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Alabama Girl Missing in Knoxville – Where is Jennifer Lee Hampton?

Posted by KindraLore on September 23, 2008

On Tuesday, September 16th, Jennifer Hampton along with other co-workers of the Mama Blue’s restaurant arrived in Knoxville, TN from Florence, Alabama. The 21-year-old employee was there to help train employees for the opening of Mama Blue’s in Knoxville and was staying at the local Days Inn. Friday, September 16th was the last anyone heard or saw Jennifer.

On Friday an employee of the Days Inn saw Hampton around 9:30PM. Jim Lewis, who operates Mama Blue’s and was one of the training team for the new location received a text from Jennifer at 10:39PM.

On Saturday morning, when Jennifer did not show up in the Days Inn parking lot to meet up with her co-workers as they had done the previous mornings since they arrived in Knoxville, her co-workers ask the front desk to check her room. No one was in the room, but according to reports it looked as if it had been slept in. That is personally a vague statement to me because I wonder what was meant by that. I have traveled on business before and I know that after long days work, if you staying in a hotel or motel room, you may pull back the covers of the bedding and lie down and watch some TV and chill.

At any rate, Jennifer disappeared some time between 10:39PM on Friday night and Saturday morning when her co-workers convened in the parking lot of days in. Authorities state that Jennifer’s cell phone and purse were located in the room. Authorities suspect foul play but decline to say why they have arrived at this belief. According to those that knew Jennifer, this is very unlike her and they also state she would not have left her purse and phone in the room had she had plans to go anywhere.

Searchers are currently doing grid searches and concentrating on an area on Lovell Road up to a Shopping Center where there is a wetland area. Knoxville Police are currently working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and have not ruled out kidnapping.

Mama Blue’s has posted a $5,000 reward for information leading to Jennifer Hampton’s whereabouts.

Jennifer Lee Hampton is 5ft 3in tall and weighs 110ibs. She has brown hair and brown eyes. If you notice the photos on her myspace, she looks younger than 21-years-old in my opinion. (Just a note, it does show her log on date as today but you can rest assured that its either authorities or the family searching for any clues).

Anyone with information is asked to call local authorities or Knoxville police at (865) 215-7014.

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