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The Disappearance of Justin Gaines and Kyle Fleischmann – Possibly Connected?

Posted by KindraLore on November 15, 2007

Update 12/28/07

As pointed out to me in the blog Analyzing the Surveillance Video of Kyle Fleishmann, the man in this video in this video I thought was Kyle IS NOT Kyle. In other words, where I state that a blonde girl is touching his waist, etc.. that is not Kyle. Kyle can be seen in the video on for a brief moment, wearing a black shirt and walking past the blonde girl. To see the video of Kyle highlighted, go here and chose VIDEO: Surveillance Video Shows Missing Man Leaving Bar on the right hand side.

I do apologize for this confusing mistake as I try to make everything as accurate as possible here, but the article in which I obtained the information, was not clear or either I am dense. Again I do apologize.


Update 12/10/07 11:18AM

At a vigil for his son Sunday, Dick Fleishmann conceded that his son Kyle Fleishmann has more than likely been the victim of foul play and is deceased.

CMPD’s Missing Persons detectives have released a video of Kyle at the Buckhead Saloon the night of his disappearance. It shows Kyle standing at the doorway as if he is waiting on someone. A man approaches Kyle and they exchange words. A blonde girl then engages in conversation with him and they make their way to the door. They seem to know each other or at least have some previous encounter as she touches him around the waist at one point.Kyle’s father is hoping someone will come forward. “I can’t believe that there’s someone on that tape that doesn’t know something or at least help us better than we are today,” said Fleischmann.In the meantime, a surveillance video of Justin Gaines‘ last moments at Wild Bill’s has also been released.

Surveillance video from Wild Bill’s shows Gaines arrive and greet a couple of friends, then walk out of frame. A security guard told investigators he saw Gaines leave a few hours later.

Links and Articles

Video Of Missing Gwinnett Teen Surfaces
CMPD releases Fleischmann tape
Man’s father believes son may be dead


Update 11/26/07 8:14PM

Today reports surface that Justin Gaines has an arrest warrant out for him for forgery (fake ID) and open container for an arrest on June 21st. What this has to do with Justin’s case if anything I am not sure. According to his stepfather, they were minor infractions and not enough to warrant Justin to disappear on his own.

Click here for Article
Click here for the News Video

As far as an update on Kyle Fleischmann – The reward has increased to $25,000. His family are organizing a vigil for this week.


Update 11/24/07 7:41PM

Members of the Georgia State Defense Force searched for missing 18 year old Justin Gaines today. The soldiers are part of an unpaid, volunteer force, and they have the training and experience needed to cover a lot of ground. No reports as of yet of what they have found if anything.

The family is frustrated at this point due to the fact that they state that some of Justin’s friends have been less than cooperative regarding Justin’s disappearance. I’m still confused as to what this means since I thought Justin was alone at the time of his disappearance. From what I have read, a couple friend of his drove him to Wild Bill’s but for some reason had to return home and Justin stayed. They told him that they would not be able to come back for him.

Another confusing aspect of the case is on Wild Bill’s website it states:

Last seen walking toward a car that he called his ride with 2 men standing by the car.

Reports also say he was seen in the parking lot of Barnacles with these same 2 men.

IF YOU AS MUCH AS SPOKE to him that night please contact Gwinnett Police.

However, I have not seen this information in any news article, nor on the site for Justin.

As for the search for Kyle Fleischmann, there have been no new developments as well. Last week hundreds of volunteers searched for Kyle in uptown Charlotte. Police previously took items from his home for search dogs to follow his scent with. However, as Thanksgiving has come and gone there are no new answers to either family in the disappearance of their sons.


Original Blog

I have been thinking about this and connecting these two in my mind. These are my thoughts and mine alone, but I cannot somehow wonder if the disappearances of Justin Gaines and Kyle Fleishchmann are not possibly connected.

Justin Gaines was last seen at Wild Bill’s in Duluth, GA on Thursday night, November 1st. Kyle Fleischmann disappeared from Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte, NC in the early morning hours of Friday morning (was at the club also on a Thursday night) on 11/9/7.
As you see from the map, these two bars are approximately a 3 ½ hour drive.

Kyle Fleischmann is a 6’0″, 24-year-old male with brown hair. He has a muscular build and weighs approx. 180lbs.

Justin is described as being 5″11′ and 210 lbs with a muscular build. He has blue eyes and brown hair with a short buzz cut.

Looking at their pictures, they look very similar.

Justin is 18, Kyle 24. Both men reportedly stepped outside the bars they were in and made phone calls. Neither has been seen since.

Could there be a possible connection?

If you have information about Justin Gaines is asked to call the Gwinnett County Police Department at 770-513-5300.

If you have information about the whereabouts of Kyle Fleischmann is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600.


Online Crusade to Find Missing N.C. Man
Help Find
Student Missing After Going To Gwinnett Club

Other Forums discussing this case:

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22 Responses to “The Disappearance of Justin Gaines and Kyle Fleischmann – Possibly Connected?”

  1. brit said

    My mother was a cop for 5 years in Jacksonville, FL. She majored in Criminology and recieved her Master’s from Florida State University.After I heard about the incident, I started researching clues to WHY such a great guy would go missing.
    I asked for their opinions and they believe, because of the high populated ethnic area, it’s a hate crime. What about the info about kidnappings on the news, and how they are looking for people of certain ages, genders, sizes, and color? I don’t know, these are just my thoughts. It’s just TOO suspicious.
    I pray for his safety every night. He worked for QT when I did, I don’t know if he works there anymore. Please let me know if you hear of anything else.

  2. Brit:

    I assume you are talking about Justin Gaines. I am not sure about a hate crime and although I live in Georgia I have never been to Wild Bill’s. However, I do know the area and Im sure its somewhere that you do not want to be late at night after having too much to drink.

    It’s strange that in both cases they just vanished without a trace.

    I also wondered what was meant when the police came out and stated that friends of Justin were not cooperating with police. Why wouldn’t they?

    Such a sad case for both boys. My heart and prayers go out to you and all of their friends and family. I do hope they are both found alive and well soon.

    I am sure Thanksgiving will be a difficult time for both families.


  3. Atlanta Birdman:

    I looked at the Xanga “we hate Justin” site. Looks like the two posts that were made were from February 2006. In addition, although the profile owner states he/she is 22, the writings and the site look more like a 13 year old or someone much younger than 22. Xanga tends to lean towards young users around preteen / early teens. Looks like it was possibly a joke and may not even be about the missing Justin Gaines. I certainly wouldn’t give it too much credence.


  4. atlantabirdman said

    Webmaster can you add Jason Roark to your rolls. After listening to our broadcast you will see why. You can take any info from my site you like. Thanks Mark

  5. nicole smith said

    if you look at both of their pictures side by side they look just like each other… i wonder if that has anything to do with their dissapearance.. hmm something to look into…

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  8. Dawn said

    What about the two girls at the bar that had a fight, was that a distraction? Also, Thursday nights are usually college nights, right? College guys definitely the target. Is there any connection to the “Smiley Face Murders”? If so, shouldn’t they be searching nearby rivers or bodies of water? Just a thought.

  9. Emma said


    I had the same thought about Justin and the “Smiley Face” theory — folks definitely need to search any nearby water. Some people think the “Smiley Face” killings are all in the midwest — but there have been recent similar disappearances in New England, as well. Scary stuff. Young guys need to give some thought to their vulnerability when drinking, just as we women have had to think about it for a very long time.

  10. Sherry said

    I wonder about the Smiley face theory too.. Ever since I heard about this, I try to stay updated on the story being that I’m his age my self and do just what he did the night he went missing…. I hope he’s found. I just looked on his family’s site and read in the forums that their family’s private investigator thinks he is dead… It says this:

    SNELLVILLE – Erika Wilson files the thought deep in her mind, way back, to a place that makes her cringe and cry.

    But she knows. She doesn’t know all the facts, but she knows. Her son is probably dead. And someone probably killed him.

    This information is provided by Bob Poulnot, an experienced private investigator who has devoted himself pro bono to the case of Wilson’s vanished son, Justin Gaines, the charming 18-year-old who went out to party and never came home. That was nine months ago, before this nightmare fell over Wilson’s life like the lid of a black box.

    Poulnot, president of Investigative Connections Inc., has tracked “several persons of interest” who he believes are responsible for Gaines’ disappearance, he told the Post this week. He has pinpointed a motive, too, though he balks at discussing it publicly.

    Against the sincerest hopes of Gaines’ family – and the efforts of volunteer swarms that trolled Gwinnett looking for him – Poulnot believes the teen has been murdered and that his body rests in an undisclosed location in Georgia.

    And it also says this which makes me wonder about the smiley face theory:

    Psychics snuff out Wilson’s number and call her frequently. Some are kookier than others, but they tell her the same thing. That Justin is dead. A body in the woods, beside a river.

    I sure hope he is found, dead or alive.. The family needs closure..

  11. Myranda said

    There is a website that says someone who is sure they saw kyle fleischmann alive on november 24, 2007. they said he looked like he was on crystal meth and in cahoots. He didn’t look like the guy in the picture is what i guess he is saying. He said Kyle was trying to lure him into a white van with a guy who looked pissed. The guy looked like Gary Michael Hilton? anyways the person didn’t know it was kyle and was looking at a missing persons site and saw the same guy! The person told police and kyles family who ignored it!

    What if that was kyle? Im not saying that kyle is a druggie but people are taken and being sold as sex slaves and people are being enslaved to get girls to become sex slaves…..not saying kyle would do that but i mean i bet it happens more than we think. It would explain why the dogs cant get a scent.. It would explain why they cant find a body. and Justin Gaines….what if they did the same thing to him? I mean they do look a like! I feel bad for the family. but even the police said kyle was suspected be taken in a white van. ummm GARY MICHAEL HILTON DROVE A WHITE VAN! I dont understand. I dont know kyle but I want it to end. Its wierd…I really feel like I know him. as bad as that sounds. but a physic told his family they keep seeing a white van. I dont know if im going crazy. but what if he is being held against his will? i cant believe police didnt follow up on that tip! whether or not it could be possible! anything is better than where they are at now!

    • Brit from SC said

      That’s bs here’s why. As something he considers new information, Dick Fleischmann says a private investigator found a woman who lives near this park and construction site with a possible tip. She says she smelled something horrible in the area right about the time Kyle disappeared.

      “You couldn’t even come out and get in your car,” she says. She only wants to go by her first name, Mary. It was just a really, really bad odor. It smelled like, it smelled like something dead… …You couldn’t open your doors and you couldn’t let your windows up because the odor was so dramatic.”

      Mary says she called 911 and mentioned the odor.

      Mary says the odor left when massive piles of dirt were removed from the site. She says at that time she called police “and left a message” saying “if you can find out where they took that dirt, then you might can find the body.”

  12. George said

    I think you didnt read the post need to go and re-read the post. It doesnt say what you are saying in this post.

    • Myranda said

      I know this site doesn’t say anything I explained but there is another site that explained what I just said

      • George said

        I was not responding to earlier content in this site. Im referring to your post where you cite information from another website. Again you need to edit your post as you are misleading people.

  13. George said

    I believe you are referring to and if you read it in its entirety you will see that you have changed up some of the details and left things out and added some of your own. For example “He didn’t look like the guy in the picture is what i guess he is saying.” is not what the post says…it says that the person absolutely identified him on Americas Most Wanted and indicates a female tipster not a male he as you state. You also stated this as well “anyways the person didn’t know it was kyle and was looking at a missing persons site and saw the same guy!” and this is not stated in this post. The post states the person absolutely recognized the Kyle and it was not thru a missing persons site. It says that the tipster did not know Gary Hilton and identified him after seeing a post from Kyle Fleischmanns father indicating that Gary Hilton could quite possibly be involved with his sons disappearance. It goes on on to say the person identified Hilton after googling his name and seeing a photo of him. Go back and read this over as you have inserted information here that is not correct.

  14. nimperiale said

    Oh god.

    The Smiley Face Murders?

    I heard that phrase three years ago, and looked at the person saying that to me like they were insane.

    It was in connection to Gary Michael Hilton, a vicious serial killer who’s in prison. He murdered my friend. And a whole bunch more others, known and, for the time being, unnamed…

    Someone contact me and tell me everything about the Smiley Face Murders.

    And I guess we know who our Smiley Face Killer is. Gary Michael Hilton.

    So I know, from what someone told me three years ago, that the Smiley Face Killer did not work alone. Who did he work with?

    It is time to put this together, publicly, NOW.

    Also, go to the Tallahassee Democrat and research the guy who was murdered and disappeared on a fishing trip. What the hell was his name?

    Mike Williams?

    Wasn’t there a smiley face there? I know there was a body of water.

  15. nimperiale said

    Someone asked me to come back on this site and clarify what I know or do not know.

    They said my posts are confusing people. I am not trying to confuse anyone, and I would love to be able to paint a clear picture of everything, for everyone. But I’m just as in the dark as you are.

    I am from Crawfordville, Florida and knew Cheryl Dunlap. That’s how I came to be acquainted with Gary Michael Hilton, who is awaiting trial for her 2007 kidnapping and murder. And why I started keeping track of the case on my personal blog, The Nancy Imperiale Blog.

    Since then many people have come forward, mostly anonymous, to offer theories about Hilton and whether he had associates and who might his other victims be. They’ve come forward on online forums across the Internet, and some have discussed it on my little blog.

    It’s all discussion and talk. It’s all speculation. Until some official entity comes forward and charges Gary Michael Hilton as a suspect in another crime, that’s all it is. Talk.

    So I would caution everywhere on this forum, just like on my blog, to examine everything, come to your own conclusions, and wait for better answers from an official source.

    And to try to keep a calm head, and a nice word in your heart. Because those things are far more important than Gary Michael Hilton will ever be. Truly.

    As far as my anonymous tipster, I did get some of her details wrong at first, because I was working off memory (which is always a mistake, especially when you’re old) but she contacted me and I tried to correct that.

    Again, the chronology was this: She was out of town at an event with another person. She saw a boy, acting strange and menacing. She saw a man in a white van who looked menacing. She got away from both of them and they disappeared. She flew back home and was watching America’s Most Wanted and they told the story of Kyle Fleischmann and she immediately recognized him as the boy she had seen while out of town, acting strange and menacing her and this other witness. Later still, she saw a photo of Hilton and recognized him as the man in the white van she had seen. She said she alerted several authorities to all this.

    I hope that clears something up on my end. That’s all I know.

  16. nimperiale said

    I meant to write “everyone on this forum” not “everywhere on this forum” in the 6th paragraph.

  17. privateprotectors said

    I have a successful history of finding missing young people. I just started looking into Justin’s case. Can anyone lead me to some sites with good info on them ? Thanks.

  18. Britt from SC said

    Then again what about Justin Gaines. Could Gary Michael Hilton be involved in both. I mean he had also mentioned missing college student Jason Knapp of Clemson SC. Also I don’t think November 2007 was a coincidence as it’s exactly 5 yrs to the day that Josh Guimond disappeared in a completely different part of the country, also the smiley face killer conspiracy blogs were around then and also josh has never been found, hence being linked on sic believers sites even when there is no drowning, and that’s only bc of his time of disappearing is so close in time to Chris Jenkins, Michael noll? Etc. and all in Minnesota but in Justin Gaines and then also in Kyle fleishman I think that someone took advantage of that, the 5 yr thing bc they knew as long as a body wasn’t found, that bc of the hype of ark at the time that’s where the online bloggers attention would be rather than on Hilton or someone like Hilton .
    Also I recognized Kyle immediately when his photo hit the media, know how? Bc of an Emory or Elon college magazine that I received in the mail that yr or the yr before. I recognized the photo though I’d already recycled the catalog by the time of nov. 2007 as I’d already committed to a college in SC for my fresh. Yr of 2008
    I realized that I’d seen in face there after thinking to myself that he looked incredibly familiar but knowing that I’d never met him.

    I still can’t believe it’s been almost 7 yrs.

    Also this is what brought me back to the sfk conspiracy blogS, is the waters edge blog still around? I call it that bc sfk blog makes it sound like it’s the sfk a blog rather than people speculating.

    As something he considers new information, Dick Fleischmann says a private investigator found a woman who lives near this park and construction site with a possible tip. She says she smelled something horrible in the area right about the time Kyle disappeared.

    “You couldn’t even come out and get in your car,” she says. She only wants to go by her first name, Mary. It was just a really, really bad odor. It smelled like, it smelled like something dead… …You couldn’t open your doors and you couldn’t let your windows up because the odor was so dramatic.”

    Mary says she called 911 and mentioned the odor.

    Mary says the odor left when massive piles of dirt were removed from the site. She says at that time she called police “and left a message” saying “if you can find out where they took that dirt, then you might can find the body.”

  19. Britt from SC said

    I meant the hype of Sfk conspiracy in 2007 before both their disappearances was high.

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