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Neighbor Speaks Out About the Disappearance of Colton Levi Clark

Posted by KindraLore on March 10, 2008

The March 8th edition of the Seminole Producer Newspaper had a letter written to the paper by the next door neighbor of James Rex and Rebecca Clark. Below is that article.

A few things came to mind as I read this article. First, that Colt was so upset about this neighbor contacting “his daddy”. The second is that although Mr. Lowery said he saw Colt on many occasions before, that incident was the last time he saw Colt which he states was at least a month before Colt went missing. He saw every other member of that family BUT Colt after that day, yet all the sudden no Colt.

I have heard this (not seeing Colton at least a month before his disappearance) before from others and I would like to know if ANYONE in Seminole saw Colt anytime close to his disappearance? When was the last visible sighting of this boy that was confirmed by a non-family member?

Lastly, I think it scary that Rex Clark has more than 30 guns. I would also like to know that since the Clarks were receiving government assistance due to disability, no employment, and for the boys; how he could afford such an arsenal? Especially since a large portion of it was coming from acting as “caregivers” to the boys.

Seminole Producer Article Neighbor

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New Article about Colton Clark in Seminole Producer

Posted by KindraLore on January 7, 2008

Colton Clark’s Disappearance Leads to a Bizarre Investigation

A Seminole local I have been speaking with about Colton for a long time now, emailed me and told me that the Seminole Producer came out with a new article on Colton Clark. I was so excited, thinking that there must have been a break in the case, especially when I read the headlines. Then I started reading and became even more excited, as it sounded as though Colt had been found alive and well with his biological mother Terry Clark! It was not to be though.

I am so glad that at least his story is still out there and that law enforcement is still pursuing his case. Hopefully one day, we will find Colton or at least find out what happened to him.

The Seminole Producer is a paid subscription site now, so i have of course paid for the article and here it is. Please click on the images if you want to enlarge and view the complete article.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

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December 07 Featured Case – Colton Levi Clark

Posted by KindraLore on December 7, 2007

This Month’s Featured Case

December 2007

Colton Levi Clark

Colton Levi Clark

The Disappearance

In the Spring of 2006 a DHS caseworker arrived at the residence of Rebecca and James Rex Clark in Wewoka, Oklahoma for a scheduled appointment with 9-year-old Colton Clark. It was around 4:00PM that afternoon.

Upon arriving, the caseworker was told that Colton Levi Clark was missing. The caseworker contacted the Seminole Country Sheriff’s Department and soon a search ensued for a nine-year-old boy.

Becky and Rex stated that they had plans to go to a neighboring town of Norman at 1:00PM that afternoon for a scheduled appointment for Colton with a psychiatrist.

Becky’s story to the Sheriff’s Department was that Rex went to take a nap before the appointment and she went to get ready. When she looked for Colton his window was open and he was gone. She stated that she was not concerned at first; she thought he might be waiting in the car.

After looking in the family vehicle she realized he was not there either. It’s unclear as to why the Clarks would have waited from around 11:00AM until the time the caseworker arrived at 4:00PM in order to report the boy missing.

Becky told the Seminole Sheriff’s department that Colton had been in trouble the previous couple of days for supposedly stealing beer from a neighbor’s home. She stated that Colton’s backpack and some food were missing.

A Troubled Life

Colton and Austin Clark were born to Monty and Terri Clark. Public records show that Monty had a history of domestic violence, supposedly against Terri. Terri was also known to have left for long periods at a time without the family knowing her whereabouts. Both were reported drug abusers.

When Monty Clark was again arrested and ordered into a drug rehab and Terri was already in jail, the boys were placed with Becky and Rex Clark. Rex and Monty are brothers therefore Rex being the boy’s uncle.

Eventually Rebecca and Rex Clark adopted the boys. They were renamed. Colton became Colt Levi River Clark and Austin became and Homer Justice Levi Clark. Becky claims the boys chose these names for symbolic reasons and a fresh start.

Becky Clark herself states on the Court TV boards that the boys had an ominous life with their biological parents. She claims one of the boys were born cocaine addicted while Terri Clark was in jail and there were accusations of child molestation, porn and abuse.

She posted on the Court TV board:

“My boy’s reported to the LE last year that the Bio family had sexually molested them since the ages of approx 3 yr’s old. The boys futher stated that the parents prostituted them to pay off drug deabts. They stated the parents were paid for their involvement in child pornography. No arrests were made because no evidence could be found. The police stated to much time had passed, and some persons had moved , and the boy,s knew knick names. The father was polygraphed and a few of his associates too. This was 3-2005. He passed and they did also. However; it was later proved that several of them did lie and past the test. This is not uncommon for criminals and sociopaths.

The Mother would not come in for the test.

The father is in a drug rehab., but receives passes. He is also the driver for the facility. The facility is about 30 minutes away. He jumped over our back fence, and the date was 1-27-2006. He was in the facility at that time. Many of the LE state that he must be a snitch for the LE in those counties because he has had 2 many arrest for 2 many serious domestic assault charges, DUI’s and violent crimes along with position and sells of drugs. The Children were born Cocain addicted also with various other substances. The Mothers water broke in the Pot. County Jail for various crimes and the baby was born early. This is just a fragment of the childrens life. God had his hand on them then, and we have to believe Colt will be returned safe. If, that is clearing the parents excuse me!!!!!”

When the boys came to live with the Clarks, they were originally attending school in Bowlegs. Eventually the children were taken out and home schooled.

The Search

The search continued that evening until 4:00AM. Eventually teams were brought in and searches were conducted on ATVs, horseback, by helicopter and people scoured the area looking for Colton. Abandoned houses, woods, the railroad tracks, water reservoirs; every place was searched with no sign.


Both cadaver and search dogs were brought in. Neither hit on anything, not even near or around the Clark residence where Colton resided. Colton seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Leads were followed. One lead was that a truck was seen on the Clark property that day. According to the Sheriff’s Department the truck that was reported to have been on the Clarks property never was actually on their property, but rather a few miles away. The owner of the truck was questioned after another party reported seeing a similar truck with a boy in it. It turned out t be a grandfather who was dropping his (much younger than Colton) grandson at daycare and that the boy did not even bare a resemblance to Colton.

Another report was that from an unidentified caller who reported that Colton was spotted in Delray Beach, Florida. This report turns out to be unsubstantiated and in fact the address given did not exist.

On May 24, Colt’s 10th birthday, Texas EquuSearch, a hi-tech search and recovery outfit, used a remote-controlled aircraft equipped with a thermal imaging system to peer into woods, ponds, streams, and rivers surrounding the Clarks’ home. They found nothing.

Tim Miller

Tim Miller (pictured), who founded Texas EquuSearch after the 1984 abduction and murder of his daughter Laura, added $10,000 to the reward for Colt’s return.

Neither Rebecca nor Rex Clark was present when Texas EquuSearch came to search for their son. Instead they say they were following a lead that they received when an anonymous caller contacted the Clarks at their residence and told them that Colton was spotted at a motel in Dallas, Texas.


Rebecca and Rex Clark were brought in for questioning and originally agreed to polygraph testing but then eventually refused. Rebecca stated that Rex and Homer Clark both suffered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and were on medications and their attorney advised against it.

Becky on many occasions maintained that Colton ran away and on others stated that the bio parents Monty and or Terri Clark had something to do with Colton’s disappearance.

Eventually the Clarks had very little contact with law enforcement regarding the case and would no longer do any media interviews. The case had come to a stop.

Déjà vu

On September 30, 2006 the Seminole County Sheriff’s department were once again at the Clark’s home. This time it was to investigate a reported burglary regarding a neighboring property. A gun and cell phone was stolen.

At that point Rex and Rebecca Clark again reported their son missing. This time it was Homer Clark. Rebecca stated that she had not seen Homer since September 26th at 5:30AM when she took Rex to the emergency room for heart related issues. Rex had remained at the hospital and they had just returned home that day.

It was reported that Becky had made at least daily treks from the hospital to the Clark residence, yet never reported the 13-year-old Homer Clark missing.

Colton and Homer Clark

Once again there was a search ensuing for a Clark child. Search dogs were brought out and Homer Clark was located around 8:30PM that evening at a local mobile home park.

He was taken into protective custody.

Where it Stands

Eventually Rebecca and Rex Clark gave up their parental rights to Homer Clark. His whereabouts are unknown to me.
The sign for Colton that hung on the fence of the Clark property has since been taken down. Another winter is approaching and Colton Levi Clark is still missing.

Colton Levi Clark

Have you seen Colton?


Law enforcement authorities consider him to be a missing and endangered person. Colton was last seen wearing silver glasses, a sky-blue shirt, blue and white tennis shoes and blue Wrangler jeans. He has a scar above his left eyebrow. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this missing child and/or this case is urged to immediately contact the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department (1-405-257-5445) or (1-405-382-9340).

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The Oklahoman Article – Why this boy hasn’t been found

Posted by KindraLore on September 4, 2007

By Julie Bisbee
Staff Writer

SEMINOLE — Investigators in Seminole County still are trying to determine the fate of Colton Levi Clark, a 9-year-old boy whose adoptive parents say they last saw him April 20, 2006. He had an appointment to meet with a counselor that same day, said Seminole County Sheriff Joe Craig.

“It makes you feel hopeless,” Craig said. “You’ve gone out there and searched all this area and you feel like you’ve failed. We’re talking about a 9-year-old boy. There hasn’t been a night that I haven’t gone to bed and seen this young man’s face. I just keep thinking, ‘Why haven’t we found this kid?’”

‘Someone knows something’
More than a year after Colton disappeared, leads are exhausted. A few days after the anniversary of Colton’s disappearance, a caller reported seeing a boy who looked like Colton in a local Wal-Mart, but that turned out to be another sandy-haired boy with glasses, Craig said.

The investigation remains open, but the people who might know the most about the hours leading up to Colton’s disappearance have stopped talking.

Colton’s adoptive parents, Rex and Rebecca Clark, initially helped investigators, saying they thought Colton ran away.

“They gave us consent to search the house; we didn’t find anything unusual,” Craig said. “But what was odd to me is that they talked about Colt in the past tense — right out of the box.”

A few days later when the Clarks were asked to take a lie detector test, they refused.

Repeated phone calls from The Oklahoman to the Clarks were unanswered and messages were not returned. The Clarks have offered a $10,000 reward for the safe return of Colton.

“My first thought is that they’re trying to hide something,” Craig said. “Someone knows something and they aren’t telling.”

Fragmented family
Colton and his older brother Homer haven’t had an easy life. Their biological parents battled drug and alcohol addictions throughout their lives, said Jerry Clark, the boys’ grandmother, who lives in Nicoma Park.
The boys lived with relatives, including their father’s sister, and attended school in the Choctaw area.

Then, they went to live with their father’s brother, Rex Clark, and his wife, Rebecca Clark. While they were there, Colton disappeared.

Today, Jerry Clark, is estranged from her son, Rex Clark, and his wife. They haven’t communicated since Colton’s disappearance.

But problems between them date back further, to when Rebecca Clark told authorities and the media the boys had been molested by other family members.

“They weren’t abused, they were just poor little neglected boys,” Jerry Clark said, rebutting those allegations. “There’s nothing wrong with those boys. I know they were not abused when they were up here. We all helped with them.”

At one point, Homer accused his family members, including his grandfather and older sister, of molesting him, but family members took lie detector tests and no charges were ever filed, said the boys’ older sister, Raven Womack, 25, of Newalla.

Family members said they lost contact with the boys after Colton and Homer, who changed his name from Austin, moved in with Rex and Rebecca Clark.

Family members who used to pick up the boys on weekends or take them to school every morning no longer were allowed contact with Colton and Homer, said Jerry Clark.

Shortly after moving in with Rex and Rebecca Clark, the boys were taken out of school in Seminole and homeschooled.

In October, Homer Clark, 13, was picked up by authorities, who accused the youth of having broken into a neighbor’s home and of taking a gun and a cell phone.

After that, Homer was taken into Department of Human Services custody. The Clarks since have relinquished their parental rights.

Craig said he’s interviewed Homer, who said he didn’t remember anything about the day Colton disappeared. Family members have been told that Homer is in a foster home somewhere in the state and is doing well, but wants nothing to do with his family.

Rex and Rebecca Clark had been registered nurses for several years before the boys came to live with them. Rex, a Vietnam veteran, voluntarily surrendered his nursing license in 2002. Rebecca’s nursing license was suspended the same year. The Oklahoma Board of Nursing investigated complaints that the couple was removing tattoos from juveniles at a Wewoka group home for boys.

Neither was licensed to do that sort of medical procedure and had not obtained signatures from the parents of the three boys investigators say had the procedure, which resulted in third-degree burns and scarring.

Rebecca Clark worked at the facility, Rex did not, according to documents from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. The Clarks didn’t show up for a hearing to discuss the complaints, saying Rex was too ill to attend the hearing and Rebecca had to care for him.

A doctor who was treating Rex Clark at the time said he suffered from a “major depressive disorder with psychoses and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).” The affidavit also said Rex’s mental state had worsened by treatment for Hepatitis C.

Family fears boy is dead
Jerry Clark believes Colton is dead, but she continues to pray that his body is found and the family can properly bury him.
“A little boy just don’t disappear in a small place like Seminole,” Clark said.

Craig said he’s not ready to close the case. A glossy flier featuring Colton’s face is still taped to the door near Craig’s office in Wewoka.

Craig said he expects to try to speak again with his older brother soon about the details of the last day he saw Colton.

“I’ve been waiting to interview him until he was in a good environment,” Craig said. “He’s a sharp young man. I think he knows something.”

Craig said he initially interviewed the boy when he lived with the Clarks and then met with him again when he was in DHS custody.

“He is a totally different boy,” Craig said.

For Jerry Clark, it’s unclear what justice is in the disappearance of one grandson and the loss of another one.

“I really do think Colton’s life is over,” she said. “The only thing that comforts me, if he is dead, is that he went to heaven because he was so young. He deserves a headstone so people can go by and visit him every once in a while.”

By Julie Bisbee
Staff Writer
[Article Sited]

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Here we go round in circles

Posted by KindraLore on August 17, 2007

UPDATE 8/20/07 9:42PM

After not finding the article anywhere, I contacted the reporter. This is the reply I received:

We haven’t run the story yet. There are still some things that I need to get done on it, and I need to try to speak to Rex and Becky. Plus we’ve had a t of rain and killer floods, so that’s been taking me away. I’m still pursuing the story, don’t worry. I can shoot you an e-mail when I think it’s going to run. Thanks again for all your help.


Original Blog

There will be a new article coming out this weekend in the Oklahoman newspaper about Colton Levi Clark and his disappearance. Colton’s case sparked interest with a reporter by the name of Juliee Bisbee. This case came to light for her because of another case that goes on trial Monday for the death of Logan Tucker.

Logan Tucker disappeared around June 23, 2002. Katherine Rutan Pollard was arrested some 44 months after the child went missing and remains jailed on a $250,000 bond. Authorities say Pollard told various stories to people about her son’s whereabouts, ranging from him being in DHS care, to being with his birth father. Others were told Logan Tucker was camping with her brother in Vermont or Pennsylvania, or was sent to the Brown School in Tulsa, none of which was verified.

You can read about Logan Tuckers case [HERE].

Julie has spent months on this story and I believe will bring a different and refreshing air to this case. She has spent time interviewing people like Raven, Colton’s half sister. Yes Colton has two half sisters. Raven and Stevie. They are related by Terri Clark, Colton and Austin’s (Homer) mom.

Yes, if you haven’t stayed tuned you are lost. Know that there are many people out there that are waiting for Colton’s return and for the truth. None of us will rest until we get it.

More to come once we see the article. I am excited and hope that it will bring new life to this case. More importantly I know it will bring more questions that someone will need to answer.

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Why Do I Do What I Do?

Posted by KindraLore on May 23, 2007

I have had someone close to this case ask me that.

Let me tell you now, I couldn’t in a million years tell you why I am still following this case so vigorously. Only those that have been around since the beginning like “Saucepan” know.

I don’t know Colton. I have never met him or any of his family. I live in Georgia. He lives in Oklahoma. Why do I care enough to keep on? At one point Becky Clark said it was because I had [visions of grandeur] . If you think that even for a second, then please google kindralore and you will see that I just have a soft spot for missing children.

After doing researching, talking to so many, I developed a soft spot for Colton. I saw things that didn’t ad up. I just started and kept going. That is all I can say.

Believe me, there are times when I would like to quit this. It puts an emotional strain on me. (I do not want sympathy or anything of the sort; I am expressing what my deal is and why I am doing it).

I have thought about changing the kindralore site and not having Colton’s name on it since I blog about other stuff now. (I have the Colton site, which has all entries on the right hand side in chronological order). But I cant. Some my come here to read something about some other subject and see that the site is about Colton. For Colton.

I have soul searched a million times about this. Should I quit doing this? Can I keep doing this? Why do I do this? The answer is I must keep doing this.

At one point I even took the blog down. However, my gut told me not to give up. I CANT give up. I want to, I cant. I have to keep this going until Colton Clark has been brought home, to the people that love him. Believe me, there are people that love him. This is what it is and nothing more. I hope you all understand and can help in any way possible. Bring Colton home.

The site for Colton that Rebecca and Rex Clark made for Colton, has recently been taken down. (You can see a cached version [ here] ) The banner outside their home is gone. Austin is gone. They want it to fade away. I wont let it.

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Seminole Producer: Colton Clark’s Fate Remains Unresolved

Posted by KindraLore on April 22, 2007

Click on Image to Enlarge

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Shawnee News-Star: A year later, Colt’s searchers stumped

Posted by KindraLore on April 21, 2007

By Kim Morava
Staff Writer

It’s been one year since little Colton Levi Clark, age 9, disappeared from the Seminole County home of his aunt and uncle. After months of searching and investigating all leads, the case has gone cold.

Colton, who liked to go by the nickname “Colt,” disappeared about 1:30 p.m. April 20, 2006. At the time, authorities believed he was a runaway because his backpack, some clothes and food were missing. The case didn’t meet the criteria for an Amber Alert; deputies couldn’t determine if he had been abducted.

Seminole County Undersheriff Charlie Miller, who’s been investigating the case, said they’ve had no new leads for months.

“We have nothing to go on. We’d like to find the little feller,” he said.

With no concrete information and cold leads, there’s been little to go on for further investigation, although Miller said psychics continue to call.

“Everything that comes in we follow and so far, nothing,” he said.

Back in October, Seminole County Sheriff Joe Craig told the media he feared the worst about Colt’s fate.

“I’ve got a gut feeling that something bad has happened to this boy,” Craig said. “We’ve run out all leads given to us and nothing has panned out.”

Back then, Craig said Colt’s disappearance is “quite a mystery,” but he also believed there’s a chance Colt left by choice.

“From experience, I don’t believe he was abducted,” Craig said, adding the child could have had help in running away.

Teams of dogs and were used in searches for Colt, but were unable to pick up the boy’s scent.

At the time of his disappearance, Colt was 4 feet, 4 inches, tall, weighed 65 pounds and had short brown hair, hazel eyes and wore silver-framed glasses. He was wearing a sky-blue shirt, Wrangler jeans and blue and white tennis shoes. He has a scar above his left eyebrow.

Miller said they’ve circulated countless fliers and Colt is listed with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as lost, injured, missing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, 405-257-5445.

Kim Morava may be reached at 214-3962 or

Article Sited

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Colton Levi Clark – Missing – One Year Anniversary

Posted by KindraLore on April 20, 2007

There is nothing that I can say in this post that I haven’t said over and over again, so I will just leave it at this:

EVERY DAY Colton is on my mind. EVERY DAY I hope is the day we will know what happened and we will find Colton.

One year ago today was the date that Colton Levi Clark was reported missing. My prayers are for all those that have worried about him, for those people that care for him. For Austin/Homer Clark and what he must be dealing with and going through. For the Law Enforcement Officers that have worked tirelessly on this case. For the hopes of finding little Colt Clark.







Today Please Remember 

Colton Levi Clark

Currently 10 Years Old

Missing April 20, 2006

From Wewoka, Oklahoma

(Seminole County)

“Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift”
Unknown Virginia Tech Student

written on a memorial for the 32

people that lost their lives on 4/16/07

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Remembering Colton Levi Clark (Colt)

Posted by KindraLore on April 11, 2007

The one year anniversary of the disappearance of Colton Levi Clark (Colt) is nearing. On April 20, 2006 Colton was reported missing by a DHS worker when she showed up for an appointment at the Clark’s home and Rebbecca Clark told the DHS worker that Colt was missing.Since that day, many things have happened but none of them have brought us any closer to finding out where little Colton Clark is.

When I first started following this story as I tend to do with missing people, especially missing children, I felt scared for this boy, sorry for his family. However, as time went on I realized that all was not as it seemed.

The Clarks refused a polygraph. Their cooperation with Law Enforcement was minimal. Stories changed. Details didn’t make sense. Nothing added up. Me and my trusty sidekick “Saucepan” dove into any information we could find on this case. We searched public records and went over and over any information we could find.

Because Colton was initially reported as a runaway, there was very little media on this case. Like the Ricky Holland Case, the adoptive parents (Which are also the Aunt and Uncle) reported that Colton’s backpack, some clothing and food were missing. When a child is reported as a runaway, that sense of urgency seems to lessen.

However strange it was, even though Becky was stating she thought Colton ran away, she was also telling other stories such as Colton and his brother Austin (which they renamed Homer) were victims in child porn. That his father Monty and mother Terri Clark where hiding Colton somewhere.

Things turned even stranger when Rebbecca Clark herself appeared on the Court TV thread dedicated to Colton. Her words and reaction coming from a mother missing a child were bizzare. She has also left several comments on this blog and even created one of her own just to tell me how self centered (with delusions of grandeur) I was.

When trying to get her to do a media interview (by this time I had connections of sorts with media, LE, family, friends, locals) she balked at the idea. In fact the Clarks shied from media and LE it seemed.

Finally in October of 2006 and even more bizarre even occurred. Colton’s brother Homer, went missing. James Rex Clark was taken to the hospital with reported heart problems by Becky on Tuesday morning, leaving Homer behind. Saturday Rex was released and an unconfirmed account was that he went looking for Homer (five days later) but could not find him. During this time Becky Clark traveled back and forth from the hospital to her home, never once reporting Homer missing.

Finally at around 3:30PM that Saturday the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department knocked on the Clarks door. Apparently the neighbors had a break-in and reported a gun and cell phone stolen. It was then that the Clarks had no choice but to report Homer missing.

(Maybe like they had no choice on April 20, 2006 but to report Colton missing when the DHS worker arrived?)

Homer was found that Saturday in a nearby mobile home park and was taken into protective custody. Since then, the Clarks have given up custody of Homer. He is reportedly doing much better. I am sure this time of year is very hard on him.

On May 24th Colton will turn 11 years old.

We are so close to the anniversary of the date that Colton Levi Clark was reported missing. Yet we are still no closer to answers as to where he is.

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