arlin before the boy vanished. Rupp and Schroeder said they have not spoken with Lincoln County authorities to compare notes.

Asked whether the man’s description fit that of Devlin, who stands about 6-foot-4 and weighs around 300 pounds, Bartlett declined to get specific.

“I will say that it matched the description enough that we have to pursue (Devlin) as the most viable lead,” he said.

“We’ve got other indications that cause us to be concerned with this,” he added.

While Devlin had a clean criminal record except for traffic offenses, it’s unlikely someone would commit such brazen kidnappings without any precedent, Toelke suggested.

“There are the possibilities that there may be other kids involved,” Toelke said.

Updated 1/17/07 3:38PM
(see original blog post below updates)

Interesting Aricle about Arlin Henderson as well as Bianca Piper and C.J. Toney.

These parents know pain of children still missing
By Jessica Bock and Tim O’Neil, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

ST. LOUIS – They saw the parents in anguish and know the pain. And they lived it with them, because their own pain never stops.

They are the parents of the St. Louis area’s small but heart-rending list of missing children, a list reduced by two through Friday’s electrifying news. The parents who wait are glad for the families of William “Ben” Ownby Jr., 13, and Shawn Hornbeck, 15, but they cannot help but think of their own children, whose faces are still on “missing” posters. Their pain continues.
Here are three of their stories.

‘I keep hoping’

Life is all about “befores” for Debra Henderson-Griffith.

Before her husband, Arthur, died of emphysema. Before her daughter was killed. And before her son, Arlin, went for a bike ride on July 25, 1991, in Lincoln County, Mo., and never came home.

Thoughts of her missing child always fill her mind, but have more so this past week as another family was living their own nightmare – a nightmare that ended the way Henderson-Griffith has been praying hers will.

“I’m happy, but I wish it was Arlin. But I wonder why they can’t find my son,” said Henderson-Griffith as she sobbed during a phone interview from her Moscow Mills home after news of the rescue broke Friday.

Henderson-Griffith cried for the boys and their families. She cried for her son. And she couldn’t help but wonder if the case would somehow lead to answers in his disappearance.

Arlin’s uncle, Jim McWilliams, said he called the FBI immediately upon hearing the news. McWilliams said Arlin’s disappearance may be linked to Michael J. Devlin, the suspect in the Ownby-Hornbeck cases. Like Shawn, Arlin was riding his bike near his rural home. And both boys were 11.

“I said, ‘I’m not even going to ask, I’m going to insist that Arlin’s name be brought up in this investigation,”‘ McWilliams said. “It’s a good possibility. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on this. Our hearts go out to these families. I’m glad for some good news for the return of both of these boys, and I’m trying to hold out hope for my family. We’re not going to give up hope. We cannot.”

Arlin would be 26 now.

His case has been tumultuous for his family. In 2001, Joshua Spangler confessed to killing Arlin at the behest of two other men. He pleaded guilty to murder and testified against them. Then he recanted and admitted he made up the story.

That was just after Arlin’s sister, Joy Leonard, was killed in 2000 by her estranged husband, Robert Leonard, who also took his own life. She was 29.

“I haven’t given up on Arlin yet. I’ll never give up, but it gets harder and harder,” Henderson-Griffith said. “You don’t know what to do anymore. You don’t know who to ask anymore.”

‘Why did this happen?’

LaToya Coleman, an assistant manager at an Aldi supermarket in St. Louis, was working when she overheard two customers happily discuss an astonishing news flash.

“The ladies were saying, ‘Did you hear they just found that little boy? No, they found two. Isn’t that a miracle?”‘ Coleman said. “”That’s wonderful,’ I said. ‘I’m happy for their families.”‘

“Then I had to go into the office and cry,” she said Sunday. “What about C.J.? Why can’t they find C.J.?”

C.J. is Cermen Toney Jr., her younger son, who was 4 years old when he disappeared on Nov. 6, 2005. C.J. and Anquiaetta M. Parker, 19, his cousin and baby sitter, were last seen in the State Park Place area near Collinsville. Parker’s car was found at a VFW hall parking lot in State Park Place.

Parker, who was pregnant, had been watching C.J. at Coleman’s mother’s apartment in East St. Louis.

Illinois State Police say they have been collecting evidence and consider one man a suspect but have been unable to seek charges.

Coleman, 26, lived in Centreville at the time but moved with her older son, Travis, 9, to live with a sister in St. Louis. Coleman couldn’t bear staying in the apartment they shared with C.J.

“There’s never a day when I don’t think about C.J. all the time. It’s a nightmare you don’t wake out of,” said Coleman, 26. “I ask myself, ‘How did I get here? Why did this happen?’ So many times, I don’t want to go on anymore. But I have two kids. I have to be there for them. I have to wait.”

On Saturday, she watched some of the news reports showing the relieved, joyous families of Ben and Shawn but had to leave the room after a short time. “I am happy for them. I really am,” Coleman said of the families. “It shows you can’t give up hope.”

Coleman spoke through tears during a brief interview at work Sunday but insisted that the interview continue. She wanted the newspaper to tell her story again, to run C.J.’s picture again.

“Somebody out there knows something. Maybe this will be the time they speak,” she said. “I just want to know that C.J.’s safe, that he’s alive. Hope is what I hang on to.”

‘It gives me hope’

Antacid. A binder to organize information. Lots of Kleenex.

Shannon Tanner needed these items in the first week of the search for her 13-year-old daughter, Bianca Piper, who disappeared in March 2005 near Foley in Lincoln County. And Tanner included them in a care package she delivered Wednesday night to Ben’s family while he was still missing.

Tanner reached out the Ownby family to help just as Shawn’s parents had to her when Bianca vanished. The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation hosts the Web site,

“They’ve been so helpful and so involved,” said Tanner. She remembers that when she first met Pam and Craig Akers, Shawn’s parents, their son had been missing for more than two years.

“It was hard for me to swallow the fact that it could be two years, that Bianca could be missing that long, too. Now, I’m at that same point,” Tanner said.

Bianca was 13 when Tanner let her out of her car about a mile from their home on McIntosh Hill Road the evening of March 10. A mental health professional had suggested trying the tactic to give Bianca a chance to calm down after a quarrel. The girl suffers from bipolar and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

On Friday night, Tanner left work early after someone called to tell her Ben and Shawn were OK.

“I went and I cried with my friends. It gives me hope,” Tanner said. “It’s just proof that she could still come home.”

Link to Current Article


In my previous post I listed 5 children’s names that have been missing from the area in which Michael Devlin resided in an apartment in Kirkwood, MO.

I have weeded out the girls, as it seems Devlin had a preference for boys, and also because after reviewing the circumstances in which they went missing, it didn’t seem to fit.

However, two remain in which I feel should raise questions on whether Michael Devlin had any hand in their disappearance.

CHARLES ARLIN LEON HENDERSON – Arlin was last seen riding his bike near his home in Moscow Mills, Mo. About 5:00 PM on July 25, 1991. Arlin was 11 years old. According to Rand McNally, Moscow Mills is a one-hour drive from Kirkwood – the same distance to Ben Ownby’s home.

Like Shawn Hornbeck, Arlin was riding a bike near his home. Michael Devlin would have been 25 at the time.

SCOTT ALLEN KLEESCHULTE – Scott Kleeschulte was last seen at approximately 4:30 p.m. on June 8, 1988 in his hometown of St. Charles, Missouri. He was 9 years old. He was walking down Ken Drive towards West Adams at the time. A heavy thunderstorm affected the St. Charles area on the day of Kleeschulte’s disappearance. A witness told authorities that Kleeschulte had been seen walking before the storm hit the neighborhood and afterwards. He has never been heard from again.

According to Rand McNally, St. Charles Mo is a mere 30 minutes from Kirkwood where Michael Devlin resided. Devlin would have been 22 at the time.

Both children disappearing around the same time of year, and the same time of day. Shawn Hornbeck was said to have last been seen around 4:15-4:30PM around Richwoods School although the last confirmed sighting was around 1:00PM. Shawn was taken October 2, 2002.

One wonders if he was brazen enough to take Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby in broad daylight, and these two boys disappeared as well around the same time, if he had not done this before.

Michael Devlin was 37 at the time he took Shawn. What had been going on in his world for the 37 years before that? We know that these types of predators don’t just wake up one day and out of the blue go steal a child. What lead up to that day in October of 2002 when he took Shawn Hornbeck? Had he done this before?

Could he possibly be involved in these other two disappearances? I am sure the parents of these two boys are asking just these types of questions tonight.

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