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Topeka Kansas Father of Three Missing from Motel – Where is Jason McNaughton?

Posted by KindraLore on September 26, 2008

Jason McNaughton Missing

Jason McNaughton Missing

31-year-old Jason Michael McNaughton and his wife were spending the night at the Motel 6 at 709 SW Fairlawn in Topeka, KS last Saturday night, September 20th. Its unclear why the couple were staying at the motel but according to his wife Jason stepped out of the room and never came back. The last time he was seen was around 11:40PM. According to reports there did not appear to be an argument or reason for Jason to leave and not return.

Jason was reported missing the next day by his mother and wife. According to friends and family, its unusual for the father of three to have just disappeared without a word. Police say they do not suspect foul play, however I have learned in covering missing person cases all these years is that is a standard response when they have no evidence to point one way or the other.

I did not find much media coverage on the case, which is also not unusual for adult male cases. I did find a Facebook page set up for him and the search for finding him. Not too much info there as well, just some touching photos of Jason with various family members.

Jason McNaughton with Grandparents at Graduation

Jason McNaughton with Grandparents at Graduation

Jason Michael McNaughton, 31, is described as a white man, 5’10”, weighing 170 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Police ask anyone with information about McNaughton’s whereabouts to contact detectives at (785) 368-9400.

News Articles and Sources:

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Missing – Jody Paul Bourgeois – St. Amant, Louisiana

Posted by KindraLore on March 29, 2008

Update 3/31/08 9:49AM

The search for Jody Paul Bourgeois ended Friday evening when his father discovered his son’s car, with the body of his son inside, submerged in New River Canal. See complete news article here.


Jody Paul Bourgeois

Jody Paul Bourgeois

19-year old Jody Paul Bourgeois has been missing for a week now. According to friends and family, the last time Jody was seen was last Saturday morning, March 22nd at around 1:30AM when he had a party with some of his friends in St. Amant, LA. According to reports, it is believed that Jody Bourgeois may have been headed to Baton Rouge.

His 1995 white four-door Nissan Maxima is also missing. His family has repeatedly called his cell phone but states that now the phone’s voicemail box is full.

Jody’s mom said that it was unlike her son to disappear like this and that he had never done it before.

Jody’s family has distributed over 3,000 flyers all over the surrounding areas. Myspace bulletins have been posted about Jody Bourgeois and his disappearance. “If at least one person somewhere sees it….” Marchand, Jody’s mom stated. “It’s devastating. Now I know how other people feel when this happens. No matter how old they are, they are still your child.”

Jody Bourgeois

Jody Paul Bourgeois (or Jo Jo to his friends) is described as 5 ft 11 in tall, weighing about 180lbs. He was last seen wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and a brown ball cap. He has hazel eyes and short blondish/brown hair. Jody has a dragon tattoo that begins at his wrist and runs up his lower left arm. The word “Caiden” is tattooed on his upper left arm, which according to Jody’s mom is the name of his 14-month-old son.

His vehicle is described as a white four-door Nissan Maxima, license plate number OIX 835.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office at 621-8301.

News Articles:
APSO seeking info on missing St. Amant man

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A Mystery in Tampa – Where is Charles London Beck?

Posted by KindraLore on March 21, 2008

UPDATE 3/21/08 6:53PM

Charles London Beck’s body has been discovered in a shallow grave and his girlfriend Nicole Sylvester as well as Byron Moorehead have been arrested in connection with his death. Beck’s Mercedes was spotted in an apartment complex parking lot. Police watched the car and eventually Sylvester and Moorehead rode up in a rental car and got into Beck’s Mercedes. They were initially arrested for auto theft but after Beck’s body was found, have since been charged with homicide. Click here for complete article.
Original Blog

Charles London Beck
Charles London Beck

25-year-old Charles London Beck by all accounts is a very successful young man. Graduating from the University of South Florida with a four year Engineering degree, he finished in a little over half the time. According to reports, Charles was the oldest child and spoke to his mother sometimes several times a day.

The last time Charles Beck was heard from was on March 12th at around 11:00PM when he called his mother after returning from a business trip. His 2002 silver Mercedes C230K hatchback is also missing.

Hillsborough Sheriffs Department has since searched his apartment at 14505 Audobon Trace and according to reports found evidence leading them to believe he may be the victim of foul play. They are now searching for his girlfriend, 20 year old Nicole Sylvester.

Today they spoke with a friend of Nicole’s, Michelle Martin, a dancer at Fantasy Dolls. According to reports as well as records I have looked up myself on the HCSO website, Michelle was arrested today and is currently being held on violation of probation for previous unrelated charges of criminal mischief of $1000 or more.

I looked up Nicole Sylvester’s record on the HCSO website. News reports state that Nicole has a criminal record for domestic violence. The records I found of a 20 year old Nicole Sylvester with a previous criminal record of domestic violence as well. According to this article, the picture matches that of the same girl with the arrest record. Police also state Sylvester does not have a permanent home address but would stay with Charles sometimes.

Nicole Sylvester

The record of a Nicole Sylvester on the HCSO website

Charles’ mother Genevieve is beside herself with worry. “I can tell you, I’m lost, really lost… driving around, just don’t know where to go.” Charles Beck’s co-workers are equally concerned. They say that Charles is a very kind hearted and thoughtful person. They said he loves his job at Marlin Engineering and they’ve had to force him to take vacation.

Charles Beck’s Silver Mercedes hatchback has Flordia tag number W102LC.

Charles Beck's Mercedes

Charles Beck’s 2002 Silver Mercedes C230K Hatchback

If you have any information about the case call the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office at 813-247-8200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-8477.

Links and Articles:

Police Think Missing Engineer Is Victim Of Foul Play

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A Vanishing in the French Quarter – The Search for John Delatte

Posted by KindraLore on February 29, 2008

 Update 3/20/08 4:14PM

(Thanks to a poster here named Anniemaj for the heads up). A sad and tragic ending to this case. They have pulled John Delatte’s vehicle from a ravine and confirmed that a body inside it is the 28 year old missing man. Read full story here. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


Original Blog

Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras. Parades and beads. A time for fun and celebration. This Fat Tuesday was also a time of heartbreak and worry for one family when someone they loved disappeared into the night.

February 5, 2008, also known as Fat Tuesday, 28-year-old John Delatte was celebrating in New Orleans with his family and friends in the French Quarter.

John Delatte Mardi Gras
John and Melissa Delatte and their children on Fat Tuesday

After attending parades and festivities that day, John Delatte left the hotel he, his pregnant wife and three children were staying at to join up with some old friends at a bar called Razzoo around 7:00PM. John is a Marrero, Louisiana native and moved to Dallas, Texas after Hurricane Katrina.

John Delatte Missing
John Delatte

A friend of John’s who was bartending at Razzoo’s remembers seeing him that night at the bar and reported seeing him leave the bar that night between 10:00 –11:00PM. That would be the last time anyone saw John Delatte.

His cell phone was last used at 11:02PM that evening. His ATM card was subsequently used four times nearby at DejaVu, Rio, Double Play, and 432 Bourbon for $50 to $100 transactions, the last being about 5:00AM on Ash Wednesday. John’s 2004 Red Ford Expedition with Texas license plates NVWM87 is also missing.

John Delatte and Family
John and Melissa Delatte and their three children

Melissa Delatte, John’s wife extended her stay as long as possible in New Orleans to search for her husband. She is adamant that her husband would not leave her and their children. “If it was his choice, he would be here with us. The only way he would not be here is if someone took that choice away,” she said.

According to his family, it was not in Delatte’s character to just walk out on his three children and wife that is six months pregnant. They fear the worst.

As I have seen time and time again in missing adult cases, police do not suspect foul play. Melissa Delatte states that since police have not found John’s vehicle, it is her opinion that they just think he left on his own accord.

The family has circulated fliers all around the New Orleans area and have set up a website in hopes of finding John Delatte or what happened to him. One of the interviews I watched with Melissa and her son was heartbreaking. The son states nothing could have happened to his Daddy because he was the strongest man on earth.

John Delatte is also the soul provider for his large and growing family and unfortunately now finances are now also a concern. Melissa says she knows John would not leave them that way.

There have been no clues to John Delatte’s disappearance. His family is desperately searching for answers. Have you seen John Delatte?

John was last seen wearing the exact clothes in the first photo. A gray LSU shirt and khaki shorts. John Delatte is 6′, 200 lbs, brown eyes, black/shaved hair. He has a black panther tattoo on his right shoulder. His red 2004 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition with Texas plates is still missing as well.

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Missing Lexington, Ohio Mom Holly Metzger Still Missing

Posted by KindraLore on January 8, 2008

Update 3/19/08 10:31PM

Thanks to the anonymous poster that informed me that Holly Metzger’s body has been found. Reports state she drowned. Foul play has NOT been ruled out. Click here for more details. So sad. My thoughts and prayers to Holly’s family, especially her children.

Holly Metzger

Update 1/19/08 2:26PM

Randy Shaffer, Brian Shaffer’s father put up an $8,000 reward for missing mom, Holly Metzger. Central Ohio Crime Stoppers put up an additional $2,000, making the reward $10,000. Brian Shaffer is the Ohio State University Student who disappeared from the Ugly Tuna Saloon in April 2006.

News Article


Original Blog

Christmas has come and gone and two children are still missing their mom. 34-year-old Holly Metzger (Also known as Holly Carruthers) went missing on December 17th from the Walmart Supercenter on O’Possum Run Road in Lexington, Ohio. She was last seen at 9:30PM and her car was discovered abandoned the next morning near Ohio 3 and Ohio 97 near Loudonville.

Holly is a single mother with two children, a 12-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter that means the world to her. She works at Infocision Management Corporation and graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a BA in accounting.

Authorities say that Holly takes medication and could be disoriented. Her friends and family are understandably distraught but try to remain hopeful. “You would have to be in our position to know what it’s like,” said Dawn Risner, Holly’s aunt. “I sleep, but I can’t stay asleep. It’s like a horror movie.”

“Holly’s a very good mom,” Risner said. “This is killing her kids, going through Christmas without her,” she said in a December 25th interview with the Mansfield News Journal.

Police say they are not ruling out the possibility of foul play.

Holly Metzger is described as a white female, 5ft. 2in tall, 138lbs. She has brown hair and green eyes and wears glasses.

Anyone with information on Metzger’s whereabouts is asked to call the Lexington Police Department at 419-884-1032 or the nearest law enforcement agency.

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Hunting the Hunter – The Search for Greg Williams

Posted by KindraLore on January 8, 2008

Greg Williams

Update 4/29/08 4:47PM

According to a poster here (see comments) the body of Greg Williams was found this morning. I have searched the news and have not found anything as of yet. My prayers are with the family.


Original Blog


According to friends and family, it was not unusual for 47-year-old Greg Williams to go hunting or leave his home on Stafford Road in Waterville, NY to go walking in the near by state forest. However, this time Greg did not return.

Greg Williams was last seen on New Years eve around 9:00PM. The next day family members found a note left by Greg that he was going coyote hunting. On January 2nd the state police conducted an aerial search of the area and State Forest Rangers and Environmental Conservation Officers conducted a search with snowmobiles. A command post was established at the Waterville Fire Department and at some point crews did find footprints in the snow.

However, yesterday’s weather hampered the search with unusual temperatures that melted the snow and deteriorated any previous footprints made by the Waterville man. Authorities are hopeful because Greg is known to carry a survival kit with matches, food and other survival items.

Yesterday at least 145 volunteers converged on the area focusing on the Tassel Hill state land area where Greg Williams was known to hunt. Police suspended the ground search today however, but state they will continue to investigation and will reconvene the ground search with forest rangers upon new leads.

Anyone with information regarding Williams is asked to contact police at (315) 366-6000.

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This Month’s Featured Case – Brian Shaffer

Posted by KindraLore on January 4, 2008

January 2008

Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer

The Disappearance

Brian Shaffer was a second year med student at Ohio State University in the spring of 2006. His mother had battled a devastating and fatal illness with cancer and his girlfriend, Alexis Waggoner had been visiting her family.

Spring Break was about to be in full swing and Brian and his ex roommate Clint Florence headed out that Friday to have some drinks at the local bars.

Brian & Clint
Brian Shaffer and his friend Clint Florence

The two men arrived at the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 9:15PM and had a few shots. He and Alexis spoke on his cell phone around 10:30PM. Brian and Clint then left the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 11:00PM and walked to Short North Tavern and then to another bar around 11:40PM. By 1:15AM they were back at the Ugly Tuna where their evening had begun.

Brian Video 1
Brian returning to the Ugly Tuna

Brian can be seen in the grainy surveillance video returning to the Ugly Tuna around 1:15AM. He can also he seen on the foyer near the escalators speaking with some girls that Clint knew. He then walks out of the bottom right side of the camera and Brian Shaffer disappears into thin air.

Brian Video 2
Brian – last images of him

By 2:00M its closing time. Clint calls Brian on his cell phone and it goes straight to voicemail. He goes to the men’s room and looks for him but Brian is not there either. Eventually Clint assumes Brian has left and he leaves as well.

Saturday, April 1st Alexis continuously tried to call Brian with no luck. The couple had plans to leave town for a Spring Break vacation in Florida that following Monday. By Sunday she was scared and knew something was not right.

A Mystery

One baffling aspect of this case that still perplexes law enforcement today is the fact that Brian could not be seen on surveillance leaving the bar after he had re-entered. Both bar exits are covered by cameras, as is the escalator in which you see Brian enter and leave and enter again.

Outside the bar, out of camera view, are stairs and an elevator that lead to the first floor. Once on the first floor, the only way out, without being seen on tape, would be through a service exit that leads to a construction site, with doors to the street.

Exit Ugly Tuna
Only exit not covered by cameras

Brian’s credit cards, bank account and cell phone have not been used. There have been no significant leads to indicate what happened that Friday night.

Connections or Coincidence?

Since 1997 at least eight college men were found dead in local rivers after a night out at local taverns or bars in the mid-west. Many started to wonder if there was a serial killer in our midst, preying on vulnerable inebriated men.

The series of deaths began in July 1997, when the body of 19-year-old Richard Hlavaty was found in the Mississippi. In 2004 the body of 21-year-old UW-La Crosse wrestler Jared Dion was also found in the Mississippi river. In September 2006 UW-La Crosse basketball player Luke Homan was again found in the Mississippi and a month later police classified the death of Chris Jenkins, a University of Minnesota student as a murder and not accidental.

According to a criminologist at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University, more than twenty college-aged men had drowned after disappearing from bars or parties since 1997 in an area from Minnesota to Ohio.

However, in September of 2007 after La Crosse police asked the FBI’s National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime to review their investigations, the FBI stated that they had found no evidence to support a theory of a serial killer and contributed the deaths to excessive drinking. Some are not convinced however and think they police are trying to avoid publicity.

One name that has continuously been linked with Brian Shaffer’s disappearance is that of Anthony “Tony” Luzio. On the evening of July 3, 2005 Tony had gone to a friend’s house to play cards. Afterwards he stopped at a local hangout and around 2:30AM Tony and a group of friends went to a party, one mile from Tony’s parents house in Powell, Ohio.

Tony was last seen leaving the party at 4:00AM, presumably to his apartment. That was the last time anyone ever saw Tony Luzio again. His 2004 Honda Civic is also missing and has never been recovered. He disappeared just 15 miles from where Brian Shaffer disappeared.

In November of 2005 29-year-old Mohamed Rihani also disappeared in the same close proximity after leaving his residence in the vicinity of Riverview Drive and Olentangy River Road in Columbus, Ohio. He too was driving a Honda Civic, black in color. Both he and his vehicle have vanished.

Where it Stands

Since Brian Shaffer’s disappearance, other college-aged men have also disappeared, although not close in vicinity to the disappearances of the previous mentioned men.

In November of 2007 18-year-old Justin Gaines disappeared from Wild Bill’s in Duluth, Georgia and just one week later Kyle Fleischmann disappeared from the Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte, North Carolina. December 23, 2007 21-year-old Joshua Szostak disappeared after leaving the Bayou Café on North Pearl Street in Albany, New York.

It does seem that young males have a false sense of security when being out and about, thinking that nothing can happen to them. All these young men that were mentioned were in good shape and seemed very capable of taking care of themselves. However, once alone and intoxicated, one can become vulnerable and a victim.

Today Brian’s father (as well as all the other families of these missing men) continues the quest to find answers and to find his son. After all, not knowing is the hardest.

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Vanished into thin air – Matthew Wilson

Posted by KindraLore on December 28, 2007

Matthew Wilson - Missing

Update 6/15/08 11:23AM

Matthew Wilson’s vehicle has been located in Berkeley, California on Saturday. It had apparently been abandoned for some time. In reading the article, it looks as though LE believe Matthew may have left of his own accord due to the fact of some odd purchases that were made shortly before his disappearance.

According to the article:

Matthew Wilson withdrew $500 from his checking account and bought charcoal and matches, a car cover and window shade before his disappearance, prompting police to believe he may have left on his own accord.

“Some of the purchases he made that were made before he left may have been purchases someone would have made if they were going to do some traveling,” Taylor said.

His mother Cathy Wilson said it would be out of character for her son to leave without communicating with his family.

She now believes, however, that he may have left on his own volition.

“If he’s safe and he’s away because he wants to be, that’s fine,” she said. “I just want to know that he’s safe.”

Read Complete Article here.


Update 1/7/08 12:16PM

Rice University in Houston is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Matthew Wilson. The family put up $10,000 as well, making the reward $20,000. The family is hoping the reward will lead to answers.

News Article


Update 1/4/08 8:55PM

There have been absolutely no new updates in this case. Matthew is still missing and this case remains a mystery. I would like to post a picture of his car, license plate and what Matthew may look like clean shaven and with shorter hair.

Matthew Wilson Car
2004 Silver Dodge Neon with Oklahoma License Plates
Matthew Wilson License Tag
Matthew Wilson


Original Blog

Just as in my previous blog about Joshua Szostak, once again another college student is missing. This time it’s Matthew Wilson. Matthew’s case is different than Joshua, Kyle or Justin’s though. All three of their disappearances involved leaving a bar late a night.

By all accounts Matthew did not drink, nor smoke. He drove a conservative vehicle and normally walked to and from the campus to his apartment. Matthew was an excellent student, making straight A’s and maintaining a high grade point average.

Matthew was a Computer Science major at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He had an off campus apartment he shared with a roommate, Elliot Harwell. Harwell first noticed Matthew missing on December 16th. He states that he last saw him the day before on the 15th around noon (I have read another article that states he last saw him on the 14th) working on his finals in his room. Police later learned that Matthew failed to drive a friend to the airport on the 15th as he had promised.

With finals, Elliott Harwell too was busy and reportedly left the apartment and did not return until the next day, December 16th. Two days later he filed a report with the Rice police.

Matthew just disappeared into thin air.

At first authorities thought that Matthew was probably hold up somewhere, studying for finals. Now however, almost two weeks later with finals come and gone, Christmas over, they know something is horribly wrong.

Although there have been no signs of foul play, Matthew did withdraw $100 and $400 from his bank account at 3:30 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. from an automated teller machine in a shopping center where students often do their laundry on December 14th. His family and authorities said that was an unusual transaction. His car is also missing.

His mother maintains that not only had she never known him to make such a large withdraw at once, she also says Matthew had paid December’s rent and Matthew still had another $1,000 left in his account, which has remained untouched.

Authorities have stated that there is nothing to suggest that Matthew was coerced or made to withdraw the money as he was back in his apartment that evening with his roommate.

Matthew’s cell phone was left in his apartment, however his backpack is gone.

Matthew Wilson is described as white, 5 ft. 7 inches tall, 135lbs, with green eyes, glasses and a curly red beard and hair. His car is a 2004 silver Dodge Neon with Oklahoma license plate 863 MCZ.

Houston Crime Stoppers has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to felony charges in the case.

Last News Article on Matthew Wilson

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Where is Janna Kelly?

Posted by KindraLore on December 9, 2007

Janna Kelly

 Update 3/14/08 4:46PM

Thanks to the poster “GLS” for the heads up on a sad and horrible conclusion to this case. The body of a woman found Thursday in Grand Haven Township has been confirmed as that of Janna Kelly. Furthermore, the death has been deemed a homicide, although authorities will not name cause of death. Prayers to Janna’s friends, family and co-workers and to all those that loved her.

Autopsy confirms body is Janna Kelly; homicide is cause of death
Janna Kelly’s family waits for autopsy on body


Update 2/23/08 11:26AM

The reward for Janna Kelly has increased from $10,000 to $25,000. Still no sign of the missing woman since she disappeared over 2 months ago. Complete details here.


Update 1/4/08 10:05AM

Janna Kelly’s niece has started a group on devoted to finding her aunt. You can find it here.

An article about it is here.


Original Blog

Sometime between the hours of 7:21PM on Tuesday December 4th and early the following day Janna Kelly went missing.

Janna made a purchase at Michael’s craft store at 7:21PM that Tuesday evening and the receipt was found in her Grand Rapids condominium. However, there was no answer at her home an hour later when her boyfriend Earl Lynn called to check on her. On Wednesday morning Janna did not show up for work at the Burr Insurance Agency in which she is a Vice President/Operations Manager.

Being totally out of character for the 60-year-old businesswoman, her coworkers became concerned. They made a call to her family and her family went to her house only to find her bed not slept in and her car gone.

By Wednesday afternoon her wallet had been found on the ground at a car wash between Burton and Kalamazoo and upon further inspection of the area, her purse was found in a trash bin. Cash was taken from her wallet but her credit cards were left.

By Thursday evening her car was also located in the Ottawa Hills neighborhood just off Plymouth Avenue near Louise Street. The Grand Rapids Police Department has stated that there seems to be no foul play indicated either in the vehicle or her condominium.

Police have set up a command center in the parking lot of Breton Village and bloodhounds have been brought in to search the area around Ms. Kelly’s home as well as the car wash where her wallet and purse were located, yet no significant signs have been found.

Janna is described as 5-foot-4-inches and weighing about 140 pounds.

There is currently a $10,000 reward offered for information in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 456-3604 or Silent Observer at 774-2345. Silent Observer also can be contacted confidentially at This Link.

Most Recent Article:

Scent Dogs Help In Search For Missing Woman

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New Clues Regarding the Disappearance of Amber Wilde?

Posted by KindraLore on December 4, 2007

Amber Wilde

Update 12/6/07 8:16PM

Weather has suspended the current search in this disappearance of Amber Wilde today with temperatures reaching 13 below zero. The hole is now the size of a large swimming pool and investigators say they will be back out as soon as possible, as cadaver dogs were hitting on a scent.

Click for News Article


Original Blog 

More than nine years after 19 year old Amber Wilde went missing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, police are searching a field in Shawano County that may contain evidence related to the missing girl.

Amber Wilde was 4 ½ months pregnant when she went missing September 24, 1998. The previous day Amber had a fender bender on her way to school. She asked her father to call her the next morning to make sure she was up for her 1:00PM class at the University of Wisconsin. He did but there was no answer.

Steve Wilde, Amber’s father then went to her apartment and found her apartment locked and her car gone. A week later police found her 1988 Subaru in the parking lot of a sports bar near Lambeau Field. The keys were in the ignition and her purse and cell phone were in the trunk. Investigators also found that her seat was rolled back too far for Amber to be able to reach the pedals.

The father of Amber’s unborn child and former boyfriend was being investigated. However, the disappearance of Amber Wilde went cold until April 2001 when police searched an eight acre farm field along Highway 29 in Shawano County for four days. The search turned up no clues and once again the case went cold.

There has been speculation that Wilde’s disappearance was connected to 32 year old missing naive of Thailand, Areerat Chuprevich.

Chuprevich was last seen by her husband at their residence at the Mariner Motel in the 220 block of Riverside Drive, when he said goodbye to her before going on a fishing trip up north. Later that day, Chuprevich sent an email to her sister in Detroit, Michigan. She has never been heard from again.

When her husband returned the next evening, his wife was missing. She had left her makeup behind, and her cellular phone, which her husband says she never went anywhere without. Chuprevich did not show up for classes at St. Norbert College on April 28, two days after she was last seen.

Search for Amber Wilde

There has been no indication as to why after nine years authorities are again searching a field for clues of Wilde. However, they have stated that Amber’s former boyfriend had a connection to one of the work crews that rebuilt segments of Highway 29 in Shawano County during that time.

Click here for latest News Article

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