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Are Protesters Hurting the Caylee Anthony Case?

Posted by KindraLore on September 22, 2008

Caylee Anthony

Usually I stay away from high profile cases on the site because this site is about missing people and usually I tend to lean towards those that the media misses. There are so many out there and to this date I am sure that the Caylee Anthony Case is along the lines of the Madeline McCann case as far as its familiarity with the public . It has grown a life of its own and needs no press. In fact, according to the Orlando Sentinel, little Caylee’s case has outdone the infamous and unsolved JonBenet Ramsey case as far as postings on well known sleuthing sites like Websleuths.

Now I am sure that anyone reading this article knows the facts of the case and that little Caylee’s mom Casey Anthony reported her daughter missing around a month after last being seen by anyone. Casey has told a web of lies and LE states that according to their initial forensic reports, a dead body was in fact in the car Casey was driving at the time of little Caylee’s disappearance, along with a large amount of chloroform.

Anyone with common sense can deduce that lots of lies+chloroform+body in trunk = little Caylee is no longer with us. I am one of those people with this sort of common sense. I am also of the opinion that yes, whether accident or intentional, Casey Anthony killed little Caylee.

Now to my point. When the protesters first started showing up at the Anthony home, I must admit that I was one that said “yes, she needs to know that people do not believe her! Tell the truth!” Since then it has turned into a maddening sight, with people making make shift tombstones in front of the home, fighting with the neighbors that live there, throwing rocks at the home. Continuously taunting not only the Anthonys but neighbors alike. The media stands outside the house 24/7 and in my belief, attracting all nutcases within a 50 mile radius to come out and take part.

Twice an Orange Circuit Court Judge Reginald Whitehead denied a request by the Chickasaw Oaks Phase Three Homeowners Association to keep both protesters and the media confined to an area near the back entrance of the subdivision. In making his ruling, Whitehead said the association did not follow Florida law, which requires them to give notice to the protesters.

Obviously I am not alone in my feelings here because I am sure there are many people that believe that Casey Anthony is absolutely a liar and guilty for the disappearance of her daughter. But we live in America. We do not stone people nor burn them at the stake. The Guardian Angels stepped in Saturday to keep peace. Its time for Orange County to step in and STOP this circus. Let justice take its course! If Casey is guilty, let her face a jury of her peers. The neighbors living in this neighborhood do NOT deserve this.

Do me a favor. Go to youtube and type in Caylee Anthony protesters. You will be disturbed. Imagine living in this neighborhood.

Imagine being the child of one of these people claiming to do this in Caylee’s interest. Look at this video. This mom and Cindy get into an altercation. The dad pushes her right into the back car door and squashes the child between. This child should not even be a part of such a calamity. Then see how they react. One lady thats obviously with mom and dad pulls the child on the ground and lets him go. She never checks on him or even looks at him. Then the father picks the child up and basically throws him in the vehicle. These parents CARE about kids?

Come on Orange County. Put a stop to this circus. Media, go home! Crazy people, go home! Let justice take its course.


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